• Charter Schools Question Threats to Sports Programs

    by AARON CARTER; Daily News Staff Writer April 2014

    For the first time since the PIAA voiced concerns that charter schools tilt the competitive balance in their favor because of enrollment practices, District 12 charters responded yesterday to the association's executive director, Dr. Robert Lombardi.

  • PIAA Plan to Restrict Charter Schools Met with Outrage

    by Matt Breen; Inquirer Staff Writer April 2014

    Dan Jackson, boys' basketball coach at Math, Civics and Sciences Charter School, said he was outraged Tuesday when his school's athletic director showed him a post on Twitter.

  • Inside the Murky World of High School Transferring

    by Rick Armstrong. Sun-Times Media March 2014

    Curie boys basketball coach Mike Oliver first watched Cliff Alexander play the summer after Alexander's eighth-grade year.

  • Georgia Prep Football Coaches Given Preparation Choice

    by Lindsey Young March 2014

    Georgia high school football coaches long have lamented the fact that they are allowed just one preseason scrimmage to prepare for the season. Beginning this year they have the option to add another, but it comes with a price.

  • Firm's $25K Gift Hits HS Goal of Baseball Scoreboard


    Since it opened in 2007, San Juan Hills High School was missing at least one important component: a scoreboard at its baseball field. But with help from a local company, that's about to change.

  • Maine Principals to Survey Interest in 5-Class Basketball

    by Ernie Clark BDN Staff March 2014

    Declining student enrollments and the southward migration of the state's population have swelled the number of smaller schools in northern and eastern Maine during recent years.

  • Budget-Challenged District Looks at Raising Athletic Fees

    by Dana Wormald March 2014

    Meanwhile, the board of education is working on cuts to the superintendent's proposed budget.

  • In Connecticut, Public vs. Private School Debate Rages On

    by Chris Hunn March 2014

    In all, magnet and parochial schools won five of the 11 state titles on the line in basketball and hockey this past weekend. That leads back to the never-ending argument: should these schools be in a league of their own?

  • Board Hears Pleas to Fund Sports Amid $780K Deficit

    by Mark Ciemcioch; SUBURBAN CORRESPONDENT March 2014

    Parents, students and teachers packed the Maryvale Board of Education meeting Monday night, as the district struggled to overcome a nearly $780,000 budget deficit that could force drastic cuts to extracurricular athletics and club offerings.

  • HS Baseball Player with Rare Disease Deemed Eligible

    by Nick Daniels March 2014

    Competing in sports at the high school level is no easy feat, but for one Louisiana high school student becoming eligible to compete has been a challenge in itself.

    The Louisiana High School Athletic Association ruled that 18-year-old Sean Thiel was ineligible to participate in spring baseball this season after missing too many days of school. The absences were caused by a rare medical condition from which Thiel suffers known as achalasia. The disease affects the esophagus’s ability to move food to the stomach, which led to a number of absences — including a surgery at the Mayo Clinic to stabilize his condition in early March.

    According to The Advocate, after filing a federal suit against the LHSAA March 3, Thiel was finally granted a hardship waiver that allowed him to begin playing earlier this month.

    "I commend the LHSAA for taking another look at this. We have no ill will. We're just happy they re-evaluated the situation," Michael Thiel told The Advocate Friday. "It is a positive story for a change. It's the right result.”

    "It reinforces your faith in humanity."

    Hardship waivers are used in high school sports to help make a student eligible for competition if he has a condition that causes him to not meet the requirements for eligibility. As a part of the lawsuit that brought Thiel’s situation to the LHSAA’s attention, Thiel’s family claimed that the LHSAA had violated the Americans With Disabilities Act by not allowing Thiel to play baseball even though he met the requirements for a hardship waiver.

    After Thiel became eligible to play, Thiel’s family dropped the suit March 18.

    As part of the agreement with the LHSAA, Thiel — a high school sophomore — must meet all future eligibility requirements if he wishes to continue playing high school sports in his junior and senior seasons.

    Thiel’s father told The Advocate his son has already recorded a couple of hits in two games since his reinstatement on the team.