• Investigation: HS Football Team Flouted Rules for Years

    by The Columbian April 2016

    The Bellevue High School football program violated state rules for years with head coach Butch Goncharoff playing a leading role in major infractions. That was the finding of an independent investigation commissioned by the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association. Details of the 68-page report were made public on Tuesday.

  • Softball Players Suspended for Alleged Hazing

    by Joohyun Jung April 2016

    Eight students on Cienega High School's softball team were suspended after they tried to pull a prank on newer varsity members during an away game. School and district officials are treating the incident as hazing, said Darcy Mentone, Vail school district's spokeswoman. "We really wanted to make sure that we took it seriously."

  • Director Hopes to Keep All-Star HS Football Game

    by Marc Pendleton April 2016

    Director Steve Channell says "the game is on very solid ground now" in Dayton. It was Steve Channell's goal to land the annual Ohio North/South Classic all-star football games in Southwest Ohio, and specifically the Dayton area. The games' director did just that, making Welcome Stadium the current home.

  • Proposed Law Would Allow Marching Band to Count as PE

    by April 2016

    The time marching band members spend sweating it out on the practice field would satisfy physical education requirements if the Legislature passes a proposed law.

  • New Superintendent Forces District Coaches to Reapply

    by Kevin Carmody April 2016

    As part of sweeping changes at Fountain-Fort Carson School District 8, first-year superintendent Dr. Keith Owen late last week advised all Trojans varsity coaches they they'd have to reapply to be retained.

  • Lawsuit: HS Hired Coach Despite Inappropriate Contact

    by Brian Bowling April 2016

    Mt. Lebanon School District knowingly hired a girls volleyball coach in April 2015 who had been banned from school district property over allegations of inappropriate sexual contact years earlier with two varsity volleyball players, four girls and their parents claim in a lawsuit against the district, its athletic director and the coach.

  • How Lacrosse Became an Official HS Sport in Illinois

    by Christopher Placek April 2016

    Seven years ago, suburban athletic directors went to the Illinois High School Association to promote lacrosse, a sport that was growing in popularity among youths in the suburbs. More and more high schoolers were joining school-sponsored and parent-organized club teams, and supporters believed lacrosse deserved the same recognition as other sports by the IHSA, which governs high school athletics statewide. "I thought it should be like football, baseball, golf and everybody else," said Steve Rockrohr, athletic director at Glenbrook South. "I thought it was only fair. They deserve to be on an equal footing with everyone else."

  • Athletic Trainers Seek Changes to Protect HS Athletes

    by Jane Brody April 2016

    With all the attention on national rules to prevent and properly treat injuries to professional and college athletes, it may surprise you to learn that there are no nationwide guidelines to protect high school athletes from crippling or fatal injuries. Instead, it is up to individual states and the schools within them to adopt policies and practices that help to assure the safety of children who play organized school or league sports. But most states and schools have yet to enact needed safety measures, according to data from the National Athletic Trainers Association.

  • Opinion: Enforcing HS Rules Ensures Effectiveness

    by Amy Donaldson April 2016

    Last week the Utah High School Activities Association disciplined two schools for rules violations. To some, the infractions seemed small. Really? If these violations seem insignificant, which rules are worth enforcing and who gets to decide when they matter? The only thing that matters more than having well-crafted rules in place is the commitment to enforce them. We institute rules in an attempt to protect the integrity of the competition. Even if you hate them, remember that without them, we'd have chaos.

  • HS Experimenting with Non-Traditional PE Class

    by Thomas Doohan April 2016

    The class takes the place of a traditional physical education class. PE teacher Joe Combs said students are given online modules they take home and complete. The modules include lessons on physical fitness and exercises.