• Teen Collapses at Non-Contact Football Practice, Dies

    by Lauren Cook, Alison Fox August 2017

    A 14-year-old boy died after collapsing during football practice at Mount Saint Michael Academy in the Bronx on Tuesday morning, police said. Dominick Bess was an honors student who aspired for "the American dream," according to his uncle Bertram Meade, 56.

  • Businesses Hit by HS T-Shirt Sponsorship Scam

    by Andy Berg August 2017

    Businesses should be wary of companies soliciting ads and sponsorships that claim to be in partnership with their local high schools.

    The latest to blow the whistle on the practice is Evanston Township High School in Evanston, Ill. Evanston Now reports that an Arizona-based company, T.K.O. Sports, has been trying to sell ads to businesses that they say will be printed on T-shirts, to be provided free at ETHS events.

    Chris Livatino, ETHS athletic director, told Evanston Now that he’d never heard of the company, which operates out of Fort Mohave, Ariz. Livatino warned that the company is definitely running a “scam.”

    Evanston Now contacted T.K.O. Sports to ask who had approved the partnership with ETHS but has not yet received a response from the company.

    The news comes after Hough High in Cornelius, N.C., alerted local businesses in early August of a similar scam. Boost Sports, which operates out of Texas, is calling businesses in the town of Lake Norman, where Hough is located, and asking if they want to buy things like Hough High t-shirts, banners and sponsorships.

    Hough High Athletic Club President Richard Colven said Boost claims it is working with Hough High but that isn’t the case. “They are taking advantage of that because people want to help out,” Colven said. “People want to get their names involved with local schools and people want to help the students.”

    According to a report from, Boost Sports isn’t even using the correct husky mascot on the printed items it’s selling.


  • Schools Embrace Co-Op Football

    by Dave Kane August 2017

    In a sign of the times, falling school enrollments and a dwindling number of football players have forced two southern Macoupin County schools to join forces.

  • Coach Steps Aside Pending Probe into Player's Death

    by Jim Baumbach August 2017

    The Sachem East High School football coach who was reassigned Friday pending an investigation into the death of one of his players said Saturday that he is "heartbroken by the loss of a fine young man" and accepts the district's decision to remove him as coach. Mark Wojciechowski, in his first comments since the death of junior Joshua Mileto on Aug. 10, told Newsday in a statement that he supports the school district's decision to appoint an interim coach while it investigates the circumstances surrounding Mileto's death during a log-carrying training exercise.

  • Maine HS Sports Growth Outpaces Officials' Groups

    by Ernie Clark August 2017

    Officials organizations for nearly every interscholastic sport in Maine have dealt with a shortage of members in recent years, leaving some sub-varsity contests understaffed.

  • Tornado Damage Delays HS Football Season Kickoff

    by Jodie Wagner August 2017

    Nearly seven months after a tornado struck Palm Beach Gardens devastating parts of the Benjamin School campus, the school continues to repair the damage.

  • Skin Infection Delays Start of HS Football Season

    by Jason Scott August 2017

    A bacterial infection among members of a high school football team in Arizona is delaying the start of the season.

  • School Weighs Football Team's Future Following Tragedy

    by Jim Baumbach August 2017

    The Sachem school district "will assess the status of the team's activities" in the aftermath of Joshua Mileto's death during a team training drill last week, Superintendent Kenneth Graham said Wednesday.

  • Name of $12.5M Complex Reflects Health Partnership

    by Blair Emerson August 2017

    The $12.5 million athletic complex located next to Legacy High School has a new name: the Sanford Sports Complex.

  • MSHSL Requires Asthma Training for HS Coaches

    by Courtney Cameron August 2017

    In a recent study from the Minnesota Department of Health, it was found that 58 percent of middle and high school students in the state are involved in sports.