• Opinion: Attack on Ref Should Be Treated as Assault

    by Abilene Reporter-News September 2015

    If I were to tell you that I never did anything stupid or potentially dangerous when I was a kid, I’d be lying. In fact, many of us can reflect on saying or doing things that could have either harmed ourselves or someone else, before we had the maturity to realize our mistake. But there’s a difference between youthful recklessness and a decision to deliberately hurt someone else. There’s a distinction between stupidity and callous indifference.

  • TSSAA Tightens Student-Athlete Transfer Rules

    by John Varlas September 2015

    The TSSAA ’s legislative council voted to approve an amendment designed to tighten up existing transfer rules for high school athletes during a session Sept. 1 in Murfreesboro. The addition states, “If a student with an athletic record transfers into a new school where an ‘athletic coaching link’ existed in the past 12 months, that student is ineligible for 12 months at all levels in the specific sports where the link was present.”

  • School's Athletics Dept. Deals with Enrollment Decline

    by Rhiannon Potkey September 2015

    Some coaches try to have a no-cut policy, enabling every athlete to have a chance at participating in a sport. Ted Cotti didn’t have a choice.

  • Schools Using Games to Mark 9/11 Anniversary

    by Adam Fisher 239-403-6135 September 2015

    Six Collier County schools host football games Friday, and many of them are in the process of planning some form of 9/11 memorial. This is just the second time Sept. 11th has fallen on a Friday since 2001. The other was 2009.

  • Prep Team Cancels Golf Outing Amid Safety Concerns

    by Cary Spivak, September 2015

    The Homestead High School girls basketball team canceled a golf outing/fundraiser scheduled for the River Club of Mequon Sept. 15 because of the allegations that a club employee was sexually assaulted on the course by a club member, the school said Friday.

  • Texas HS Football Players Suspended After Decking Ref

    by The Colorado Springs Gazette September 2015

    A San Antonio school district has suspended two football players from the team after one of them ran into the back of a referee watching a play and the other dove into the official, the district's athletic director said Sunday.

  • Board of Education Sued Over Mascot Rebrand

    by Jason Scott September 2015

    A man is suing the Vestavia Hills, (Ala.) Board of Education over its decision to rebrand the “Rebel” mascot at Vestavia Hills high school.

  • HS Coaches Divided on Culture Created by Transfers

    by Jesse Dougherty; Inquirer Staff Writer September 2015

    On one side is the belief that the abundance of high school transferring promotes the wrong values. On the other is the belief that teenagers shouldn't be bound to any situation, athletic or educational, that doesn't have them in line for future success.

  • Editorial: School's Code of Conduct Policy Poorly Planned

    by Valley News (White River Junction, Vermont) September 2015

    After Hartford School Board member Paula Nulty lodged and pursued a parental complaint against the high school's boys varsity basketball coach earlier this year, her colleagues deemed the matter of sufficient importance to warrant a new policy governing the conduct of coaches, student athletes, parents and spectators at the district's athletic events.

  • Use of Football Field for Mass Baptism Under Investigation

    by Andrew Blake September 2015

    An apparent mass baptism that unfolded on the football field of a public high school in Georgia is now under investigation, the local school district says. Carroll County Schools said Tuesday that it's determining if any state or federal laws were violated when more than a dozen athletes on the Villa Rica High School football team were reportedly baptized on camera before a recent practice.