• ACA Corporate Wellness Rules Spark Participation Debate

    by Jayne O'Donnell, USA TODAY August 2014

    As companies rapidly embrace employee wellness programs, some employers say regulators are stymieing their efforts to help workers improve their health.

  • High School Triathlon Organization Spurs Prep Teams

    by Chicago Sun-Times August 2014

    The day someone took the recreational activity of two people throwing a Frisbee-brand saucer back and forth while standing in the middle of a cul-de-sac at the end of their street and turned it into the sport of disc golf ... that was the day all bets were off on what recreational activity would be elevated next to the level of competitive sport.

  • Curves Health Club on the Outside, Gambling Ring Inside

    by Jonathan Lai; Inquirer Staff Writer August 2014

    Behind the purple sign for the Curves health club was an illegal gambling ring known as the Runnemede Social Club, where people for years played poker all night and watched sports on a wide-screen TV, according to a series of recent guilty pleas.

  • Are Baby Boomers Exercising for the Right Reasons?

    by Andrew Brandt August 2014

    Baby boomers were the first American generation to wholly embrace regular exercise, and as reported in a recently published study in the International Journal of Wellbeing, they're still at it today.

  • Fitness Trainer: Change Priorities from Looks to Health

    by Jackie Salo, The Miami Herald August 2014

    The fitness world always has had a fixation with physical appearance, but social media has propelled this into stratospheric levels of vanity. Fitness gurus are posting countless photos of themselves online, with their accomplishments chronicled by selfies rather than definable health goals. One South Florida trainer, however, is trying to buck this trend. Idalis Velazquez, 30, wants her clients to focus on their health rather than their looks.

  • Team Softball Takes a Hit as Companies Invest in Fitness

    by Paul Wyche, The Journal Gazette August 2014

    Once viewed as a corporate morale mainstay, softball has taken a back seat to in-house fitness and wellness programs, 5K races and other forms of recreation that executives view as beneficial for the rank-and-file.

  • New Fitness Center Borrows Athletic Training Concepts

    by Liz Young, THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH August 2014

    The Spot Athletics is neither a chain-style gym nor a center for elite athletes but one of a handful of fitness centers in the area that require -- well, encourage -- clients to work with a trainer, either one-on-one or in group settings.

  • Study: Five Minutes of Daily Running Could Add Life Years

    by Karen Kaplan July 2014

    People who jogged or ran for as little as five minutes a day reduced their risk of premature death by nearly one-third and extended their lives by about three years, according to a new study. Researchers examined the exercise habits of more than 55,000 adults in the Dallas area who were monitored for six to 22 years. About 24 percent of the adults described themselves as runners.

  • Gold's Gym Acquires 23-Location Rush Fitness Complex

    by Carly Harrington, July 2014

    The Rush Fitness Complex, a Knoxville-based fitness chain that operates 23 locations in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, has agreed to be acquired by Gold’s Gym.

  • Hospital Taking Steps Toward Taking Over Fitness Center

    by BRANDON ZAFFINI July 2014

    Pomerene Hospital is taking steps to become the new manager of a local fitness center, Kinetics Fitness For Life, which offers fitness equipment and wellness programs to nearly 500 members.