• Texas High School Football Player Dies After Game

    by Jason Scott September 2016

    Chase Lightfoot, a junior at Shadow Creek High School in Pearland, Texas, died after suffering health complications during a game on Friday.

  • Brawl Could Lead to Penalties for HS Football Teams

    by The Herald-Sun September 2016

    It took less than a minute for the five officials to get the North Carolina teams separated. And the coaching staffs from each team did their part to calm things down. After the initial swarm by their players, Riverside coaches got their sideline calmed down and had them sitting on the benches. Cedar Ridge's coaches prevented their players from running across the field to join in. But the damage was already done.

  • HS Football Game Called Due to Parking Lot Shooting

    by Konstantine Fekos September 2016

    The stadium at Small Athletic Field in York city was put on lockdown during the McCaskey and York High football game Friday night after two people were reportedly shot in the parking lot.

  • Recruiting Violation Lands Team on Probation

    by Stephen Hargis September 2016

    For the second time in four years, the Marion County High School football program has been placed on probation by the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association after an investigation. The TSSAA released a statement Friday afternoon outlining recruiting violations against Warriors coach Joey Mathis and assistant Tim Starkey.

  • Bomb Threat Forces Cancellation of HS Football Game

    by Dayton Daily News September 2016

    A bomb threat Friday night forced the evacuation of Mason High School's stadium and led to the cancellation of the Mason and Moeller football game.

  • HS PA Announcer: Stand for Anthem or Be Ejected

    by Tom Knapp September 2016

    Stand up and show respect for the national anthem or risk being ejected from Manheim Township sporting events. The school district is under fire after an announcer delivered those blunt instructions to parents and fans attending a varsity soccer game earlier this week. "This guy comes on the PA, the announcer, and he gives a dissertation to everybody, kind of angrily," Manheim Township parent Marcus Blomeier, who stopped by the girls soccer game while waiting for his daughter to finish cheerleading practice, said Wednesday.

  • Coaches Criticize Proposal to Eliminate Transfer Rules

    by Trevor Phibbs September 2016

    Coaches across the state are vehemently criticizing a proposal to eliminate restrictions on high school athletes transferring between schools, saying it would create a free-for-all that encourages athletes to focus on winning and entitlement, rather than character development and overcoming adversity. "That's probably the worst proposal I've ever heard," said Tooele coach Kyle Brady. "I think it will destroy high school athletics."

  • HS Pulls AD Offer After Parental Pushback

    by Rick McCrabb September 2016

    Parental "backlash" led Fenwick High School to rescind its athletic director's position to Lance Schneider, he told this news outlet Wednesday.

  • Proposal Could Eliminate HS Transfer Rules in Utah

    by Amy Donaldson September 2016

    The State School Board will consider two proposed rule changes that could drastically alter the landscape of high school sports in Utah. The most significant proposal would make it impossible for the Utah High School Activities Association to enforce any kind of transfer restriction on student athletes - even if students choose to attend and play sports at three different schools in the same school year. For example, under the proposal it would be possible for a student to play football at Bingham High, basketball at Lone Peak High and baseball at Jordan High without losing any eligibility. It was the Utah High School Activities Association's denial of athletic eligibility for some transfer students that prompted the proposal, which will be discussed at a work meeting Thursday and during Friday's full State School Board meeting, according to David Crandall, the board's chairman.

  • No Longer Sidelined, Competitive Cheerleading Evolves

    by September 2016

    Once associated with young girls wearing skirts and waving pompoms, competitive cheerleading has evolved into teams performing 2-and-a-half-minute routines jam packed with highly technical gymnastics, stunts, tumbling passes and dance.