• Clinic Emphasizes Heads Up Football Program

    by Austin Candor June 2017

    With the first summer workouts getting underway for high school football teams, Snider coach Kurt Tippmann pressed fellow coaches to enter the season with a game plan. But Tippmann wasn't referring to those involved in converting third-down conversions and stopping an offense at the goal line. He was talking about a game plan to battle concussions.

  • District Takes Over Athletic Trainer Expense from State

    by Jason Scott June 2017

    The state of Illinois has been without a comprehensive budget for about two years, and it’s starting to cause problems for some public high schools that are taking it upon themselves to pay for athletic trainers if the state won’t.

  • Kanye West Looks to Redesign HS Sports Uniforms

    by Stephanie Chan June 2017

    Kanye West is apparently looking to get even more involved with the affluent L.A. suburb he now calls home. The rapper/designer is reportedly looking to work with Calabasas High School on redesigning its sports uniforms.

  • HS Football Grading Scandal Opens District to Audit

    by Jennifer Pignolet June 2017

    An audit of transcripts in the wake of a grading scandal at Trezevant High School involves all Shelby County Schools high schools, the Tennessee Department of Education confirmed Monday.

  • Should Virginia Expand Regular-Season HS Baseball?

    by Wayne Epps Jr. June 2017

    Each year, the Virginia High School League limits state baseball teams to 20 regular-season games. But what if that number were increased? More than half of the other states, plus Washington, D.C., have game limits greater than 20. Most of those are in the 21-to-30 range. Some have limits greater than 30. On the high end of the spectrum is Iowa, which has a limit of 40 regular-season games. However, the season there runs from late May until late July, so the colder weather of the earlier months isn't a factor. And much of the season is played after the school year.

  • Suburban Coaches Push for Girls' Lacrosse Programs

    by Madhu Krishnamurthy June 2017

    MacKenzie Hare was intrigued by lacrosse after watching her twin brother, Connor, playing the sport. She wanted to give it a try but found there were no teams for girls in Bartlett. "It looked really fun," said MacKenzie, 13, who now travels to Lombard to play on the under-15 state team for the True Lacrosse club. MacKenzie hopes that by the time she's in high school there will be a program closer to home for girls.

  • All-Star 7-on-7 Football Events Raise Questions

    by Jim Halley May 2017

    While 7-on-7 has become a common part of the high school football landscape, all-star 7-on-7 events still cause friction among high school coaches, players and event organizers. High school coaches don't want their sport to become like basketball, where AAU events hold more sway with elite recruits than their regular high school seasons and outside parties involved with spring and summer basketball have a major impact on recruiting.

  • Suspicious Mom Helped Launch Investigation into Coach

    by Sonja Isger May 2017

    Elizabeth's gut kicked in shortly after basketball season began. Coach Corey Perry was on the phone with her son constantly. Her eighth-grader would walk around the house doing his chores, even the laundry, with coach on speaker phone. Daily. Mom could hear the chatter, and that gave her some comfort -- the conversation sounded all sports, nothing salacious, nothing inappropriate. And yet. Coach Perry, or CP, as they sometimes called him, seemed to be a local celebrity. Perry coached her son's team at Howell L. Watkins Middle School in Palm Beach Gardens. He led the school robotics team, too. He was involved in his church and a local travel basketball team.

  • HS Coach Allowed Husband to Instruct Team, Resigns

    by Will Garbe May 2017

    The former Wayne High School girls basketball coach was disciplined for allowing her husband to coach even though the state board of education permanently denied his permit to do so, the Dayton Daily News found.

  • Program Offers Unique Academic, Sports Training for High Schoolers

    by Loren Ledin May 2017

    The staff at Sports Academy in Newbury Park is offering an intriguing if sure-to-be-debated, one-of-a-kind preparation program for graduating eighth graders.