• HS Football Coach May Be Fired Over Missing Funds

    by Molly Bloom May 2016

    A winning Atlanta high school football coach could face termination after an investigation found thousands of dollars missing or unaccounted for from school accounts, and aggressive confrontations just short of fist fights with a parent and a school visitor.

  • Opinion: Corrupt HS Team Deserves Death Penalty

    by Greg Lee May 2016

    What many around the state had long suspected to have been occurring in the Bellevue High football program was revealed to be true in a 68-page report released last week by the WIAA.

  • N.J. Non-Publics Seek Sectional Championship Format

    by Phil Anastasia May 2016

    The NJSIAA's executive committee overwhelmingly endorsed a proposal by the West Jersey Football League to change the playoff structure for non-public football, creating sectional championship games and eliminating state championship games.

  • Board Considers Sports Fields Improvements

    by Cindy Hummel May 2016

    The Lampeter-Strasburg school board will vote this month on improvements to two sports fields. Options, with alternates, range in price from $871,000 to $4.3 million.

  • Misconduct Allegations Emerge, Tennis Coach Fired

    by Mark Gokavi May 2016

    Longtime teacher and tennis coach Vin Romeo at the Miami Valley School was fired after allegations of sexual misconduct with at least one female student in the 1980s, a school official announced Tuesday.

  • HS Team Gets Probation for Recruiting Violations

    by John Varlas May 2016

    The Germantown High football program has been placed on two years’ probation due to a violation of TSSAA recruiting rules — but the Red Devils will remain eligible for the postseason.

  • High School Coach Cleared in 29-Year-Old Player Case

    by Jason Scott May 2016

    A Canadian high school basketball coach was cleared of any wrongdoing in the case of the 29-year-old South Sudanese native who starred on his team.

  • Alabama High School Rebrands from Rebels to ‘1Rebel’

    by Stuart Goldman May 2016

    Vestavia Hills High School in suburban Birmingham, Ala., is spending $30,000 to rebrand its Rebels nickname to “1Rebel,” according to reports.

  • HS Coaches Support Pitch-Count Rule

    by Len Hayward May 2016

    Players ages 17-19 would be limited to 110 pitches in a game and require at least four days' rest, while players 14-16 would have a maximum of 95 pitches. There is a graduated scale for those maximums on pitches and amount of rest.

  • Quick Action Saves HS Student Whose Heart Stopped

    by Ben Lockhart May 2016

    Two women are being praised as heroes for their quick action in saving the life of a 17-year-old Northridge High School student whose heart suddenly stopped beating at the school Wednesday afternoon.