• Fifth HS Football Player Dies After Collapsing in Practice

    by Mark Davis October 2015

    They gathered around a flagpole. Then, with another school day beginning, Burke County High School said farewell to a life that had just ended. He was 17. He was a junior. He died Monday. He was Rod Williams, an offensive lineman for the Bears, Burke County High School's football team in Waynesboro, just south of Augusta. He collapsed about two weeks ago during a team practice. Rod became the fifth high school football player nationwide to die during a game or practice this season --- the first in Georgia.

  • Memphis-Area High School Unveils $95M Construction Draft

    by Jane Roberts October 2015

    Nearly eight months after Collierville High School staffers sketched out their dream school, architects unveiled a draft late Tuesday of the $95 million school, including a 5,000-seat stadium, a library with 21,000 books and wings of classrooms grouped by subject. The main entrance will be a pantheon of STEM labs and exhibits, showing visitors in a glance the crux of the science, technology, engineering and math instruction in long, sweeping views from the front of the main building to the back.

  • Brawl After HS Football Game May Lead to Criminal Charges

    by Earle Kimel October 2015

    Ninety seconds. That's how long a brawl between football players from North Port and Braden River high schools lasted Friday night, according to a Sarasota County School District spokesman. It will take far longer to sort out basic facts of what took place, whether the fight will lead to criminal charges and if it will change the way athletes leave locker rooms after games. A North Port city spokesman said the Police Department is investigating the brawl at North Port High School that left one Braden River player with injuries that required a trip to the hospital.

  • HS Football Player Dies After Injury, Fourth This Year

    by Jason Scott October 2015

    A high school football player died in Washington state yesterday after suffering an undisclosed injury during a game.

  • Opinion: HS Coaches Must Set Tone on Concussion Care

    by Portland Press Herald October 2015

    There is a growing stack of brain scans that shows what concussions and collisions can do to the cognitive function of professional football players. But the harmful effects of repeated brain trauma are hardly reserved for the NFL, or even football in general.

  • HS Football Players Reportedly Injured in Postgame Brawl

    by Doug Fernandes October 2015

    For the North Port Bobcats, the final outcome, a 42-7 loss to visiting Braden River on Friday night, was ugly enough. But what transpired afterward was unseemly for both teams. A fight erupted among players on the two squads. It apparently started as Pirate players walked back to their team bus. At The Preserve in North Port, the two locker rooms are separated only by a walkway. Details are sketchy, but one report had as many as 30 to 40 players participating in the brawl. Braden River running back Raymond Thomas was said to have been hit on the side of his face with a helmet, the force knocking out two teeth. Thomas went afterward to a hospital ER, where an exam ruled out a jaw fracture. Police were not called to the incident, and adult supervision was said to be lacking.

  • Study: Former Athletes Earn More Later in Life

    by Brett Graff Miami Herald October 2015

    Lori Wolk, a mother of three, was pleased after colleges came to her community to recruit athletes. Mostly because Vassar College selected her daughter Lindsay - now a freshman - to play lacrosse for the selective liberal arts school. She always figured sports would offer a healthy involvement for kids, and today works to support the hectic schedules of her younger daughter, Abby, who is still in high school and also plays lacrosse, and of her son Jason, who is on his middle school's soccer and wrestling teams. "Sports opened up doors for my daughter, but it's all driven by my kids. If they wanted to stop playing tomorrow, I'd tell them to stop playing tomorrow," says Wolk. "I wouldn't tell my kids they need to play a varsity sport in order to be successful in life."

  • HS Quarterback Recovering After Concussion

    by The Salt Lake Tribune October 2015

    Pine View's Riley Livingston provided quite the scare across the state on Friday night. The quarterback was taken by ambulance after losing consciousness for "20 to 30 seconds" after his head collided with a defender's helmet and powered back into the turf while he tried to recover a mishandled snap in an eventual loss against Desert Hills.

  • Declining Football Participation Raises Safety Concerns

    by Kevin Thomas October 2015

    The beginning of theovarsity football at Camden Hills Regional High came during a Saturday afternoon game on Sept. 19. Head coach Thad Chilton turned around and saw a handful of starting players sitting on the bench, ice packs applied to wrists, knees and one neck. "My linemen were dropping like flies," Chilton said. "The attrition rate was killing us. And I have these young players next to me, standing alongside the girls. I can't get them hurt." The Windjammers began the game with 23 players, 12 of them freshmen. Three players were girls - who played only on the kickoff teams - and others were so inexperienced Chilton used them sparingly.

  • District Bans Drones at Sporting Events

    by Jonathan Scholles October 2015

    In the wake of rules instituted by the Ohio High School Athletic Association this fall, the Board of Education moved to adopt a resolution banning drones at football games and other school functions.