• Legal Settlement Allows Private Schools to Join VHSL

    by Robert Anderson 981-3123 May 2015

    The Virginia High School League has opened the door for the state's private schools to become members of the VHSL, and Liberty Christian Academy is coming inside.

  • Athletes Must Pass Phys. Ed. Under School’s New Standards

    by Emily Attwood May 2015

    The Wareham, Mass., School District approved a proposal earlier this week to change the high school policy addendum to include stricter academic standards for athletes. Student-athletes must now pass at least seven major subjects per quarter to remain eligible for varsity sports.

  • Holistic Prep Lacrosse Coaches Follow Drubbing with Yoga

    by Jim Paulsen; STAR TRIBUNE (Mpls.-St. Paul) May 2015

    On the surface, it looked ugly: The Minnetonka girls' lacrosse team was whipped 24-11 by perennial powerhouse Eden Prairie in a game last week.

  • Voters Oust School Board Pair for 'Redskins' Retirement

    by Karen Robinson News Staff Reporter May 2015

    Lancaster School District voters, angry about the abrupt retiring of their mascot, tossed out two incumbents who voted to do away with the mascot that was beloved by many and deemed racist by others.

  • Rival Boycott Played Role in Lancaster Name Change

    by Erik Brady, @ByErikBrady, USA TODAY Sports May 2015

    Akron High School decided in March, before the season began, that it would not play neighboring Lancaster, another high school in Buffalo's eastern suburbs.

  • Prep Coach Resigns Amid Parent, Player Complaints

    by Tom Chard Staff Writer May 2015

    South Portland High basketball coach Phil Conley said he was shocked when he was told in a meeting Tuesday with school administrators that he wouldn't be asked to return next season.

  • Editorial: School Fails at Tracking Academic Eligibility

    by Editorials May 2015

    Rarely do you get do-overs in sports. A team or player implicated in cheating will get penalized after the fact - consider Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady and deflategate - but you can't go back and replay the game.

  • IHSA Bolsters Concussion-Prevention Initiatives

    by Laura Godlewski May 2015

    The Illinois High School Association recently introduced several concussion-prevention initiatives after a lawsuit was filed accusing it of doing too little to protect student-athletes from head injuries. 

  • Doctor: Mandate Heart-Screening in HS Sports Physical

    by Dr. John P. Higgins May 2015

    in the past two weeks there have been at least three cases of fatal or near fatal heart-related events involving Texas high school and middle school students. It is time that we not only recognize there is a problem, but do something about it.

  • District's Coaches Favor Drug Testing Student-Athletes

    by Elaine D. Briseno, Albuquerque Journal May 2015

    The Rio Rancho school district is considering a policy to randomly drug test its athletes. "I'm going to let the cat out of the bag I guess. The coaches would like to drug test the athletes," Bruce Carver, Rio Rancho Public Schools athletic director, said during a routine department report he was making to the board Monday night.