• HS Denies Alleged Racist Remarks at Hoops Tournament

    by Trevor Phibbs March 2016

    Emery High School has rejected claims of racism made against the school and its fans by Summit Academy players and coaches who said they endured racially-loaded insults and physical threats during and after a Class 2A semifinal game between the two schools last month in Richfield. Emery principal Larry Davis said in a statement released late last week that an internal investigation conducted by the school confirmed one instance of"inappropriate" behavior, and he acknowledged there may have been other possible isolated incidents. But he denied claims by Summit Academy coaches Evric Gray and Hector Marquez, and three of their players, who said they were the victims of multiple racially-motivated attacks by Emery team members or fans on Feb. 26.

  • Incorrect Court Impacts HS Basketball Championships

    by Jason Scott March 2016

    The Macon Coliseum hosted the Georgia High School Association’s basketball championships last Thursday through Saturday on a court that wasn’t set up according to regulations.

  • Georgia Bill Would Allow Religious Messages on Uniforms

    by Ty Tagami March 2016

    Legislation that allows high school athletes to put religious expressions on their uniforms in certain circumstances is moving quickly through the Georgia General Assembly after approval by a House committee Wednesday.

  • HS Wrestler Claims Competing Gave Him Herpes

    by Jason Scott March 2016

    A California high school wrestler who says he contracted a strain of herpes while competing in a wrestling match made a passionate call for the state wrestling championships to be canceled.

  • Abuse Allegations Swirl Around HS Football Team

    by Michaelle Bond March 2016

    The football players at Conestoga High School had a nickname for the rituals they performed each week, according to prosecutors. No-Gay Thursday. Some players avoided the locker room that day, when players considered certain sexual behavior permissible. The hazing at the elite Chester County public school, routinely ranked near the top academically in national ratings, escalated into assault one day last fall, authorities said Friday. Three seniors, including a team captain, grabbed a freshman they didn't like, who was trying to leave the locker room during a hazing ritual. Two held him down, while the third penetrated his rectum with a broom handle, officials said.

  • Opinion: Hostile Chants Hurt High School Hoops

    by Marlen Garcia March 2016

    In the aftermath of a high school basketball game between Catholic schools in northwest Indiana that became racially charged, officials tried to say the right things. Administrators from Andrean High School in Merrillville and Bishop Noll Institute in Hammond issued statements about sportsmanship and teachable moments.

  • Homeschooled Athletes Still Banned from Public Teams

    by Graham Moomaw March 2016

    Gov. Terry McAuliffe's veto of a bill to let home-schooled students play sports at public schools will stand for another year after the House of Delegates failed to override the veto.

  • After Hazing Incident, HS Hoops Team to Skip Tourney

    by James Yodice March 2016

    With an embarrassing onboard bus incident looming over the program, Santa Fe High School on Wednesday took a nearly unprecedented step by removing itself from the upcoming boys state basketball tournament field - and also placed its head basketball coach David Rodriguez on leave. Eldorado will take Santa Fe's place in the tourney for a first-round game Saturday. Santa Fe Public Schools Superintendent Joel Boyd, in an interview with the Journal on Wednesday, said the district is looking into whether previous student athletes at Santa Fe have been subject to hazing.

  • Bill Would Give Refs Concussion Overrule Power

    by Jason Scott March 2016

    In the name of player safety, lawmakers in Kentucky are considering adopting a law that would give high school sports officials power to decide whether a player can return to a game following a head injury.

  • Ooltewah Rape Victim to Be Represented by Top Attorney

    by Kendi Anderson March 2016

    The family of the Ooltewah High School freshman allegedly raped by three of his basketball teammates has retained one of the nation's top attorneys specializing in cases of school violence. Douglas Fierberg, whose national trial practice is based in Washington, D.C., and Eddie Schmidt from Nashville will be representing the 15-year-old and his family, who will not be named by the Times Free Press to protect the victim's identity. Fierberg's practice, School Violence Law, is the only nationwide practice that specializes in representing victims of violence in school-related incidents; and Fierberg has personally served as lead counsel for victims of sexual violence and hazing at schools and universities across the nation.