• Firm's 48 Percent Take of Fun Run Proceeds Criticized

    by TED STRONG May 2014

    Charity watchdog groups say the cut going to the company, Boosterthon, is far too high, but the PTA president and the company both defend the deal, saying the benefits of the arrangement, including the company's character education service, outweigh the costs.

  • County Initiative to Get Kids Active Launches Website

    by Super User May 2014

    EveryBody is on the move in Franklin County. The campaign that encourages kids and teens in Franklin County to get out, get moving, and try something new has just launched a website:

  • UC Irvine to Study Correlation Between Exercise, Health

    by MIRIN FADER Staff writer, The Orange County Register May 2014

    UC Irvine has launched a coordinated effort to deeply study the correlation between exercise and health. The Exercise Medicine and Sport Sciences Initiative integrates a wide range of perspectives from different walks of life on campus, including fields associated with exercise and sport sciences, exercise medicine and rehabilitation.

  • And the Top Workout Song in America Is...

    by Meredith Cohn; The Baltimore Sun May 2014

    What's the ultimate workout song? There are lots of opinions, but officials from the national chain Gold's Gym and Women's Health and Men's Health sought to identify the top pick.

  • Student Fitness Program Stretches Marathon Mileage


    An estimated 4,500 Orange County students completed the final mile of the Kids Run the OC on Saturday during the 10th annual OC Marathon at the OC Fair & Event Center.

  • POUND Rockout Workout 'Biggest Thing Since Zumba'

    by Debbie Juniewicz May 2014

    POUND Rockout Workout class at The Studio Fitness in Vandalia. Music pulses through the room as the excitement builds. Drumsticks in hand, it's show time.

  • What to Do About U.S. Kids' Poor Fitness Report Card?

    by Super User May 2014

    In the first-ever report card evaluating the physical activity of the nation s children, the final results, not surprisingly, are less than stellar and probably an indication that South Carolina s is even worse.

  • Study: Concessions at Youth Baseball Encourage Obesity

    by May 2014

    A new study published in Childhood Obesity earlier this month suggests that youth baseball may actually do more to promote obesity than curb it.

    The study, conducted by the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, found that youth baseball players between the ages of eight and 11 years old at a North Carolina youth baseball complex consumed high-calorie food items 72 percent of the time and drank  sugar-sweetened beverages 53 percent of the time. Ninety percent of food consumed was purchased from concession stands.

    Some of the most commonly consumed foods: French fries, candy and cookies. 

    As a result, children involved in youth baseball could be consuming more calories than they burn off playing baseball, which leaves them at risk for weight-management and obesity problems. 

    “Though youth sports are an excellent way to promote physical activity, social interaction and positive health behaviors, the food environments are often characterized by less healthy food options with high-calorie contents and lower nutrient density,” senior author Joseph Skelton, MD, MS, said in a press release.

    According to the Center for Disease Control, nearly 18 percent of children between the ages of six and 11 were considered obese in 2012 — up from only seven percent in 1980. Obesity can put children at risk for many immediate and long-term health effects.

    With these risks in mind, the Wake Forest Baptist study called for parents to play a more active role in ensuring young athletes receive the proper diet at the ballpark.

    “Parents should plan ahead for these busy times and even advocate in their local sports leagues for policies that address snacks and drinks,” co-author Megan Irby, MS, said.

  • Blog: Does Wearable Fitness Have Legs?

    by Rob Bishop and Barry Klein April 2014

    Wearable fitness tracking technology is the future!

    Such excitement was so early-2014. We saw articles in The Wall Street Journal that described how corporate CEOs were big users of wearables and how they were competing against each other to see who could sleep better or walk more. BusinessWeek ran a story earlier this year that discussed the possibility — the likelihood? — of wearables putting gyms out of business. The New York Times ran a piece two weeks ago today about how wearables were being used in gyms.

  • Blog: Wine at the Gym? I’ll Drink to That

    by Emily Attwood April 2014

    Cardio equipment? Check. Towel service? Check. Group exercise schedule? Check. Liquor license? Pending.