• Evaluating New Jersey's School-Choice Sports Program

    by By Phil Anastasia; Inquirer Staff Writer June 2014

    The NJSIAA is trying to gather as "much data as possible" before devising a strategy for addressing an issue that some school officials believe has threatened the competitive balance in public-school sports.

  • In Utah, Poverty May Factor into School Realignment

    by Amy Donaldson, Deseret News June 2014

    By Amy Donaldson Deseret News MIDVALE - Whether or not a high school football team wins may soon play a role in determining where it competes. For years, some schools have argued that the most unfair advantage some high schools have over others isn't great coaching or talented student-athletes. Instead, it's variables that a school can't control like a transient student population, a high number of students on fee waivers, or athletes living in poverty. Such students are not only less likely to participate, but less able to pay fees, let alone extras (like camps and clinics) that help a team compete at a higher level.

  • Wrong 'Home Team' Wins Baseball Game in Last At-Bats

    by Phil Anastasia; Inquirer Staff Writer June 2014

    NJSIAA director Larry White acknowledged Wednesday morning that his organization "misapplied" the rules Tuesday at the Non-Public South A baseball final at Rowan.

  • Suspended Baseball Coach Returns, Confined to Dugout

    by Rick O'Brien; Inquirer Staff Writer June 2014

    With the Archdiocese of Philadelphia lifting his suspension Wednesday, Pope John Paul II baseball coach John Duffy will be back on the bench Thursday afternoon for the PIAA Class AAA state quarterfinal against Northeastern.

  • Turnover Overload: High School Losing Seven Coaches

    by MARK DONOVAN June 2014

    Jordan High School Athletic Director David Davis announced a massive coaching staff turnover - that included himself - on Tuesday. Gone will be seven head coaches, one of whom coaches two sports.

  • Lacrosse Coach's Stall Strategy Endorsed by NHIAA

    by Greg Fennell Valley News Staff Writer June 2014

    The stall heard 'round New Hampshire took a relative blink of an eye to be resolved in Hanover High girls lacrosse coach Chris Seibel's favor. The New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association on Monday verified Seibel's belief that officials erred in warning the Marauders against holding the ball for lengthy periods of time during Saturday's 18-11 loss to Windham at Merriman-Branch Field.

  • Cheer for $1K? District to Discuss Capping Sports Fees

    by Phil Wilke June 2014

    The cost of extracurricular activities came in for close examination Monday night during the Shawnee Heights Unified School District 450 board meeting. Expressing concern that some students might not be able to participate because of high costs, the board had asked the district athletic director to put together data on student expenses for each spot and activity. The board reviewed the costs, and some members didn't like what they saw.

  • California Prep Leagues Plan Realignment Appeals


    The Sunset and Pacific Coast leagues in football are among the Orange County leagues that plan to appeal their placement in playoff divisions for future school years.

  • Does Running Clock in Prep Football Soften Game?

    by Rob Oller, The Columbus Dispatch May 2014

    If only high-school sports were as black and white as the vertically striped shirts of those who officiate the games. No in-betweens; just clean lines separating right from wrong. Then tough issues would be solved in a snap. Instead, most solutions print only in gray scale.

  • Common Mistakes Made by High School Athletic Directors

    by Kevin Bryant April 2014

    It would not be difficult for any honest interscholastic athletic administrator to fill up a page or two about the mistakes he or she has made and would like to avoid in the future. I've been there myself as a former athletic administrator. Reflecting on my own experiences (and mistakes), I'd like to offer a series of tips that will not only benefit novice athletic administrators, but veteran administrators, as well.