• Gruden: Benefits of Football Outweigh Safety Risks

    by Tom Pelissero October 2016

    Jon Gruden is here to talk about saving football, but really this is about America. Underfunded public schools, breakdown of community bonds, empty parks, kids with their heads buried in smartphones, people who question everything and believe in nothing, litigation culture, pervasive negativity -- it's not the country Gruden recalls growing up in, on his way to becoming a Super Bowl-winning coach and NFL TV analyst. And, yeah, Gruden gets "really disgusted and almost pissed at people that are beating up football," debating its dangers and its future instead of focusing on broader issues, at a time he thinks the lessons sports teach are vital. "I'm trying to create a real urgency out there, not because I have any other interests than I want my kids and their kids and my kids' kids' kids to play football if they want to," Gruden told USA TODAY Sports on Sunday, sitting in a hotel restaurant during a break in preparations for his broadcast of the New York Giants-Minnesota Vikings game Monday.

  • Column: Sports Specialization Leads to Overuse Injuries

    by Ryan Basen October 2016

    Injuries from specializing in one sport at a young age have long been discussed in medical journals, and it remains an ongoing issue. Meanwhile, studies reject many of specialization's purported benefits, finding that it leads to overuse injuries and emotional burnout among pre- and early adolescents - often without generating the competitive advantage promised over multisport athletes.

  • School Board Approves New Land for Future Growth

    by Myron Madden October 2016

    In the months preceding the purchase, parents of the OHS girls' soccer team began to threaten a Title IX lawsuit regarding their daughters' lack of playing and practice space. For the last 10 years, the Lady Owls have been practicing on the field of a nearby church because the boys' football team uses the field on campus, and on several occasions, the girls have had to hold home games seven miles away because the school's stadium was being used for a football game, parents said.

  • HS Student Sections Balance Sportsmanship, Passion

    by Evan Barnes October 2016

    FULL TEXT Over the last decade, high school student sections have become as big a part of the sports landscape as the athletes. Armed with creative nicknames and themed outfits for different games, it almost becomes a game to see what students do to show their support. "With the internet and social media, it becomes a competition to see who can be the most clever and over the top," Palos Verdes athletic director Brian Shapiro said.

  • HS Football Team Forfeits After Coach’s Ejection

    by Courtney Cameron October 2016

    With 1:40 left on the clock in the third quarter, the Northview (Fla.) Chiefs of Century football team walked off the field Friday night, forfeiting the game to the Maplesville (Ala.) Red Devils. The Red Devils were leading 21-0, with Northview head coach Derek Marshman holding two consecutive penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct.

  • No Decision on Eligibility of NJ HS Player

    by Phil Anastasia October 2016

    ROBBINSVILLE, N.J. - An emergency meeting of the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association's Eligiblity Appeals Committee on the matter of a Timber Creek football player lasted nearly four hours Friday but ended without a resolution.

  • Oops: HS Vandals Out Themselves on Social Media

    by Jason Scott September 2016

    Four members of the Robert Vela (Texas) High School football team got themselves into trouble for allegedly vandalizing facilities at a rival high school  and promptly bragging about it on social media.

  • Records Paint Graphic Picture in HS Abuse Case

    by Stuart Goldman September 2016

    New documents filed in a $10 million rape lawsuit show that a black, mentally disabled Idaho high school football player “more likely than not” was raped by three of his white teammates.

  • Uniform Poll Last Straw for Aggrieved Volleyball Team

    by Courtney Cameron September 2016

    David Timmerman, a member of the Ketchikan School Board, mortified the Ketchikan High School volleyball team when he stood up at a game to conduct an impromptu poll of the audience: did the uniforms make them uncomfortable? When asked, Timmerman explained that he has heard other female students say that they would participate in the sport if it weren’t for the uniform’s short shorts. 

  • Player Grade Discrepancies Lead to HS Football Forfeits

    by Jennifer Pignolet September 2016

    Discrepancies found on Trezevant High School football players’ transcripts are leading to game forfeitures and an internal investigation by Shelby County Schools, the district announced Thursday. SCS Chief of Communications Natalia Powers said players’ report card grades did not match grades on transcripts. It’s unknown if the discrepancies are limited to the football team, she said, so a full-school audit is underway.