• School Board Bans Parents from Coaching Own Kids

    by Lindsay Street July 2014

    Despite strong public opposition, the Berkeley County school board approved Tuesday a so-called ban on parent coaches. The amendment to the district s student activity policy instructs principals not to assign volunteer parents of student athletes for coaching responsibilities at the varsity or junior varsity level within the program in which their son or daughter is participating. The rule allows for exceptions to be made at the discretion of the principal and for full-time employees of the district.

  • With Tommy John Surgery, Prep Pitchers Outnumber Pros

    by Laken Litman, @LakenLitman, USA TODAY Sports July 2014

    Kellen Sillanpaa remembers the big games. There was a no-hitter in the championship game of a travel tournament when he was 12; the "120-pitch epoch," where nobody came close to hitting it out of the infield; and the high school playoff game in which he struck out the side in relief as a freshman. Sillanpaa was competitive, talented and threw hard. College recruiters were watching. But there was a problem. Sillanpaa kept throwing through elbow pain and eventually needed Tommy John elbow surgery, from which he never fully recovered. The procedure, in which a pitcher's ulnar collateral ligament in his throwing elbow is reconstructed, has become a topic of national conversation with 28 major leaguers having the surgery or expecting to have it this year. But the injury is also shutting down players years before they reach the big leagues, with the number of procedures at the youth level rising at an alarming rate. James Andrews, the famed orthopedic surgeon, has called it an epidemic.

  • Sports Policy Forgiving Freshmen 'Bombing' Clears Hurdle

    by Bonnie Washuk, Staff Writer July 2014

    LEWISTON -- The Lewiston School Committee passed a first reading of a new athletic eligibility policy that would allow freshmen the ability to recover after "bombing" their first year of high school and eventually play sports. Committee members voted 5-1 Monday night, with Matthew Roy voting against, to approve the request made from Lewiston High School Athletic Director Jason Fuller. A second vote will be Aug. 18. If that passes, the new policy will take effect this fall.

  • California Prep Coaches Grapple with New Contact Rules

    by STEVE FRYER, Staff Writer July 2014

    The head coach in Sacramento just sent in a new play. Local high school football teams are trying to figure out how to run it. Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday signed into law AB2127, which limits full-contact football practices at the high school and middle school level. The law, which takes effect Jan. 1, will limit teams to two full-contact practices a week during the season, with such practices restricted to 90 minutes, and prohibits any full-contact practices during the offseason. The restrictions represent the latest and perhaps most aggressive attempt to reduce concussions and other head injuries incurred in youth football. The rules apply to public, private and charter schools.

  • High School Sports Talk Coming to The Comcast Network

    by Daily News Staff Report July 2014

    THE SPORTS FAN Base Network (SFBN), an online sports network that began live streaming area high school sports in 2012, will debut a high school sports talk show on The Comcast Network (TCN), according to an SFBN release.

  • Study: Sports Participation Makes for Better Employees

    by Rexford Sheild July 2014

    Playing sports has been associated with a long list of benefits related to physical, mental and social development among youths. Now, add career longevity to that list. Kevin Kniffin, a behavioral science professor at Cornell University, along with Brian Wansink and Mitsuru Shimizu, found that people who played youth and high school sports made better employees later in life and had more career opportunities.

  • Opinion: District Should Have Vetted Officials Provider

    by Naples Daily News July 2014

    Collier County Public Schools Collier County Public Schools staff blew the call in deciding not to check out the leaders of the organization that hires officials for athletic contests. The district this week notified the Collier Officials Group it no longer will be its vendor to coordinate the hiring of sports officials for high school games. This came after revelations by Daily News reporter Adam Fisher and correspondent Scott Clair that more than 30 umpires and officials hadn’t been paid the total of $30,000 or more they were owed by COG for working games this spring.

  • Opinion: Embattled IHSA Works Hard for Athletes

    by Greg Cohen July 2014

    The Illinois High School Association is an easy target. It is difficult for me to watch quietly as people attack this organization. The people attacking the IHSA get upset over one event, one decision or one action and don't recognize all of the good the IHSA does for students and athletes in the state of Illinois. The IHSA administers to more than 800 public and private schools. They range in enrollment from Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in Rockford with 11 students, to Morton in Berwyn-Cicero with 8,327 students.

  • Schools Agree to Play Under Shared Mascot in All Sports

    by Maggie Menderski, Staff Writer July 2014

    WAVERLY - Franklin and Waverly high schools' sports teams will play under a new, unified mascot beginning with the 2015-16 school year. The Waverly School Board voted for the second time Wednesday to pass a sports co-op agreement with Franklin High School. It was a unanimous decision.

  • Ohio HS Football Coaches Customize Extra Practice Time


    To practice or not to practice in the summer? That is not the question for high school football coaches. The real question is when to use the 10 coaching days that are allotted by the OHSAA prior to the start of official team practices on Aug. 1. Some coaches use all or most of the days right before the first official practices, while others spread them out through the summer. Coaches try to do what they think will work best for their team.