• HS AD, Principal Stripped of Duties After Investigation

    by Stuart Goldman November 2016

    An athletic director and principal have been removed from their duties at a Louisiana high school following an investigation into allegations of illegal grade changes for more than a dozen of the school’s football players.

  • Revised Utah Prep Transfer Policy Under Review

    by Amy Donaldson November 2016

    The latest proposal lists reasons for automatic transfer eligibility, and establishes a panel that would review whether the UHSAA hearing panels followed its own rules in making a decision.

  • Football Coach Investigated for Post-Game ‘Hazing’

    by Jason Scott November 2016

    A parent of a football player at Atlantic High School in Florida said the school's varsity head coach humiliated her son and his teammates after a game.

  • Transit Worker Strike Hurts HS Football Teams

    by Aaron Carter November 2016

    In addition to commuters, the SEPTA strike has consequences for city football teams preparing for this weekend's playoff games. In the Public League, Del-Val Charter, only a half-mile from the Olney Transportation Center, is to practice on new turf - a small plot of grass in front of the school - while it prepares for Saturday's Class 3A District 12 championship game against the Catholic League's Conwell-Egan.

  • Playoffs Go On as Ineligible Player Probe Continues

    by Marc Pendleton November 2016

    Dunbar High coach Darran Powell (left) said he learned at halftime of last Friday's game that the player in question was ineligible. Dunbar High School and Dayton Public Schools did not seek an injunction Tuesday to have two football forfeits overturned. Dayton Public Schools spokesperson Jill Moberley confirmed that neither the school district nor Dunbar sought to have a court overturn a ruling by the Ohio High School Athletic Association that Dunbar forfeit Weeks 9-10 regular-season games because of an academically ineligible player.

  • HS Basketball Team Punished for Football Forfeit

    by Stephen Hargis November 2016

    In an odd twist, Unaka High School has elected not to take the field for its scheduled Class 1A first-round football playoff game at Greenback on Friday. Instead, citing a lack of player participation, Unaka has opted to forfeit that game to the No. 2-ranked Cherokees, who were last year's state runners-up.

  • Death Brings New Scrutiny to HS Sideline Restrictions

    by Courtney Cameron November 2016

    Recent events and a history of near-misses has high schools taking a hard look at their sideline regulations and who really needs to be standing there. During a game last month between Scranton (Ohio) Prep and Valley View, coach and statistician Anthony Cantafio of Scranton Prep fell and hit his head on an asphalt track circling the field when a Valley View football player was run out of bounds. He was rendered unconscious and later died from the injury.

  • School System Hit with Gender Discrimination Suit

    by Jason Scott November 2016

    Three Alabama families have filed a lawsuit against Huntsville (Ala.) City Schools claiming that the discrepancy of funding and support between girls’ and boys’ athletics amounts to discrimination against their daughters.

  • Move to Have Forfeits Overturned Could Impact Playoffs

    by Marc Pendleton November 2016

    Dunbar High School is pursuing an injunction in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court to overturn the Ohio High School Athletic Association's ruling that two of its games be forfeited.

  • Is Anything Good Happening in High School Sports?

    by Brian M. Miller October 2016

    Is there anything good happening in high school sports? As an athletic director, this is a question for which I try to have a good answer. Frequently, the reported news is not helpful. I am an advocate for education-based athletics. The court, field or ice rink is an extension of the classroom. This is the test track to see whether or not what we teach within our school walls has an impact in the reality of the world outside.