• Proposed HS Transgender Policy Ignites Controversy

    by Michael Gaio September 2014

    A proposed policy change in Minnesota high school athletics regarding transgender student-athletes has fired up a heated debate across the state.

  • HS Adds Incentives to Revive the Multisport Athlete

    by Michael Gaio September 2014

    The multisport athlete is a rare breed these days. In fact, in his September column, our own editor in chief, Dennis Van Milligen, proclaimed the multisport athlete was dead altogether.

    "This was back when your best athletes played multiple sports — an era that appears to be ending, as sport specialization dominates the modern high school scene," he wrote.

  • Unruly Parents Cause Two HS Soccer Games to End Early


    Two varsity soccer games were stopped prematurely last weekend - one in Clovis, the other in Las Cruces - because of out-of-control parents.

  • UHSAA Takes First Step Towards Sanctioning Lacrosse

    by Tom Wharton The Salt Lake Tribune September 2014

    The major concern expressed by principals was the cost of lacrosse, which requires helmets, pads and sticks. Like football, that equipment would need to be provided by the schools for participants.

  • A Look at Athletic Operations in Three Texas Districts

    by Zach Duncan 940-720-3470 September 2014

    The Times Record News checked with three different-sized school districts to see how their athletic departments operated and what financial impacts their high school football and athletic programs had on their respective districts.

  • Do Later School Start Times Benefit Student-Athletes?

    by Andrew Brandt September 2014

    Next year, three high schools in Virginia's Fauquier County are making the move to a new athletic conference, a transition that has some worried that the new competition has an unfair advantage: sleep. High schools in neighboring Loudoun county start later, at approximately 9 a.m. It's not a difference that most athletic programs might think of, but there's a growing body of evidence to suggest that later school start times are crucial to improving students' performance, academic and physical.

  • Coach Resigns Over Reclassification Safety Concerns

    by MEGAN GUZA September 2014

    Carlynton varsity football coach Mauro Monz resigned on Sept. 15 after three games, citing concerns over player safety now that the school has moved up to Class AA, with 177 boys in grades 9-11.

  • Video Streaming Brings New Audience to Maine HS Sports

    by Ernie Clark BDN Staff September 2014

    Bob Thompson hadn't seen a basketball game involving his alma mater since he played for the Houlton Shiretowners during the mid-1970s. "I bet it was that long ago, probably not since I graduated high school," said Thompson, who now lives in the Philadelphia suburb of Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania. That distance between alumnus and team disappeared last winter when Thompson learned from former classmate Ken Holck, the sports play-by-play voice for WHOU-FM in Houlton, that the station was producing live video streams of many of the games it covered through its website. And once he saw a glimpse of the old school gym, Thompson was hooked.

  • Prep Games to Feature Anti-Domestic Abuse Pledges

    by ERIN KOURKOUNIS; Tribune staff September 2014

    Two local groups of youth sports officials - the West Coast Umpires Association and the West Coast Officials Association - will launch a campaign to condemn domestic violence by reading a proclamation at the beginning of the 12 games scheduled for tonight in Hillsborough stadiums, as well as the 15 games scheduled for next Friday.

  • Board Grants One-Time Bad-Grades Waiver to Athletes

    by Steven H. Foskett Jr., TELEGRAM September 2014

    The School Committee Thursday night approved a one-time waiver students can use that will allow them to continue to play sports if their grades falls below the required C average.