• The AB Extra: May 22

    by Cooper Brown May 2015

    This week's AB Extra features a new interactive technology that is looking to transform the treadmill experience into art, a touching show of patriotism by fans at a collegiate softball game, and a high school golf team that that came to the rescue in an apartment inferno.

  • 'We Rock the Spectrum' Gym Caters to Autistic Kids

    by Kevin D. Thompson Palm Beach Post Staff Writer May 2015

    Although it's open to all children, the gym caters to autistic kids and features much of the same equipment that occupational therapists use, including a trampoline, a zip-line, tunnels, swings and a climbing apparatus.

  • U.S. Capital Leads, Indianapolis Lags in Fitness Ranking

    by Jayne O'Donnell, and Laura Ungar, USA TODAY May 2015

    Access to parks and paths for jogging, walking and biking helped make the Washington area the fittest of the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the USA, according to a study out Tuesday.

  • Parkinson's Patients Knock Symptoms in Boxing Ring

    by Tory N. Parrish May 2015

    Traditional boxing has been linked to Parkinson's, but boxing in another form can deliver aid, studies have shown.

  • $200 Yoga Pants? Luxury Activewear Is Latest Status

    by Kim Bhasin Bloomberg News May 2015

    Feeding off the rise of workout gear that can be worn in or out of the gym, activewear labels have become status symbols, much like any other pricey designer clothes. Premium yoga pants, made popular amongst the masses by Lululemon, can run anywhere from $80 to $200.

  • YMCA to Members: Hang Up Phones During Workouts

    by The Herald-Sun (Durham, N.C.) May 2015

    The Dowd YMCA staff has posted signs throughout the building this month asking members to leave the fitness area while taking a call, The Charlotte Observer reports.

  • City Parks Outfitted with QR Codes Offering Fitness Tips

    by Special to The Weekly May 2015

    The Collierville Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department recently installed the first QR Fit Trail in the state at H.W. Cox Jr. Park. QR Fit Trails provide training videos to users by scanning a QR Code with a smartphone.

  • Obesity Weighing Down U.S. Economy, Study Finds

    by Nate Madden, THE WASHINGTON TIMES May 2015

    America's weight problem is proving a much heftier drag on the economy than previously thought.

  • Specialized Gym Owner Spreads Exercise-Is-Medicine Mindset

    by Paul Steinbach May 2015

    Leave it to a Ph.D. in neuroscience to think big. In February 2012, Becky Farley opened what she says is still the world's only community center dedicated to physically training people diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Last July, Parkinson Wellness Recovery — or PWR!Gym, as its known in its hometown Tucson, Ariz., and beyond — doubled in size to 6,000 square feet. But those expanded walls have done little to limit the imagination of Farley, who sees her exercise-is-medicine mindset spreading into North American communities' YMCAs and Jewish Community Centers — anywhere with space and trainers willing to challenge patients to strive for, in her words, "bigger, faster movement." Senior editor Paul Steinbach asked Farley, who says she has a waiting list of people seeking license to open their own PWR!Gyms, to share her grand vision. 

  • Doctors Weigh In On the Dangers of Treadmills

    by David Templeton May 2015

    One doctor offers this advice: "I always say to avoid the terrible 'toos' - too much, too soon and too often." Treadmills can be high risk, especially when the user makes mistakes or becomes distracted, as national statistics can attest.