• HS Coaches Resign after Players' Ebola Taunt

    by Andrew Brandt October 2014

    The coaches of a high school soccer team in Northampton, Pa., have resigned just one day after allegations that their players taunted an opponent with chants of "Ebola."

    Nazareth High School soccer player Ibrahim Toumkara moved to Pennsylvania from a small town in Guinea, a country located in West Africa, three years ago. After hearing the Ebola remarks, he charged a Northampton player and was ejected from the match.

    According to Toumkara's guardian, Edward Bachart, the teenager worries about his parents, who still reside there.

    Northampton's head coach and assistant coach, Craig Carvin and Jason Melniszyn, submitted their resignation letters Tuesday evening as the Northampton Area School District was finishing its investigation into the matter.

    District superintendent Joseph Kovalchik said that neither district tolerates any form of discrimination, and that "appropriate discipline will be dispensed to any students who violated the code of conduct."

    "I am glad Nazareth and Northampton took this incident very seriously and did a very thorough investigation," Bachart told The Morning Call. "I think kids nowadays have to realize that their words can cause a lot of damage and you've got to think before you speak and be careful with what words you choose."

    Bachart believes the Northampton coaches made the right decision in resigning, but he thinks Northampton's players should be held accountable as well.

    "This doesn't belong in society," he said. "It certainly doesn't belong in the field."

    In response to the episode, the Nazareth soccer team has taken to Twitter to promote and sell wristbands that say "#ENDRACISM."

  • Sayreville Officials Defend Move to Nix Football Season

    by Michael Boren; Inquirer Staff Writer October 2014

    Sayreville's mayor and Borough Council members Tuesday night defended a decision by the school district superintendent to abolish the high school football season because of a hazing scandal that has caught nationwide attention.

  • Sayreville Superintendent: Football Program in Jeopardy

    by Post wire report October 2014

    Seven high school athletes are facing charges for an alleged series of horrific hazing cases and a town is in upheaval. The football program at Sayreville War Memorial High School may be more trouble than it's worth, the school's superintendent said.

  • HS Athlete Charged with Felony Assault Still Playing

    by Andrew Brandt October 2014

    In August, teenager Nick Vincenzo was jumped, robbed and beaten by three young men and a juvenile in North Ridgeville, OH.

  • High School AD Makes Rare Midseason Coaching Change

    by James Yodice, Journal Staff Writer October 2014

    It rarely happens to any high school football program, but there has been a midseason coaching change at Hope Christian.

  • Parent Group Looks to Save Endangered Prep Programs

    by Nick Veronica October 2014

    Lorna Tilley-Peltier found out in March that her son's high school was planning to cut 15 sports teams, including the one her son starred on. In April, she became the president of the Niagara Wheatfield Sports Alliance and vowed to raise the roughly $80,000 needed to save the teams. "I talked to the superintendent about this probably a year ago because we've been on the fence with a lot of funds," Tilley-Peltier said last week at a fundraiser. "I told her, if you're going to cut any sports, please give us the chance to raise the money to keep them."

  • Team Hazing Investigation Leads to Sex Crime Charges

    by Zach Braziller October 2014

    The other shoe dropped Friday night in the Sayreville War Memorial High School football hazing scandal.

  • More Schools Making the Switch to P.E. Uniforms

    by Jody Lawrence-Turner, October 2014

    The switch saves parents a little money, helps teachers identify who's who and removes a social stigma of a "big, better and best" outfit.

  • Bullying Probe Ends Prep Football Powerhouse's Season

    by Tom Mahon, Daily News Staff Writer October 2014

    School district officials announced that Sayreville War Memorial High in New Jersey will forfeit its remaining six games while police and the Middlesex County prosecutor's office conducts investigations.

  • Prep Players Learn During Out-of-State Football Trips

    by Scott Clair Daily News Correspondent 239-435-3435 October 2014

    Think of out-of-state games like the high school football equivalent of a study abroad program. The kids might be gone just a week and not six months, and the trip might be just a few state lines away rather than in Paris or Istanbul, but the experience and the exposure to different (football) cultures is just as invaluable.