• Team Softball Takes a Hit as Companies Invest in Fitness

    by Paul Wyche, The Journal Gazette August 2014

    Once viewed as a corporate morale mainstay, softball has taken a back seat to in-house fitness and wellness programs, 5K races and other forms of recreation that executives view as beneficial for the rank-and-file.

  • New Fitness Center Borrows Athletic Training Concepts

    by Liz Young, THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH August 2014

    The Spot Athletics is neither a chain-style gym nor a center for elite athletes but one of a handful of fitness centers in the area that require -- well, encourage -- clients to work with a trainer, either one-on-one or in group settings.

  • Study: Five Minutes of Daily Running Could Add Life Years

    by Karen Kaplan July 2014

    People who jogged or ran for as little as five minutes a day reduced their risk of premature death by nearly one-third and extended their lives by about three years, according to a new study. Researchers examined the exercise habits of more than 55,000 adults in the Dallas area who were monitored for six to 22 years. About 24 percent of the adults described themselves as runners.

  • Gold's Gym Acquires 23-Location Rush Fitness Complex

    by Carly Harrington, July 2014

    The Rush Fitness Complex, a Knoxville-based fitness chain that operates 23 locations in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, has agreed to be acquired by Gold’s Gym.

  • Hospital Taking Steps Toward Taking Over Fitness Center

    by BRANDON ZAFFINI July 2014

    Pomerene Hospital is taking steps to become the new manager of a local fitness center, Kinetics Fitness For Life, which offers fitness equipment and wellness programs to nearly 500 members.

  • Fitness Club's Friday Night Barbecues a Local Tradition

    by Kristen Cook, Arizona Daily Star July 2014

    Odessa, Texas, can have its Friday night lights. We've got Friday night barbecues -- at the Tucson Racquet and Fitness Club. This longtime, local tradition at the midtown club dates back about 20 years, says Adrian Korosec, assistant general manager.

  • Study: Sports Participation Makes for Better Employees

    by Rexford Sheild July 2014

    Playing sports has been associated with a long list of benefits related to physical, mental and social development among youths. Now, add career longevity to that list. Kevin Kniffin, a behavioral science professor at Cornell University, along with Brian Wansink and Mitsuru Shimizu, found that people who played youth and high school sports made better employees later in life and had more career opportunities.

  • 'Yoga Saved My Life': Hundreds Flock to Maine Yoga Fest

    by Kathleen Pierce BDN Staff July 2014

    Inhale. Exhale. All rise and join the conga line. A full moon rose over the East End Saturday night, and 150 yoga enthusiasts in dayglow war paint floated, jumped and lunged on their mats to a hip-pop beat. For 90 minutes the East End Community School gymnasium transformed into a rave fueled by spirit and lit up like a disco. It was the start of the signature event of Maine Yoga Fest -- black light yoga -- and spirits and glow sticks were high.

  • Six Strategies for Selling Club Memberships

    by Rob Bishop and Barry Klein July 2014

    Let's take it as a given that most consumers assume that the process of buying a health club membership will be sales-intensive. Our entire industry has been painted as having high-pressure, lock-people-in-a-cubicle-until-they-sign methods, and consumers enter most clubs with their guard up, waiting for the hard sell.

  • Opinion: 'Adventure Gym' Better Than High School P.E.

    by JENNA WALTERS, Arrowhead, Lake Country Reporter (Hartland, WI) July 2014

    Recently I took part in Arrowhead's Adventure Gym summer course and an adventure is exactly what it was. I, among many students, got the opportunity to participate and enjoy over $500 worth of summer activities for free and received a full gym credit at that. The class was led by three of Arrowhead's finest athletic instructors, Kari Sagal, Del Kaatz and Claudia Kelm.