• Retailers Use Fitness Programming to Attract Shoppers

    by Kelli Kennedy June 2017

    Stores like Saks and Urban Outfitters are looking to work out more than your wallet. As retailers struggle to draw in shoppers who have migrated online, stores are seizing on one of the few bright spots in the industry - fitness and wellness - in hopes of engaging consumers.

  • Big East Hosts Inaugural Mental Health Summit

    by Courtney Cameron June 2017

    On June 15-16, the Big East Conference, in partnership with the NCAA, held its inaugural Mental Health Summit at Georgetown University.

  • Strength Training Without Traditional Equipment

    by Maria Howard June 2017

    Sandra Tan doesn't like weight machines and barbells. But she has found a way to get stronger with the Volée Method, the creation of fitness professionals from Illinois that combines suspension, pilates, yoga and barre.

  • Mental Training Can Help Athletes Get Over 'Choking'

    by Dick Harmon June 2017

    It's the concept of the Field of Dreams, the power of affirmation, visualizing success and training the mind to win before a tipoff, kickoff, first serve or before the starting gun fires.

  • First YMCA-Based Physician Daphne Bascom Talks Health

    by Paul Steinbach June 2017

    When the YMCA of Greater Kansas City asked board member Daphne Bascom to review a new job description, Bascom, an Oxford-educated reconstructive surgeon and then-executive at leading electronic medical records provider Cerner Corp., shocked her colleagues by saying she'd like to be considered for the position herself. In January, Bascom accepted a significant pay cut to become not only the Kansas City Y's first senior vice president of community integrated health, but the only physician employed at any Y location outside the national office. AB senior editor Paul Steinbach asked Bascom, 50, who lost both her parents to preventable diseases within the past five years, to describe the motivation behind her career change.

  • Wedding Bells and Barbells at Planet Fitness

    by Courtney Cameron June 2017

    Gym-goers in Canton, Ohio, became unsuspecting guests to a Massillon couple’s big day when the local Planet Fitness franchise made its debut as a wedding venue Thursday night.

  • Lineman Dies After Conditioning Drills at Kent State

    by Courtney Cameron June 2017

    In an official statement Tuesday evening, Kent State University confirmed the death of incoming freshman Tyler Heintz, who arrived on campus earlier in the week as a member of the football team’s recruiting class.

  • Study: More than 10 Percent of Global Population Obese

    by Matt Richtel June 2017

    More than 10 percent of the world's population is obese, a marked rise over the last 30 years that is leading to widespread health problems and millions of premature deaths.

  • Sampling Fitness with Movements from Around the Globe

    by Shelby Reynolds June 2017

    To a thrumming Colombian beat, we punched and kneed the air, warming up our bodies at the start of a World Fusion Dance class surrounded by Shangri-La Spring's tropical paradise.

  • Five Tips for Retaining New Club Members

    by Rob Bishop June 2017

    If your club is anything like mine, right about now you're wondering what happened to Stan who was always on the treadmill on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 6 a.m. Or perhaps you can't remember the last time you saw Nancy, who was always in the 10 a.m. cycle class. And wasn't the weight room more crowded last month?