• New Business to Continue HS Basketball Video Streams

    by Bangor Daily News December 2015

    The high school basketball video stream started by WEGP 1390 AM in 2013 will be continued by a new Easton business. Bryan Lawrence, former operations manager at WEGP and owner of Aroostook Online Media Services, will produce the online broadcasts. Lawrence launched the new business after the station was sold to the Presence Radio Network earlier this year.

  • District Updates Public on $4.8M Facility Construction

    by Frances Parrish December 2015

    Anderson School District 3 plans to conduct a community meeting today to inform the public about test scores and about the school district’s plans for new construction.

  • In California, Cheerleading Faces New Limits

    by Stephen Wall December 2015

    They start conditioning during the summer, running 2 miles around the track most mornings. Their two-hour practices include pushups, situps and other exercises that build strength and endurance. Still, cheerleaders at Poly High School in Riverside are trying to dispel the notion that they're not athletes. "It's not easy to do the splits," said Janette Urena, a 15-year-old sophomore who has been cheerleading for six years. "It's not easy to lift someone in the air."

  • District Approves Plans for School, Tennis Court Expansion

    by Frances Parrish November 2015

    The Anderson School District 1 board of trustees voiced their approval of plans for expansion and tennis courts at a meeting Tuesday night. Preliminary drawings illustrate what the eight-classroom addition at the back of Concrete Primary School would look like. Four of the classrooms would be larger than traditional classrooms to accommodate kindergarten classes.

  • Gym Mat Death: Lawsuits Defy Resolution

    by Christian Boone November 2015

    For more than two years, two Valdosta families have anxiously awaited the findings of a federal investigation into how Kendrick Johnson came to die in a rolled-up gym mat. One is the family of the dead 17-year-old. Kenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson remain confident that investigators will ultimately bring charges against two brothers they believe killed their son, according to a family spokesman. The other is the family of Brian and Branden Bell, the teenagers named in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the Johnsons earlier this year. The Johnsons claim that the brothers killed Kendrick at the behest of their father, FBI agent Rick Bell.

  • District Puts All Future Construction Projects on Hold

    by Melissa Silverberg November 2015

    An Illinois Supreme Court ruling from earlier this fall has Northwest Suburban High School District 214 putting all new construction projects on hold until at least 2017. The September court decision, which stemmed from bleachers put up at Crystal Lake South High School without the city's permission, found that school districts are subject to local zoning laws, and set a precedent for how school districts handle construction projects, District 214 officials said.

  • High School Rifle Raffle Causes Community Concern

    by Jason Scott November 2015

    Vance Koppenhafer, a graduate and supporter of Mancos (Col.) High School, is raising eyebrows and concerns for organizing a raffle of a firearm to benefit the school’s athletic programs.

  • Forum Set on High School Sports Participation Fees

    by Jeremy P. Kelley November 2015

    The debate over pay-to-play school sports fees comes to Dayton today, as a state senator interested in banning the fees will hold a public forum on the topic.

  • Gunfire Halts HS Football Game; Three Teens Arrested

    by Stuart Goldman November 2015

    Gunfire erupted near the end of a Florida state high school playoff game last Friday night, sending teams, officials and fans scurrying for cover.

  • Prep Football Player On Field Despite Criminal Record

    by Nick Williams November 2015

    One exasperated Hillsborough County father has this warning to parents: The player suiting up next to your son or daughter in the locker room could be a criminal. The dad's anger stems from a case in which a Durant High School football player was accused of assaulting the man's son in June 2014 at a football camp in Polk County. The father says the assault was sexual in nature and that he transferred the victim's older brother and subsequently the victim, who at the time was about to enter the eighth grade, to another school to give them a fresh start. The accused player on March 4 pleaded no contest to felony battery and three counts of misdemeanor battery, accord ing to a court document provided by the family. In April, a Polk County judge placed the student on probation.