• Later Tournament Start Allows One Day to Practice

    by JOE JOHNSON February 2015

    Teams entering the the N.C. high school basketball playoffs today will have an advantage they didn't enjoy in previous years - a day of practice before their first-round game.

  • Prep Football Players Plead Not Guilty in Sodomy Case

    by Josh Barnett, USA TODAY Sports February 2015

    Four freshman football players at a high school outside Kirkland, Wash., have pleaded not guilty to charges of second-degree attempted rape for attempting to sodomize a special needs student in the boys locker room.

  • Junior High Realignment Aids Prep Athletic Departments

    by Andy Newberry 940-720-3494 February 2015

    The change from four to three junior high schools in Wichita Falls didn’t just change life for seventh and eighth-graders.

  • Student's Gym Mat Death Still Polarizes Community

    by Christian Boone; Staff February 2015

    It's been 15 months since U.S. Attorney Michael Moore launched a federal probe into the death of Johnson, an athletic 17-year-old found dead in a wrapped-up gym mat, and the lack of a resolution has started to take its toll on this South Georgia town best known for its 28 state high school football championships. Lives have been threatened.

  • High School Secures $250K Sponsor for Athletic Pavilion

    by Jeff Rumage, North Shore NOW (Bayside, WI) February 2015

    A proposed athletic pavilion at Homestead High School would be named Sommer's Subaru Pavilion as recognition for the auto dealership's $250,000 donation to the facility.

  • Storms Force Cancellation of Conference Tourneys in NC

    by JOE JOHNSON;419-6689 February 2015

    North Carolina's PAC-6, the Big Eight and the NCAC announced on Wednesday that they were canceling their tournaments.

  • High School Football Coaches Making Jump to D-I

    by Paul Myerberg, USA TODAY Sports February 2015

    If other signs point favorably in his direction, history is not on UNLV coach Tony Sanchez's side. In December, Sanchez became the fourth coach to make the leap from the high school ranks to the top of college football's highest level.

  • Snow, Train Disaster Impact Area High School, College

    by Rick Ryan, Assistant sports editor February 2015

    In addition to the heavy snowfall that socked southern West Virginia on Monday, residents near the Kanawha-Fayette county line had to deal with the derailment of a CSX train that spilled crude oil into the Kanawha River, setting a house on fire and causing multiple explosions.

  • Virginia OKs Home-Schoolers for Public Varsity Teams

    by THE WASHINGTON TIMES February 2015

    After getting sacked for years by the Virginia legislature, the state Senate on Tuesday passed a version of the so-called "Tebow bill" to allow home-schooled children to participate in public school interscholastic sports, likely putting the issue before Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

  • Post-Meet Meals a Taste of Prep Swim Sportsmanship

    by JIM LEITNER February 2015

    Following their dual meet at the Dubuque Hempstead pool, the Mustangs' head coach invited the visitors to the school cafeteria for a quick meal prepared by the swimmers' parents.