• California School's Re-Leaguing Plan Creates Debate

    by Loren Ledin March 2017

    Forty-eight Ventura County, Calif., high schools approved their next regional league structure Thursday that offers up dramatic changes, unbridled optimism and, perhaps, cause for appeals.

  • HS Baseball Coaches React to New Pitch Count Rules

    by Sam Waller March 2017

    For the most part, the new pitch-count rule instituted by the University Interscholastic League for this baseball season shouldn't be much of an issue for high school coaches. Unless, that is, a team finds itself in an extremely long game.

  • Parents, Students Claim HS Favors Boys' Sports

    by Daniel Connolly March 2017

    The complaint highlights the culture of competitive sports and extracurricular activities in Collierville, where it's not uncommon for parents to pay hundreds of dollars for their children to play. Competitive cheerleading can cost $4,000 per year or more.

  • HS Baseball Team's Racial Slur Stunt Nearly Cost Season

    by Loren Ledin March 2017

    The incident where three members of Nordhoff High's varsity baseball team "manipulated" their jerseys to spell out a racial slur nearly led to the cancellation of the team's season, Principal Greg Bayless said Wednesday.

  • Detective In Ooltewah Case Wants Charges Dismissed

    by Kendi Anderson March 2017

    Gatlinburg, Tenn., police detective Rodney Burns, the only adult still facing charges in connection with the Ooltewah High School rape case, continued to argue Wednesday that his case should be dismissed.

  • District Introduces Girls' Flag Football as Spring Sport

    by John Lembo March 2017

    Flag football is the district's pitch to help stay in compliance of Title IX, always a chore because football participation is so robust.

  • Architects Named for Connecticut HS Athletic Complex

    by Jean Falbo-Sosnovich March 2017

    A pair of architects have scored the task of giving the school district's athletic complex a major-league facelift.

  • District Approves $900K for High School Gym Upgrades

    by Timothy Chipp March 2017

    Abilene Independent School District trustees approved spending up to $900,000 to replace the flooring and seating inside the competition gyms at both Abilene and Cooper high schools during Monday's school board meeting.

  • Coach Accuses High School Team of Recruiting Players

    by Jodie Wagner March 2017

    A former Boynton Beach High School assistant football coach was turned down for a job at Santaluces High because of allegations of recruiting players. That assistant now is accusing Boynton of the same thing: recruiting players. "It's my turn to talk about the truth," Korey Banks told The Palm Beach Post. "(Boynton Beach High School is) bringing allegations on me for recruiting, but they're still calling kids." While the Florida High School Athletic Association forbids recruiting, allegations of recruiting misconduct have been going on for years among schools. But it is rare for a coach to make such explosive allegations publicly, and by naming coaches and schools. The saga began Dec. 13 when Banks was hired away from Boynton Beach to become the head football coach at his alma mater, Santaluces.

  • Group's $50K Turf Donation Contingent on Messaging

    by Courtney Cameron March 2017

    The Greenfield (Ind.) Central School District has received an offer of a $50,000 donation to help replace the turf on the high school football field – but, it’s an offer they are reluctant to accept.