• PIAA Finalizes Baseball Pitch Count

    by Chris Harlan January 2017

    Following a mandate from National Federation of State High School Associations, the PIAA Board of Directors finalized plans Wednesday to establish a pitch limit for high school pitchers around the state.

  • Blog: Educating Community on Our Stadium Project

    by Valerie Little, Associate AD - McKinney ISD January 2017

    Editor’s note: In May 2016, voters approved a bond package that allowed the McKinney (Texas) Independent School District to construct a multi-million-dollar high school football stadium. Construction on the project began in December 2016, and is expected to be complete in late 2017. Valerie Little, Associate AD for McKinney ISD, will be providing an exclusive inside look at coordinating the effort.

    Well, the stadium is finally making progress. We can see an aerial view of the outline of the building from our drone, and this week construction crews will drill the large piers, which will form the base of our athletic building.

  • Football Fervor Remains Strong in Texas

    by Josh Peter January 2017

    About 30 miles north of Dallas, a real estate investor named Mike Giles decided last year to go toe-to-toe with Texas football. Local officials here proposed building a $63 million high school football stadium. Giles, outraged by the costly plan, led a grass-roots effort to defeat the $220million bond measure that included the stadium. They went door-to-door to persuade fellow residents and visited more than 1,000 homes. They bought campaign-style signs that read, "It's OK to just say NO." They sought support from the local newspaper. Then, in May -- with Giles saying he sensed among residents support for his position -- came the vote. The stadium and bond measure passed with nearly two-thirds of the vote. It will be the third high school stadium in Texas built at a cost of more than $60 million, and its projected price tag has risen to $70million.

  • Groups to Pursue Private Funding for HS Stadium Project

    by Marc Pendleton January 2017

    Tippecanoe High School and the Tipp Pride Association announced plans Friday to privately fund the renovation of City Park as a state-of the-art athletic complex.

  • Appeal Filed in Case of Forfeited HS Football Title

    by Jodie Wagner January 2017

    Pahokee has appealed the Florida High School Athletic Association's ruling to strip the school of its Class 1A state football championship and all 14 wins from last season, spokesman Kyle Niblett confirmed Thursday night.

  • CHSAA Votes to Change RPI Formula for Prep Sports

    by Colorado Springs Gazette January 2017

    Hoping to avoid a similar flub that landed deserving teams out of the high school football playoffs 2 [1/2] months ago, the Colorado High School Activities Association's legislative council voted in favor to recalibrate the RPI formula used for postseason qualification in football, baseball and boys' soccer. Athletic directors, coaches and CHSAA officials met at the Radisson Hotel in Aurora on Thursday and unanimously passed the change in football with 67 votes, as well as the other two sports. Read more on Colorado Springs Gazette

  • Study Finds One-Sport Specialization Leads to Injury

    by Courtney Cameron January 2017

    Last month, the National Federation of High School Associations released the results of a study conducted by researchers from the University of Wisconsin measuring injury rates for student-athletes in conjunction with sport specialization.

  • Struggling HS Football Program to Go Independent

    by James Yodice January 2017

    After three years of being beaten up by many of the state's prep football behemoths, the Santa Fe Demons are tapping out. For now.

  • Fire Code Could Lock Late HS Fans Out

    by Colorado Springs Gazette January 2017

    Fans of Sierra and Sand Creek recently found out the hard way that simply showing up for a game doesn't necessarily translate into admission. Actually, that's the fire code doing its job.

  • HS Facility Offers Home for Swim, Water Polo Programs

    by Bryan Whitehead January 2017

    Without a home for nearly two years during construction of the $5.5 million facility, Sunny Hills (Calif.) High's water polo and swim programs have their haven back.