• Visit by Bear Cub Leads to Game Cancellation

    by Valley News May 2017

    A curious, and perhaps hungry, bear cub stalking the Blue Mountain high school athletic fields on Friday afternoon had players and fans alike seeking indoor shelter.

  • The Case for High School Strength Coach Hires

    by Paul Steinbach May 2017

    By the time student-athletes reach the collegiate level, most have gained some measure of elite status — even before a certified strength and conditioning coach has had a chance to assess their talents and influence their trajectory. But what about high school athletes? Physical maturity can vary greatly from ninth grade to 12th grade, or even within the same class of peers. Moreover, the difference in developmental rates between boys and girls ages 14 to 18 is pronounced, not to mention each gender's inherent physical differences.

  • High School Baseball Season to Start Earlier for Pitchers

    by David La Vaque May 2017

    Minnesota high school baseball seasons will start a week earlier beginning next year so pitchers can receive focused instruction and conditioning to prevent arm injuries.

  • Illinois Budget Crisis Impacting HS Athletic Trainers

    by Dean Olsen May 2017

    Citing millions of dollars in unpaid bills by the state as a major factor in their decisions, officials at Springfield's Memorial and Medical Center and HSHS St. John's Hospital say they plan to stop providing athletic trainers to nine area high schools.

  • IHSAA Mulls Limits for Offseason Contact

    by Courtney Cameron May 2017

    A rules-change proposed at this year’s spring area principals meeting was brought up for further discussion at the Indiana High School Athletic Association executive committee meeting earlier this month.

  • Goal, Field Issues Postpone Lacrosse Title Game

    by Jason Scott May 2017

    The girls’ lacrosse teams from Kell and Blessed Trinity high schools were set to face off in the Class A-AAAAA state championship in Georgia on Saturday at Lakewood Stadium, but that game did not take place as scheduled.

  • Texas Bill Could Deny Trans Wrestler Title Defense

    by Jim Vertuno May 2017

    When transgender wrestler Mack Beggs won a girls state championship, his victory drew jeers and complaints that his steroid therapy treatment had given him an unfair advantage against girls who risked injury just by getting on the mat with him. Now Texas lawmakers are pushing a bill that could ultimately deny Beggs, a Dallas-area junior, a chance to defend his title next year.

  • OHSAA Claims AD Called for Thrown Game

    by Jeremy P. Kelley May 2017

    After hinting at it in previous documents, Ohio High School Athletic Association officials on Thursday directly alleged Dayton Public Schools Athletic Director Mark Baker directed Dunbar to purposely lose its Oct. 28 football game against Belmont.

  • HS Basketball Coach: Parent Interfered with Program

    by Christian Sheckler May 2017

    Mark Johnson, the longtime head boys basketball coach for Riley High School, fired off an email to the school principal on Jan. 15, complaining about a pattern of interference by a parent. That parent, Johnson said, had gone around him to set up team meals and a photo shoot for senior players. When Johnson denied a request for a meeting, she emailed him another request, copying the district superintendent and other high-ranking officials on the message. The parent "has tried to manipulate her agenda into our program," Johnson wrote to the principal, Francois Bayingana. "Regardless of her intentions, her interference is not wanted, and she has no voice on what goes on." The parent's email, copied to Superintendent Kenneth Spells and other South Bend Community School Corp. administrators, was "a direct attempt of harassment and intimidation," Johnson wrote.

  • Toxic Culture Threatens High School Referees

    by Jason Scott May 2017

    Stories about unruly fans, parents, coaches or even players creating threatening environments for high school sports officials have become common. Could it finally be having an impact on sports leagues’ abilities to find people willing to do the job?