• Attorney Defends Ooltewah District in Rape Case

    by Kendi A. Rainwater November 2016

    An East Tennessee school board has responded to the lawsuit filed against them in September by the main victim in a rape case involving a high school basketball team.

  • Coach Gets Five-Day Suspension in Transcript Probe

    by Jennifer Pignolet November 2016

    Shelby County Schools suspended Trezevant High School head football coach Teli White for five days as part of the investigation into altered student transcripts, according to documents the district released Monday. White was one of two people disciplined, although four people were investigated after the district announced last month that the school 's principal discovered some students' grades differed from their report cards to their transcripts. White is accused of misleading investigators about his role in tracking students' academic progress and possessing altered student transcripts on his computer. The investigation found he violated the district's staff ethics policy as well as the state interscholastic athletics policy, according to the documents. Keith Williams, executive director of the Memphis Shelby County Education Association representing White, said the union and White were not notified of his suspension without pay, only that he'd served 26 days of paid time pending the outcome of the investigation. A district spokesperson confirmed White was suspended five days without pay. If the district withholds or has already withheld pay, Williams said, the union will file an appeal.

  • National Program Promotes Use of Athletic Trainers

    by Jason Scott November 2016

    A new initiative is encouraging high schools across the country to expand the use of athletic trainers.

  • Brand-Conscious Universities Force HS Logo Redesign

    by Courtney Cameron November 2016

    American high schools are facing a new challenge as universities become more possessive of their brand. Nationwide, high schools are scrambling to redesign team logos under threat of trademark-infringement suits as big-name universities such as Penn State, Notre Dame, University of Iowa, University of Texas and Texas Tech University issue warnings to high school teams informing them of trademark violations.

  • HS Football Player Dies After Hard Fall in Game

    by Jason Scott November 2016

    A Texas high school football player died after he reportedly hit his facemask hard on the ground during a junior varsity game Thursday.

  • HS Team Sanctioned for Academically Ineligible Player

    by Molly Bloom November 2016

    Grady High School's championship boys basketball program is on "severe warning status" this season after allowing an academically ineligible student to play for the team last year.

  • HS Gym Gets New Graphics Featuring Student-Athletes

    by Kristine Galloway November 2016

    Laramie County School District 1 recently installed new wall graphics in the lobby and gym of Storey Gymnasium in an effort to celebrate activities in the district. The district wanted the work completed sooner, but some LCSD1 trustees asked that the work be redone to provide better representation of Central High School.

  • Big Ten’s Friday Night Turf Invasion

    by Emily Attwood November 2016

    Tuesday’s Big Ten announcement that it will add six prime-time Friday games to its schedule has been met with strong reactions from football fans and athletics administrators, and not many are excited about the decision. From high school associations who see the Friday night games as an invasion of their turf to member colleges who view the games as a logistics nightmare — not to mention the general fan opinion that the move represents an egregious money grab — the reactions have been swift and loud.

  • New Prep Transfer Rules Inch Closer to Reality

    by Amy Donaldson November 2016

    SALT LAKE CITY - Despite a plea for more time to gather input from high schools, new rules governing when and how high school athletes can transfer from one school to another took a step closer to becoming reality Thursday night. A subcommittee of the Utah State School Board voted to advance a new rule outlining those changes to the full board's consideration in its meeting today. The new rule proposed by the Standards and Assessment Committee says the Utah High School Activities Association can deny varsity athletic eligibility to a student who transfers from one school to another (after establishing eligibility by attendance or participation at a high school) if a student doesn't meet one of the five listed exceptions.

  • CrossFit-Style Workout Reaches HS PE Classes

    by John Keilman November 2016

    The most popular PE class at Waukegan High School takes place in a basement field house that has the ambience of a dungeon. Sweating is assured. Vomiting is not unusual. It's the school's version of CrossFit, the intense and trendy exercise regimen that has exploded in popularity over the last 16 years, spawning thousands of gyms, more than 1 million devotees and a professional competition broadcast on ESPN. Schools around the Chicago area have adopted CrossFit to stir student interest at a time of rising youth obesity, and some say it's reaching children left coldbytraditionalgymclasses. "I think it's a great way to teachkidslifelongfitness,especially those kids who aren't interested in hockey or soccer or basketball," said teacher Tracy Haraf of Alsip's Stony Creek Elementary, which devotes half of its PE days to CrossFitexercises."Theythink it's tough, but I think they have a lot of fun doing it."