• Muslim Soccer Team Refuses to Play Team with Girls

    by Laura Godlewski May 2015

    A boys' soccer team from a private Muslim high school in Branotibm Ont., would not finish a game during a tournament after it discovered the opposing team had two girls on it.

  • TSSAA to Mull Continuing Private vs. Public Competition

    by Tom Kreager, Daily News Journal May 2015

    The TSSAA’s Legislative Council will explore four options next month when it meets in a work session to discuss the issue of public and private schools continuing to play together in the same division within the Tennessee high school athletic association.

  • Prep Coaches Talk Extra Points, Safety of Own Players

    by Jodie Wagner, Palm Beach Post May 2015

    The extra point will become a little more interesting this fall when the NFL kicks off the 2015 season.

  • Missouri School Officials Sued for Christian Sports Trip

    by Cheryl Wetzstein, THE WASHINGTON TIMES May 2015

    An anonymous Missouri mother and an atheist-rights organization are suing a local school for taking the children on a field trip to a Christian-centered sports center.

  • Suit: HS Cheer Coaches' 'Indifference' Led to Injury

    by Sam Charles, Chicago Sun-Times May 2015

    Less than a month after three other cheerleaders were hurt in separate practices, a fourth New Trier High School cheerleader suffered a head injury after she was dropped while attempting a "full down" in fall 2012.

  • Student Concussion Bill Passes Illinois House, 104-1

    by Seth A. Richardson State Capitol Bureau May 2015

    A bill regulating when students can return to the classroom and to athletics after a suffering a concussion passed the House Monday. Rep. Christian Mitchell, D-Chicago, sponsored Senate Bill 7 in the House.

  • Clarifying Brand Will Cost High School $25K

    by Earl Rinehart May 2015

    There are at least 17 variations of Grandview Heights' "GH" logo -- with the two letters connected, not connected or intertwined, solid letters or outlined, in a circle or no circle.

  • Opinion: VHSL Private Schools Vote Difficult to Justify

    by Aaron McFarling, The Roanoke Times May 2015

    There needed to be a better reason. The Virginia High School League needed a clearer mission, a more symbiotic motivation, to make the decision it did Wednesday to allow private schools to join their ranks.

  • Legal Settlement Allows Private Schools to Join VHSL

    by Robert Anderson 981-3123 May 2015

    The Virginia High School League has opened the door for the state's private schools to become members of the VHSL, and Liberty Christian Academy is coming inside.

  • Athletes Must Pass Phys. Ed. Under School’s New Standards

    by Emily Attwood May 2015

    The Wareham, Mass., School District approved a proposal earlier this week to change the high school policy addendum to include stricter academic standards for athletes. Student-athletes must now pass at least seven major subjects per quarter to remain eligible for varsity sports.