• Abuse Reporting Laws Revised Following Ooltewah Case

    by Kendi Anderson February 2017

    Hamilton County lawmakers are rewriting Tennessee's child abuse reporting laws to clarify and strengthen the language in response to the 2015 Ooltewah High School rape case.

  • School Seeks to Build ‘Better Athletes, Better People’

    by Jason Scott February 2017

    On Tuesday, officials at the La Cañada Unified School District in California supported a program called the Positive Coaching Alliance that they hope will change the culture surrounding athletics for the better.

  • Judge Puts Hold on NMAA Mandated HS Forfeits

    by Dan Spears February 2017

    On Thursday morning, the league office decided to flip the result of UNCW's 39-point loss at College of Charleston on Sunday, Jan. 8, as well as a win for the Cougars against William & Mary two days earlier, after an investigation into improper basketballs used in those games.

  • Ooltewah Seeks to Avoid Liability in Rape Case

    by Kendi A. Rainwater February 2017

    An East Tennessee school system continues to argue it should not be held liable for the reported sexual assaults of freshmen on a high school basketball team, according to a response filed in federal court last week.

  • 'Tebow Bill' Revival Prompts Home-Schoolers Debate

    by Lana Sweeten-Shults February 2017

    After fizzling out twice in House committees in 2013 and 2015, what has been popularly called the "Tebow Bill" has been revived. Rep. James Frank (R-Wichita Falls) is one of two legislators who have filed the bill. The other is Sen. Van Taylor (R-Plano), who filed companion bill SB 640 to the house version, HB 1323.

  • HS Hosts Program's First Outdoor Wrestling Meet

    by John Lembo February 2017

    Rather than wrestling in the cozy confines of Manatee's gymnasium, the Hurricanes instead took things outside to Joe Kinnan Field at Hawkins Stadium.

  • Opinion: Lessons to Learn from HS Hazing Departures

    by Chicago Daily Herald January 2017

    In athletics, you learn about the values of preparation and goal-setting. As importantly, you learn the reality of your own limits and how to cope with them in a constructive way.

  • PIAA Finalizes Baseball Pitch Count

    by Chris Harlan January 2017

    Following a mandate from National Federation of State High School Associations, the PIAA Board of Directors finalized plans Wednesday to establish a pitch limit for high school pitchers around the state.

  • Blog: Educating Community on Our Stadium Project

    by Valerie Little, Associate AD - McKinney ISD January 2017

    Editor’s note: In May 2016, voters approved a bond package that allowed the McKinney (Texas) Independent School District to construct a multi-million-dollar high school football stadium. Construction on the project began in December 2016, and is expected to be complete in late 2017. Valerie Little, Associate AD for McKinney ISD, will be providing an exclusive inside look at coordinating the effort.

    Well, the stadium is finally making progress. We can see an aerial view of the outline of the building from our drone, and this week construction crews will drill the large piers, which will form the base of our athletic building.

  • Football Fervor Remains Strong in Texas

    by Josh Peter January 2017

    About 30 miles north of Dallas, a real estate investor named Mike Giles decided last year to go toe-to-toe with Texas football. Local officials here proposed building a $63 million high school football stadium. Giles, outraged by the costly plan, led a grass-roots effort to defeat the $220million bond measure that included the stadium. They went door-to-door to persuade fellow residents and visited more than 1,000 homes. They bought campaign-style signs that read, "It's OK to just say NO." They sought support from the local newspaper. Then, in May -- with Giles saying he sensed among residents support for his position -- came the vote. The stadium and bond measure passed with nearly two-thirds of the vote. It will be the third high school stadium in Texas built at a cost of more than $60 million, and its projected price tag has risen to $70million.