• Cultivating Corporate Membership Programs

    by Rob Bishop February 2017

    I'm not sure there is a health club out there that doesn't target local businesses with offers of a corporate membership for their employees. Some employers simply want to add such memberships to their checklist of employee perks while others are truly interested in improving the health and wellbeing of their workers.

  • Fit in 60 Seconds: New Book Touts One-Minute Workout

    by Mackenzie Dawson February 2017

    Most people think getting fit takes a lot of time. But a new book called "The One Minute Workout: Science Shows a Way To Get Fit That's Smarter, Faster, Shorter," by Martin Gibala (Avery, out now), claims that's not true.

  • Yoga Offers More than Fitness

    by Scott Scanlon February 2017

    "Yoga is not one thing," says Carrie Jacobson, manager at East Meets West Yoga in Buffalo and Williamsville. "It's many, many things. And each of us can come to it and find what speaks to us."

  • Even 'Weekend Warriors' Lower Mortality Risk

    by Amby Burfoot February 2017

    Health and fitness experts have long described "weekend warriors" in a mildly negative way -- but no more. A large new study in JAMA Internal Medicine has revealed large mortality benefits for all manner of weekend warriors.

  • P.E. Teacher Focuses on Fitness, Nutrition

    by Chicago Daily Herald February 2017

    Promoting healthy eating and physical activity is a passion for Nerge School P.E. teacher Sara Creager. As part of her continuing efforts, Creager launched new monthly publications for Nerge families and staff this past fall.

  • Campaign Encourages Physical Activity for Kids

    by Beth Anspach February 2017

    Three schools in the Dayton area have pledged to incorporate physical activity into each school day by participating in the "Billion Mile Race," the campaign that now has more than 2 million students taking part nationally.

  • Regular Physical Activity Reduces Cancer Risks

    by Dayton Daily News February 2017

    Research conducted by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the American Cancer Society (ACS) shows a strong relationship between regular physical activity and a reduced risk of developing 13 different types of cancer.

  • Opinion: Weight Training Benefits Mind and Body

    by Chaunie Brusie February 2017

    Meditation, to me, conjures up peacefulness, calmness, quietness and stillness. Which is why the sight of bulging biceps, dripping sweat and a barbell slamming to the floor doesn't exactly fit with that picture. But looking a little closer, the practice of weightlifting actually has a lot more in common with the art of meditation than first meets the eye.

  • Study Examines Jet Lag Effect on Pro Baseball Players

    by Traci Watson January 2017

    Pitchers who have recently crossed multiple time zones perform noticeably worse than those who stayed put, and the cumulative damage is not trivial.

  • NCAA's 30 Percent Protein Calorie Rule Deregulated

    by Courtney Cameron January 2017

    The NCAA has overturned a regulation limiting the amount of protein permitted to be contained in supplements provided by an institution to its student-athletes.