• District Approves $900K for High School Gym Upgrades

    by Timothy Chipp March 2017

    Abilene Independent School District trustees approved spending up to $900,000 to replace the flooring and seating inside the competition gyms at both Abilene and Cooper high schools during Monday's school board meeting.

  • Coach Accuses High School Team of Recruiting Players

    by Jodie Wagner March 2017

    A former Boynton Beach High School assistant football coach was turned down for a job at Santaluces High because of allegations of recruiting players. That assistant now is accusing Boynton of the same thing: recruiting players. "It's my turn to talk about the truth," Korey Banks told The Palm Beach Post. "(Boynton Beach High School is) bringing allegations on me for recruiting, but they're still calling kids." While the Florida High School Athletic Association forbids recruiting, allegations of recruiting misconduct have been going on for years among schools. But it is rare for a coach to make such explosive allegations publicly, and by naming coaches and schools. The saga began Dec. 13 when Banks was hired away from Boynton Beach to become the head football coach at his alma mater, Santaluces.

  • Group's $50K Turf Donation Contingent on Messaging

    by Courtney Cameron March 2017

    The Greenfield (Ind.) Central School District has received an offer of a $50,000 donation to help replace the turf on the high school football field – but, it’s an offer they are reluctant to accept.

  • Football Coach Suspended Amid Exposure Allegations

    by Thomas Clouse March 2017

    Spokane school officials have suspended Ferris High School football coach Jim Sharkey as they investigate claims he exposed himself to players at a leadership camp last summer and then lied to cover it up. Sharkey, who also teaches fitness and leadership at the school, strongly denies the allegations. His suspension is with pay. The camp last August was hosted and attended by Bobby Brett on about 1,000 acres he and his family own along the Coeur d'Alene River near Cataldo, Idaho. A couple of weeks after the camp, a Ferris player came forward and said that while Sharkey was grilling, he turned with his exposed penis inside a hot dog bun. Sharkey said, "You think that is a big dog - take a look at this," according to school records that listed multiple different versions of the same quote.

  • HS Leagues Boost Competition with Scheduling Tweaks

    by Ernie Clark March 2017

    One byproduct of the steadily shrinking enrollments of Maine public high schools and the recent addition of a fifth class for basketball has been an easing of boundaries among the state's athletic conferences. As leagues that once were limited to schools from a single class now represent four or even five classes, in some cases, the need has intensified for cooperation among conferences in an effort to develop regular-season schedules for athletic programs of similar enrollments. Examples of that increased teamwork include the basketball schedules of the four Class AA schools in the Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference: Bangor, Edward Little of Auburn, Lewiston and Oxford Hills of South Paris. Each fills out its schedules with as many as six games against schools they likely will face at tournament time from the Southwestern Maine Activities Association based in York and Cumberland counties.

  • HS Coach Says Racial Insensitivity Fueled His Rant

    by Mark Znidar March 2017

    Africentric girls basketball coach Will McKinney, who received a one-game suspension for criticizing officials after a regional victory over Mount Blanchard Riverdale on March 8, said the officiating crew's failure to eject a fan sitting in the Riverdale student section for making pig calls when his players were shooting free throws led to his outburst.

  • Attorney: HS Baseball Coaches Did Not Mistreat Players

    by Megan Boehnke March 2017

    An attorney representing two Hardin Valley Academy baseball coaches under investigation by state and local authorities called allegations that the coaches mistreated players "blatantly false." "On behalf of these fine young coaches, we would demand that the record be set straight insofar as these false allegations which are being advanced by a singular disgruntled parent with a singular, venomous agenda," attorney M. Jeffrey Whitt of Whitt, Cooper, Trant & Hedrick said in an email late Wednesday to the USA TODAY NETWORK - Tennessee.

  • Police Investigating Brawl at HS Hockey Playoffs

    by Mari A. Schaefer March 2017

    Police in Montgomery County are looking into a series of fights that erupted on the ice during a high school hockey game.

  • High School Breaks Ground on Multisport Facility

    by Troy Provost-Heron March 2017

    Randy McKamey had just finished building a new athletic facility at Grace Christian Academy before deciding to leave and fill Clinton's vacancy at football coach.

  • Deadline Approaches for District to Add Lacrosse

    by Marie Wilson March 2017

    To make lacrosse an officially sponsored sport for the high schools in Indian Prairie Unit District 204 would cost an estimated $208,000 to start and another $128,000 every year after that. School board members say they "understand the passion" they've been hearing from lacrosse players and parents, who are hoping the sport can gain district sponsorship in time for the first Illinois High School Association state championships in May 2018. But they're concerned about the possible strain on facilities, scheduling challenges and costs of adding another sport when school funding is so uncertain.