• Opinion: Safety Guidelines Needed to Prevent HS Deaths

    by Dr. David Geier August 2016

    Over a recent 20-year period, 243 deaths occurred during high school and college football practices and games. That's about 12 per season. The most common causes were heart failure, brain injury and heat illness.

  • HS On Track for On-Campus Golf Practice Facility

    by Yoohyun Jung August 2016

    Sunnyside High School is on track to get a new golf practice facility, which the coach says would cut down on transportation costs and increase access to golf district-wide, pending governing board approval.

  • HS Seeks Recovery from Hazing Scandal with New Staff

    by Michaelle Bond August 2016

    On a steamy afternoon last week during a break between practices, coach Marquis Weeks said the team is "looking to the future." However, he acknowledged the specter of the alleged incidents linger.

  • HS Football Coaches Take Steps Toward Zika Prevention

    by Jodie Wagner August 2016

    It's been nearly two decades since mosquitoes altered the high school football landscape in Palm Beach County. During the 1997 season, dozens of games were moved to the daytime after the county's Health Department issued an alert about the risk of mosquito-borne encephalitis. With evening activities banned for four weeks throughout the county, many schools lost significant amounts of money on gate receipts and concession sales.

  • Obesity, Blood Pressure Rates High Among HS Athletes

    by Rita Giordano August 2016

    It's not just the couch potatoes and video-game jockeys. A new study of sports physicals has shown surprisingly high rates of obesity and elevated blood pressure among Philadelphia student athletes. Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University surveying four years of physical exam results for students ages 10 to 20 found obesity and high blood pressure appear to be as much of a problem for active kids as for their peers. The suggestion, the researchers say, is that even participation in athletics was not enough to protect the youngsters from these health concerns.

  • Report of Ooltewah Investigation to Be Made Public

    by Kendi Anderson August 2016

    A report detailing a private attorney's investigation into Ooltewah High School is expected to be released today after the Hamilton County Board of Education voted Thursday night to make it public.

  • District Schools Get New Synthetic Turf Fields

    by Greg Mellen August 2016

    On a sunny midweek morning at Marina High School, a spreader machine, which looks a little like a scaled down version of a Zamboni, glides along spitting out rubber pellets into the shiny, electric-green synthetic surface of the school's newest sports field. The school's Viking mascot logo is vivid against the green backdrop at midfield as the finishing touches are being put on the first of four new athletic fields at campuses in the Huntington Beach Union High School District.

  • Ex-Prep Hoops Coach Pleads Guilty to Sex Charges

    by Michael Hewlett August 2016

    Derrele Mitchell, the former head boys' basketball coach at West Forsyth High School, pleaded guilty Wednesday morning to having sex with a female student and getting her pregnant while he was a coach at Reynolds High School in 2012. Mitchell, 33, of Forest Oak Drive in Clemmons, had been charged with felony sex offense with a student and taking indecent liberties with a student. Mitchell had worked as a media assistant and the boys' basketball coach at West Forsyth High School before he was suspended without pay on June 8, 2015. He resigned on June 12.

  • New Preseason Football Practice Guidelines Considered

    by Ernie Clark August 2016

    Double sessions of preseason practice have represented a rite of passage for generations of high school football players. Two-a-days are underway this week at many Maine schools under strict guidelines regulating the length of practice sessions, protective equipment used, amount of contact allowed, and recovery time -- all designed to help players cope with the mid-August heat. "The biggest concern with preseason is acclimatization, acclimatization not only to the heat but also re-acclimatization to the sport," said Chris Sementelli, program manager for MaineGeneral Sports Medicine in Augusta and a liaison to the Maine Principals' Association sports medicine committee. While double sessions remain the norm at many high schools, some programs have veered away from the tradition for reasons that have less to do with Mother Nature and more to do with changing demographics and competing demands.

  • School Rallies to Support Fired Football Coach

    by Cory Mull August 2016

    Less than 24 hours after South Fort Myers High football coach and security guard Anthony Dixon was fired by the Lee County School District a wave of support has generated inside the school for the former head of the program.