• Scandal Behind It, Sayreville Football Returns to Field

    by Jerry Carino, @NJHoopsHaven, USA TODAY Sports August 2015

    As the Bombers return to the gridiron -- conditioning and weightlifting this week, with training camp opening Aug. 17 -- job No. 1 for the new head coach and everyone around him is to move forward without losing sight of the past.

  • District Takes Rare Step to Test Athletes for Drugs

    by James Yodice, Albuquerque Journal (New Mexico) August 2015

    The misconception is easy to have, and often it leads to the wrong conclusion: Only teenagers in big cities can lay their hands on drugs. "You can get drugs anywhere," said Billy Burns, the athletic director at Logan High, a school in a remote area of eastern New Mexico with about 85 students in grades 8-12.

  • Lawsuit Targeting Prayer in High School Sports Settled

    by Massarah Mikati, Deseret Morning News (Salt Lake City) August 2015

    A federal lawsuit filed against a school district in Georgia for allegedly violating First Amendment rights by allowing football coaches to lead students in prayers and include Bible passages in team materials has been settled.

  • Full-Contact Restrictions a Big Hit with Prep Teams

    by Mark Znidar, The Columbus Dispatch August 2015

    The training wheels came off for Dublin Jerome senior Daniel Lex and his teammates on Friday morning, when high-school football teams were permitted to have their first full-contact practice of training camp.

  • Women High School Football Coaches Remain a Rarity

    by Jodie Wagner, Palm Beach Post (Florida) August 2015

    The National Football League's first female coach was introduced to the public last month, telling reporters she never dreamed she would be the first to break that barrier. Jen Welter, 37, a former rugby player at Boston College who played 14 seasons in women's pro football leagues, was hired by the Arizona Cardinals to work with inside linebackers as a training camp and preseason intern.

  • OHSAA Reverses Charter School Stance, Will Adjust Alignments

    by Marc Pendleton August 2015

    Administrators complained to the OHSAA it unfairly boosted inner-city enrollment ranks as compared to mostly unaffected suburban and rural school districts.

  • Football Player Sustains Third-Degree Burns at Practice

    by Laura Godlewski August 2015

    Parents of football players should be aware of the risks of the game — concussions, broken bones, strains, sprains — but the parents of a 15-year-old football player from Memorial High School in San Antonio were not prepared for the injuries presented by their son when he returned home last week. Laura and Jacob Obregon's son returned home from his high school football practice with what turned out to be third-degree burns on his hands.

  • High School Settles into New Sports Training Complex

    by Len Hayward, Corpus Christi Caller-Times August 2015

    Tony Gatica was there as a freshman in the first year of London’s competition as a high school and remembers how they did what they could in the school’s locker room/weight room just off the main gym.

  • Opinion: Sports Participation Vital Part of Education

    by Deron Snyder, The Washington Times August 2015

    Nothing brings people together on a regular basis like sports. Whether it's 5,000 residents applauding a high school football team, 23,000 fans rooting for the Kentucky Wildcats, or 49,000 New Yorkers cheering for the Yankees, ballgames have a special place in our culture.

  • No Tourney Reimbursement for State-Bound Schools

    by David La Vaque, Star Tribune (Mpls.-St. Paul) August 2015

    For high school student-athletes who competed in state tournaments last school year, memories undoubtedly remain. The money used to reimburse schools for sometimes thousands of dollars in costs? Not so much.