• Tennessee HS Forfeits Win Due to Ineligible Player

    by Stephen Hargis October 2016

    Howard's high school football program has been notified by the TSSAA that it must forfeit its Region 3-3A victory over Red Bank on Sept. 2 for playing an ineligible player.

  • Athletes Often Pay a Price for Activism

    by Maureen Downey October 2016

    Young people often get branded as narcissists who spend their lives puckering and pouting for Instagram. So, why do we complain when they embrace a cause and take a knee instead of a selfie? High school athletes kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality against minorities are following San Francisco 49er Colin Kaepernick's lead, and drawing the same fire as the NFL quarterback. The reactions are heated. In last week's game in Buffalo, Bills' fans booed Kaepernick while vendors outside the stadium hawked shirts with his image in the crosshairs of a rifle scope. When the AJC reported Cobb County Schools Superintendent Chris Ragsdale's comment that, if student athletes took a knee during the national anthem, "their asses would be benched," social media applauded. Among the comments: "Love it. Ragsdale for President," "Yay, bench them all," "I hope he follows through. It's time to put a stop to that treasonous nonsense." (Cobb later said athletes would not be punished for exercising their First Amendment rights.)

  • HS Football Official Kneels During National Anthem

    by Stuart Goldman October 2016

    A high school football official took a knee during the national anthem before a game Friday night in North Carolina.

  • $4M High School Sports Complex on Schedule

    by Tremayne Hogue October 2016

    The Oakwood Athletic Complex is beginning to take shape. The cement foundation was poured last week and artificial turf and the track are expected to follow this week. The field is on course to be open to the public by the first of the year. The stadium will seat about 700 fans. OAKWOOD - The Oakwood Athletic Project is just months away from being open to the public after laying the cement base for the field this week.

  • Football Prep School Loses Housing, Food Contracts

    by Emily Bregel October 2016

    After failing to pay rent for the last three months, the founders of Tucson Tech have told players to vacate the program's housing facility and find somewhere else to stay. A local wholesaler has repossessed the dorm's furniture. The program has lost its contract with a local food bank that was providing donated food for its players. It even canceled its last two games of the season. "We thought we were giving our son a great opportunity," said Amy Gonzales of Houston, who last week became the second Tucson Tech parent to file a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General's Office. Her son left the program after three months when his coach told him he had to move out of the dorms.

  • After Shooting, HS Football Games Get Security Boost

    by Molly Bloom October 2016

    The Atlanta school district will increase security around high school football games after a student was shot after a game last weekend.

  • Prosecutor: Abusive Ex-HS Coach Sent Thousands of Texts

    by Jason Scott October 2016

    During a preliminary hearing Tuesday, police and investigators testified that a former high school basketball coach and a female member of his team exchanged more than 52,000 text messages during a period of alleged sexual abuse.

  • District Drops Insurance Policy, Students Left with Bill

    by Courtney Cameron October 2016

    As a consequence of budget cuts finalized in spring of 2016, Paterson (N.J.) Public Schools has dropped accident insurance that previously covered accidental injury to students and student-athletes while on school grounds or attending school functions.

  • After Forfeits, Private HS Football Team to Play Again

    by Stuart Goldman October 2016

    A Seattle-area powerhouse private high school football team will play its first game since Sept. 16 after four straight forfeit wins over schools that chose not to play it due to player safety concerns.

  • HS Coach Dismissed, Students Walk Out in Protest

    by Courtney Cameron October 2016

    High school football coach and athletic director Eric Hernandez of Brooks Academy in San Antonio has been dismissed mid-season without any public explanation. His sudden departure was met with widespread discontent by students and parents alike, as Hernandez was generally well-liked and has had a successful run as athletic director at the academy.