• Van-Based Outdoor 'Social Fitness' Company Hits Chicago

    by Elena Ferrarin, September 2014

    Youtside — as in "you" plus "outside," pronounced "yowt-side" — is "for people that like that challenge, and people that prefer to be outdoors," Kuehn said. "That's really the genesis for the company."

  • Boxing-Centered Facility Represents Shift in Recreation

    by Andrew Brandt September 2014

    A two-ring boxing center in Macon, Ga., will mark its opening with a 24-bout tournament, though most of its regular users may never land a punch.

  • In Georgia, Concerns Rise as P.E and Recess Times Fall

    by Rose French; Staff September 2014

    The trend toward less physical activity is under scrutiny as students head back to school and parents find their children often have a tough time adjusting to sitting at desks much of the day after unstructured summer days of play.

  • 'Competitive Fitness' Sport Taking Shape in Long Beach

    by Mike Guardabascio August 2014

    The sport is called grid, and it's a form of competitive fitness, which incorporates weight lifts, box jumps, rope climbs and other exercises into a series of races, pitting one team against each other. The Los Angeles Reign, who will be based out of the Walter Pyramid at Long Beach State, are one of eight teams in the newly founded National Pro Grid League.

  • 2014: The Year of Wearable Technology?

    by Emily Attwood August 2014

    Whether 2014 is indeed the "year of the wearable" as predicted at International CES remains to be seen, but there's no doubt that the ability to capture data about lifestyle and exercise habits is significantly impacting the way people work out — and there's still a great deal of potential to be realized. "When people engage with tech, they're beginning to expect that something is being captured about that experience," says David Flynt, director of Precor's Experience Development Center. "Today's wearables are really great at capture. What we want to be able to do is reflect back to them something that is able to give them control over that data. We're looking at how to help them understand what that data means."

  • Tampa Bay Rowdies Video Hopes to Inspire P.E. Students

    by Anastasia Dawson August 2014

    Pinellas County physical education teachers are hoping a workout video made with the Tampa Bay Rowdies will encourage their students to be a bit rowdier in and out of their classes. A few Lakewood High School football players and Osceola Middle School students this summer teamed up with the Rowdies on an education video to show in every physical education class in the county. Local Rowdies players Anthony Wallace, Kyle Clinton, Brian Shriver, JP Rodrigues and Blake Wagner trade off demonstrations with the students of how to properly perform exercises for class. The video is paid for by the Carol M. White Physical Education Program, a three-year federal grant to improve students' health by disguising it as fun, elementary physical education teacher Angela Carapella said. When the school district won the grant last fall, it found middle schoolers' scores on their yearly fitness tests were at an all-time low. Pinellas was one of 60 school districts awarded the grant by the U.S. Department of Education, which doles out about $775,000 for each year.

  • K9 Fit Club Builds on Benefits of Owner-Dog Exercise

    by Courtney Perkes, Staff Writer August 2014

    Kelle King wore leggings and a Spandex tank top as she lunged back and forth over a step platform. Her workout partner, Kaiya, wore a collar and leash for her turn to leap across. King, 30, and her year-old German shepherd mix were demonstrating pieces of gym equipment that pets and people can use together to stay fit, at last week's IDEA World Fitness Convention at the Anaheim Convention Center.

  • New Fitness Center Offers Real-Life Functional Training


    If improving your golf swing or your tennis backhand is your goal, then Rio Rancho's newest fitness facility has the equipment that will target the right muscles.

  • Rethinking PE Class

    by Emily Attwood August 2014

    Not every kid likes to play sports. For the athletically disinclined, a game of gym class dodgeball or basketball can be an anxiety-inducing experience. In fact, a recent study by researchers at Brigham Young University found that kids who were ridiculed in gym class (by peers and teachers) were less likely to engage in physical activity one year later — not good news for a nation facing an obesity and sedentary-lifestyle epidemic.

  • Take Our Fitness Offerings Survey, Enter to Win ABC Reg

    by AB Editors August 2014

    Ever wonder how your facility’s fitness programs and classes stack up against others in the industry? Here’s your chance to find out. Athletic Business is conducting an industry-wide survey to learn more about fitness facility classes and programs. Please take a few minutes to answer the following survey questions, and look for a compilation of industry-wide results in our October issue.