• Opinion: Poor Spectator Behavior Ruining Prep Sports

    by Jay Hutchinson March 2016

    This past week, I attended the UHSAA 4A and 5A basketball championships at the University of Utah along with hundreds of other fellow prep sports enthusiasts. Unfortunately, I am concerned that many spectators' behavior ran contrary to this important value.

  • HS Hazing Charges Avoided Due to Hole in State Law

    by Michaelle Bond March 2016

    The allegations were horrific: Two football players at an academically elite high school held down a smaller freshman teammate trying to escape a hazing ritual, while a third used a broom handle to penetrate the younger boy's rectum. The three Conestoga High School students were charged with assault, unlawful restraint, and other counts - but not hazing.

  • City Survey Reveals Support for HS Stadium Project

    by Imran Ghori March 2016

    Neighbors of Canyon Springs High School in Moreno Valley favor a planned football stadium project by a 2-to-1 margin, according to a city survey. The results, released Thursday, show that about 67 percent support the Moreno Valley Unified School District's plans to build a 3,000-seat stadium at the 30-year-old campus at the northwest side of the city. Some 68 percent of respondents also said they support nighttime sporting events at the stadium. But 40 percent also said they were not familiar with the project and 73 percent wanted full disclosure of all the facts related to the project. Residents also said they would be concerned about traffic, noise and other impacts.

  • Florida Bill Raises High School Recruiting Concerns

    by Adam Lichtenstein March 2016

    High school football in Florida soon may be headed toward a tiered system where large, powerful programs take the best players and others play each other in separate, less competitive leagues.

  • Texas School District Proposes $50 Million Stadium

    by Stuart Goldman March 2016

    The school board of the McKinney (Texas) Independent School District will vote next week to approve a proposed $220 million project that includes a new $50.3 million, 12,000-seat football stadium and events center.

  • Opinion: Birth Certificate Changes for Trans Athletes Wrong

    by San Angelo Standard-Times March 2016

    Here’s a conversation we wish weren’t necessary. But there is value in plain speaking when it comes to complex realities. Some human beings are born with a boy’s genitalia, and yet in every other way come to understand themselves as female — and vice versa. As reports in The Dallas Morning News about young transgender children considering surgery made clear last June, this process of self-awareness, this coming to terms with one’s true gender, does not happen quickly. And it rarely happens easily.

  • Bill Would Bar State Funds for Athletic Facilities

    by Jason Scott March 2016

    Lawmakers in Kansas are developing a bill that would give the state the ability to deny financial help to certain building projects at school districts. The legislation would create a state panel to review construction proposals, and only projects related directly to student instruction would be approved.

  • Ooltewah Coach Investigated for Inappropriate Conduct

    by Kendi Anderson March 2016

    Law enforcement officials in Collegedale and Hamilton County are investigating an Ooltewah High School football coach and substitute teacher for admitted inappropriate conduct with students. Avery Rollins, 23, coached Ooltewah's freshman basketball team this fall and has been substitute teaching for Andre "Tank" Montgomery, who is the basketball coach and PE teacher suspended without pay and facing criminal charges of failing to report child abuse and suspected child sexual abuse in connection with the alleged rape of an Ooltewah High freshman by his teammates Dec. 22.

  • Bill Would Mandate Concussion Training for Coaches

    by Zach Osowski March 2016

    A bill adding protections for almost every high school athlete in Indiana is getting close to becoming law. Senate Bill 234, authored by Sen. Tim Lanane, D-Anderson, will mandate that every interscholastic high school or middle school coach in Indiana take a concussion training program prior to the 2017-18 school year. It will also grant civil immunity to coaches who have already taken the course and make a “good faith effort” in protecting a student athlete from a potential concussion or brain injury.

  • HS Denies Alleged Racist Remarks at Hoops Tournament

    by Trevor Phibbs March 2016

    Emery High School has rejected claims of racism made against the school and its fans by Summit Academy players and coaches who said they endured racially-loaded insults and physical threats during and after a Class 2A semifinal game between the two schools last month in Richfield. Emery principal Larry Davis said in a statement released late last week that an internal investigation conducted by the school confirmed one instance of"inappropriate" behavior, and he acknowledged there may have been other possible isolated incidents. But he denied claims by Summit Academy coaches Evric Gray and Hector Marquez, and three of their players, who said they were the victims of multiple racially-motivated attacks by Emery team members or fans on Feb. 26.