• Board Approves Construction for New Health Club

    by Matthew Daigle May 2017

    The Norway (Maine) Planning Board voted 4-0 Thursday to allow an Oxford resident to construct a private health club and fitness center on Aldrich Avenue. Jesse Wall has owned and operated TruStrength Athletics on Route 26 in Oxford since 2008.

  • Athletic Tape a Costly, Necessary Part of College Sports

    by Tom Schad May 2017

    Athletic tape is so embedded in the daily routine of college football that players and coaches often don't think twice about it. But for University of Memphis athletic trainer Darrell Turner, it is arguably the most important tool of the trade, an incredibly complex and surprisingly costly part of college football that few fans rarely see or understand.

  • Yoga Classes Keep Seniors Fit as They Age

    by Maria Howard May 2017

    Instructor Barbara Prema Brown, who is in her 70s, has found a niche in helping seniors stay active and strong, an approach to yoga that she calls "Aging Agelessly."

  • Group Exercise Explores Water-Based Fitness

    by Courtney Cameron May 2017

    Across the country, gyms are getting on board with water-based exercise classes, converting more and more traditional fitness routines to be done in, on or around the water.

  • Proper Hydration Key to Getting a Good Workout

    by Angie Ferguson May 2017

    It's a fact that the average person needs 64-80 oz or 8-10, 8 oz glasses of fluid per day for the body to function normally. It is also universally accepted that people who participate in regular endurance activities need even more.

  • Seven Reasons to Incorporate Resistance Training

    by Angie Ferguson May 2017

    Working out with weights or doing resistance activities offers a whole host of benefits from improved muscle tone to increased energy and bone density.

  • Is it Time to Replace Your Athletic Shoes?

    by Lisa O'Neil May 2017

    According to the American Academy of Pediatric Sports Medicine, exactly when athletic shoes should be replaced depends upon the amount of usage, signs of wear and age of the shoe.

  • Jazzercise Offers Young Women Place to Get Healthy

    by Abbey Doyle May 2017

    The goal of GirlForce, an initiative by Jazzercise, Inc. for women ages 16 to 21, is to support the growth and development of young women by offering a place to get fit, learn healthy habits and find a place they belong in their communities.

  • Gym Class Offers More Than Just Exercise

    by Christian Sheckler May 2017

    Patricia Morton asked her second-grade gym class to pause after a vigorous round of jumping jacks, instructing them to place their hands on their chests and feel the "lub-dub" of their quickening heartbeats.

  • Chair Yoga Helps Seniors Improve Health

    by Diane C. Lade May 2017

    Just how effective is chair yoga? Well, a recently published study by Florida Atlantic University professors found seniors don't necessarily have to be able to pump iron or do aerobics in order to improve their health. Juyoung Park, an FAU social work associate professor who was the co-principal investigator, said elders with chronic arthritis reported having less pain and fatigue after regularly attending a yoga class where they used chairs for support. Park hopes the results encourage frail seniors and their doctors to look beyond pain medication for relief, as the numbers of elders facing opiate addiction continues to rise.