• Team Hazing Investigation Leads to Sex Crime Charges

    by Zach Braziller October 2014

    The other shoe dropped Friday night in the Sayreville War Memorial High School football hazing scandal.

  • More Schools Making the Switch to P.E. Uniforms

    by Jody Lawrence-Turner, October 2014

    The switch saves parents a little money, helps teachers identify who's who and removes a social stigma of a "big, better and best" outfit.

  • Bullying Probe Ends Prep Football Powerhouse's Season

    by Tom Mahon, Daily News Staff Writer October 2014

    School district officials announced that Sayreville War Memorial High in New Jersey will forfeit its remaining six games while police and the Middlesex County prosecutor's office conducts investigations.

  • Prep Players Learn During Out-of-State Football Trips

    by Scott Clair Daily News Correspondent 239-435-3435 October 2014

    Think of out-of-state games like the high school football equivalent of a study abroad program. The kids might be gone just a week and not six months, and the trip might be just a few state lines away rather than in Paris or Istanbul, but the experience and the exposure to different (football) cultures is just as invaluable.

  • Mountain Biking Clubs Gaining Popularity on HS Level

    by Saxo Staff October 2014

    There are limited mountain bike teams in public schools and until now, only Kennett High School in North Conway competed in the Northern New England High School Mountain Bike Series, which Wilton-Lyndeborough was able to join

  • MSHL Delays Vote on Transgender Athlete Policy

    by DAVID LA VAQUE; STAFF WRITER, STAR TRIBUNE (Mpls.-St. Paul) October 2014

    While expressing support for the intent behind guidelines for transgender athletes to take part in high school sports, the Minnesota State High School League decided - amid a deluge of public outcry - to think about it a bit longer.

  • Maine HS Game Scheduling Based on Competitiveness, Safety

    by Larry Mahoney BDN Staff October 2014

    For the second straight year, the boys and girls soccer games between archrivals Bangor and Brewer represented the only time the teams will play each other during the regular season.

  • Three HS Football Deaths Within Last Week

    by Andrew Brandt October 2014

    A New York high school student has become the third football player to die in the past week after suffering an injury during practice or a game.

  • Cities, Schools Pledge $500K Each to Fix Aging Ice Arena

    by Erin Adler, Star Tribune Staff Writer October 2014

    For nearly five years, the home of West St. Paul and Henry Sibley High School hockey has been skating on thin ice. Hockey enthusiasts and city officials have long debated what do about aging the West St. Paul ice arena, with its structural problems and outdated ice-cooling system.

  • In Wisconsin, WIAA Closer to Competitive Equity Plan

    by Mark Stewart Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel October 2014

    Last winter the Six Rivers Conference pushed the issue of competitive equity, which led the WIAA Board of Control to create an ad hoc committee to study the issue.