• WIAA and NFHS Launch #MyReasonWhy Campaign

    by Courtney Cameron December 2016

    The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletics Association has partnered with the National Federation of State High School Associations to help launch a social media campaign highlighting the benefits of participation in high school extracurricular activities and sports.

    Using #MyReasonWhy, the WIAA and NFHS encourage student-athletes, parents and coaches to share positive stories in order to persuade communities to continue the investment of time and resources in extracurricular programs even during tough economic times, motivated by the belief that participation in sports and other activities can ease students’ transition from middle to high school, promote a healthy lifestyle, and increase their overall sense of belonging.

    According to Lake Country Now, extracurricular programs for athletics, music, drama, speech, debate, and others take up only between one and three percent of most high school budgets, while the return on investment is significant and personal, affecting more than fifty percent of the student body.

    The NFHS conducted a study of 140,000 high school students at various schools in Kansas, and found a strong correlation between participation in extracurriculars and higher GPA, graduation rate and scores on state assessments. Other studies have shown that high school students who participate in sports are less likely to carry a weapon, smoke, use illegal drugs or alcohol, miss school, dropout, or exhibit suicidal behavior.

    “I’m certainly not saying that these programs should be retained in favor of cutting teachers or staff,” wrote Travis Wilson, general manager of “…but considerations should be made to continue and expand extra-curricular opportunities whenever available,”

    Wilson then shared his own story of personal growth. “As a player, coach, official and now as a member of the media, I’ve had the somewhat unique opportunity to see all aspects of the high school sports experience, and it continues to solidify the idea that athletics in schools are significant positives, participation should be encouraged wherever possible, and that my own experiences in high school sports have and continue to pay dividends in many areas. And that is #MyReasonWhy,” he wrote. Read his full story at and check out more of the MyReasonWhy campaign here.

  • Football Fields Take a Beating During HS Playoffs

    by Joe Sirera December 2016

    The high school football playoffs are a five-week grind for teams that make it to the championship games. A long postseason can be hard on a team's field, too.

  • HS Coaches Keep Jobs After Board's Delayed Decision

    by Marc Pendleton December 2016

    Dunbar head coach Pete Pullen and assistant Darran Powell were belatedly approved coaching contracts for the boys high school basketball season during a Dayton Public Schools board meeting Tuesday night.

  • San Diego Schools Neglecting Field Safety Tests

    by Courtney Cameron December 2016

    Data obtained through a survey by the Voice of San Diego shows that very few public schools in San Diego county are conducting regular field tests to monitor the hardness of turf fields. Only a few school districts could report having ever tested their fields, and of those, several conducted one test immediately after installation and then never again.

  • Football Coach Resigns, Cites Behavior, Parental Issues

    by Marc Pendleton December 2016

    Bob DeLong said he'd like to continue coaching, but only "at a place where everybody's rowing the boat in the same direction. If you could get that, it sure would be fun again."

  • Will the NJSIAA Change Non-Public Playoff Formats?

    by Phil Anastasia December 2016

    The votes on the two proposals, one to significantly change the state tournament in non-public football and the other to tweak the state tournament in non-public boys' and girls' basketball, are the big items on the agenda for the NJSIAA's annual meeting at the Pines Manor in Edison, Middlesex County.

  • Police Announce Charges in HS Baseball Hazing Case

    by Courtney Cameron December 2016

    In March of this year, the mother of one Cooper City, Fla., high school student reported an incident of hazing which occurred during a team road trip for a baseball tournament in Altamonte Springs.

  • Program Reduces Concussion Numbers in Four Schools

    by Al Lesar December 2016

    It's one thing to talk a good game. It's something completely different to back it up with numbers. Now, when the South Bend Community School Corp., claims its mission is to ensure the welfare of its student-athletes, it has statistics to back it up. Two years into its involvement with Heads Up Football, a player safety program initiated by USA Football, the statistics have shown a considerable decrease in concussions at the corporation's four high schools. They went from 53 reported concussions in 2014, before the program was in place, to 21 this past season.

  • Former Student Sues Over 2014 Bleacher Collapse

    by Jason Scott November 2016

    A former student at Sun Prairie (Wis.) High School has sued the Sun Prairie Area School District claiming the district was negligent in maintaining football stadium bleachers.

  • Should State Set Rules on HS Athlete Transfers?

    by Amy Donaldson November 2016

    The debate about changing the way student athletes are allowed to transfer between high schools took a complicated turn last week. The Utah State School Board wants to know if the 140 schools that make up the Utah High School Activities Association support a rule proposed by the board that would significantly change eligibility rules associated with the transfer of student athletes from one high school to another. But now many in the association are pushing back and questioning whether the State School Board should even be involved in making rules governing athletics. It might not be considered a mutiny, but there are heated discussions among those inside the group that's governed high school athletics for nearly 90 years.