• Texas Calls $10 Million HS PED Program a Waste

    by Jim Vertuno March 2015

    After the massive public high school steroids testing program caught just a handful of cheaters, Texas lawmakers appear likely to defund the program this summer.

  • Principal: Plan to Concentrate Athletic Facilities a Plus

    by John Stamm Special to The Commercial Appeal March 2015

    If a $90 million high school is built and opens as hoped in 2017, all the athletic facilities for the Collierville High School teams will be together, which principal Chip Blanchard calls a “huge benefit for us and huge is not a strong enough word.”

  • Study: Morning Practice May Hurt Game Performance

    by The Bismarck Tribune March 2015

    There is evidence that sleep restriction curtails adequate rest and recovery for athletes, which can impact performance. Some NBA teams have even dabbled with eliminating the traditional shootaround.

  • AD: Forcing Private Schools to Play Up Clearly Flawed

    by Special to The Post and Courier March 2015

    The S.C. Athletic Administrators Association's legislative body voted this week to force private and charter schools to compete at a higher level than is mandated by the SCSH' s method of classification by enrollment.

  • In Maine, Snowy Fields Bring Spring Season Extension

    by DAN VENTURA March 2015

    A record snowfall in the Boston area this winter has resulted in record headaches for high school athletic directors and spring coaches.

  • Lancaster Schools to Retire 'Redskins' Mascot Quietly

    by Karen Robinson News Staff Reporter March 2015

    Calm prevailed Tuesday in the Lancaster School District, the day after the School Board voted to stop using the "Redskins" name before a raucous, emotionally charged crowd of 700 where some jeered and turned their backs and others gave a standing ovation.

  • Colorado Serious About Spelling Prep Pitchers' Arms

    by Justin Shaw & Kevin Carmody, The Gazette March 2015

    Big-time change could be on the horizon for high school baseball in Colorado. It's nothing new for administrators, coaches, players and parents to debate whether or not there should be a limit placed on pitchers.

  • School District to Meet About 'Redskins' Mascot

    by The Buffalo News (New York) March 2015

    The Lancaster School District leaders have been under increasing pressure to decide whether to allow the school's mascot and athletics teams to continue to be called the "Redskins."

  • TSSAA Close to Resolving Public vs. Private Debate

    by Chris Thomas March 2015

    The TSSAA Legislative Council voted on Wednesday to hold a special meeting prior to next school year — likely during the summer — to decide whether or not to place public and private schools into separate divisions for athletic competition.

  • Editorial: Schools Should Not Run From Gym Class

    by Sun-Times Editorial Board March 2015

    Illinois legislators who aim to put an end to state-mandated gym classes make a straight-forward case: The time and money could be better spent on other school pursuits.