• Blog: Self-Directed Workouts: A Fad, or the Future?

    by Mary Helen Sprecher November 2012

    Recently, two things popped up on my radar, and at first glance, they didn't appear to have anything in common. Now that I've thought about it, though, I'm thinking this might be a trend. See if you agree.

  • 2012 Excellence in Youth Sports Award Winner: MCCS Camp Lejeune (N.C.) Youth Sports

    by NAYS Staff November 2012

    At MCCS Camp Lejeune Youth Sports in North Carolina, ongoing efforts toward excellence wouldn't be possible without the tireless efforts of volunteers and staff. Their program philosophy centers on community - appropriate, since their community is so unique.

  • 2012 Excellence in Youth Sports Award Winner: Joint-Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst (N.J.) Youth Sports & Fitness Program

    by NAYS Staff November 2012

    As part of the only tri-service joint base in the United States serving families from the Air Force, Navy and Army, the Joint-Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst Youth Sports & Fitness Program in New Jersey is in a unique situation to take the best aspects of each branch's offerings to create one outstanding youth sports program.

  • Blog: Election-Themed Events Could Really Be the Ticket

    by Mary Helen Sprecher October 2012

    Since I've already heard the "Monster Mash" and "Thriller" about a hundred times, it must mean it's almost Halloween. And that means the fitness tie-ins and promotions are in full swing. You can get chased around by zombies in an obstacle race, play tennis in a costume or participate in my favorite event of the moment, based on the title alone: Zombie Zumba. Plus, I'm sure, a whole lot more.

  • American Health Clubs Contemplate a Move Toward European-Style Design

    by Andrew Cohen October 2012

    There are all sorts of exercisers, all sorts of health clubs and all sorts of countries. So forgive the many generalizations that follow.

  • Outdoor Gyms Catching On in U.S. Parks

    by Emily Attwood October 2012

    Adult playgrounds have been popular in areas of Asia and Europe for some time, but these outdoor attractions have been slow to catch on in the United States. The Trust for Public Land brought its first Fitness Zone®, a collection of outdoor strength, cardio and balance equipment, to Los Angeles five years ago, and many California communities have also embraced the trend.

  • Rob & Barry: We Couldn't Care More About Our Members

    by Rob Bishop & Barry Klein September 2012

    Imagine that you've just tested your pool water and found it to be - the actual numbers are irrelevant to the story - just fine. A member approaches you 10 minutes later, still in her bathing suit, dripping water on your shoes, and says, "The pH in the pool is high." You say, "I just checked it and it seemed fine, but I'm happy to look into it," even though you'd rather say, "Really? You must be a human chemical testing kit, because the water is actually perfect!" At that moment, would you rather be in the fitness business, or on a beach someplace?

  • Military Veterans Find Success in Fitness Industry

    by Emily Attwood July 2012

    The boot camp workout trend is still going strong in the fitness industry, once again making the American Council on Exercise's list of fitness trends to watch in 2012. Also on the list is suspension training, the invention of a Navy SEAL in the '90s.

  • Capitalizing on the 'Strongman' Training Trend

    by Rob Bishop & Barry Klein April 2012

    Many years ago, before age and injury took their toll, one of our favorite pastimes was strongman training. Actually, it was one of Rob's favorite pastimes.

  • Why Health Club Members Are Not Always Right

    by Rob Bishop & Barry Klein February 2012

    The customer is always right." How many times have you said this to your staff - or when you were the customer, felt this yourself?