• Battle of the Fans 'Promotes Positive Cheering Atmosphere'

    by Michael Popke — AB Managing Editor February 2012

    Brennan Webb was confident that his school, Frankenmuth (Mich.) High, would win the inaugural Michigan High School Athletic Association's "Battle of the Fans" - which sought to recognize the top cheering sections among MHSAA member schools. "It's what we wanted to do when we started out," says Webb, a senior and one of the leaders of the Frankenmuth cheering section. "We really wanted to be the biggest, the best, the most creative, the loudest, the most outgoing. And that's obviously what we've done now. I could tell since we started doing this last year, people started bringing better student sections to games against us because they knew we were going to bring fans. We influenced all the teams we've played. It's really awesome. You feel good."

  • High School Sports Teams Stretch Out with Yoga

    by Michael Popke February 2012

    When baseball practice begins next month at Jeffersonville (Ind.) High School, Matt Rigsby will find out whether the optional once-a-week yoga classes he has been offering his players since September have paid off.

  • 'Battle of the Fans' Seeks Top High School Cheering Section

    by Michael Popke — AB Managing Editor January 2012

    Who says school spirit is dead? Not students at the five Michigan high schools that have made it to the finals of that state's inaugural "Battle of the Fans." Developed by the Michigan High School Athletic Association, the contest seeks to recognize the top student cheering section in the state. Organized by MHSAA staff and its 16-member Student Advisory Council, it will reward the section that best exemplifies the positive and festive atmosphere created when students show enthusiasm, unity and sportsmanship while rooting for their school's basketball teams.

  • Basketball Risky Business for Girls' School With No Gym

    by Michael Popke — AB Managing Editor January 2012

    With no gymnasium at Sacred Heart High, basketball players from the small, 105-year-old Catholic girls' school located in East Los Angeles must walk a mile through a gang-infested neighborhood to the Lincoln Park Recreation Center for practices and games - a fact that initially shocked principal Sister Janice Therese Wellington. "The first time I saw the situation I was like, 'Oh, my gosh. These girls have to do what?' " she told Los Angeles Times columnist Bill Plaschke, who recently chronicled the dangerous plight of the 10-member team.

  • How High School ADs Can Rein in Questionable Coaching Behavior

    by Michael Popke December 2011

    The final months of 2011 brought almost weekly stories of high school coaches misbehaving.

  • Schools Struggle to Find Where Fitness Fits

    by Michael Popke November 2011

    If you want to know just how desperately educators in New York City are trying to make fitness a priority for their students, look no further than Public School 197 in Queens.

  • Arizona and Hawaii Introduce High School Sand Volleyball, Surfing

    by Emily Attwood November 2011

    Athletes in Hawaii and Arizona will soon be taking their game to the beach - well, in Hawaii, anyway.

  • 'Life of an Athlete' Helps Kids Make Smart Choices

    by Michael Popke October 2011

    On the final Saturday night in September, a group of student-athletes from Sun Prairie (Wis.) High School hosted the first all-school "dry party" - three hours of open gym and swim, inflatable jousting, plenty of pizza and college football on TV in the commons, with members of the football, soccer, volleyball and dance booster clubs donating their time and resources.

  • Blog: Football Tryout Denied; Discrimination Alleged

    by John Wolohan October 2011

    The Americans with Disabilities Act, which was signed into law July 26, 1990, was intended "to provide a clear and comprehensive national mandate for the elimination of discrimination against individuals with disabilities." In order to do this, the ADA requires public entities to consider whether reasonable accommodations could be made to remove any barriers to participation created by a person's disability. Unfortunately, 20 years after its passage, individuals with disabilities are still being discriminated against and denied equal opportunities.

  • Blog: High School Sports Are the Number-One Ticket

    by Mary Helen Sprecher October 2011

    Whether they're cheering on their team or booing a ref's call, the fans in the stands at high school games are doing one thing consistently - showing up in big numbers. And whether you're optimistic and attribute that to a lot of school spirit, or whether you're pessimistic and blame it on an economy that has us all searching for less expensive entertainment, it's still a great trend.