• MRSA Remains Back-to-School Risk for Athletes

    by Jayne O'Donnell, Laura Ungar September 2015

    A private Washington school attended for decades by political luminaries and their children is standing out this month for another reason. St. Alban's is one of the latest schools to to be hit by MRSA infections, which are most commonly thought of as affecting elderly hospital patients.

  • TSSAA Vote Likely to Send Private Schools to D-II

    by Stephen Hargis September 2015

    In what will be viewed as another landmark decision in the decades-old public-private school debate in Tenessee, the TSSAA passed a ruling Tuesday that likely will lead most private schools currently competing in Division I to move soon to Division II.

  • Administrator Seeks Officers' Help After Confrontation

    by Dan Casey 981-3423 September 2015

    Today, we have a glimpse into the politics surrounding small-town high school athletics. It involves a school superintendent, an upset parent and some cross country and track coaches.

  • Who Will Take Responsibility for Crumbling Stadium?

    by Clint Cooper September 2015

    The holes in East Ridge High School's Raymond James Stadium didn't appear overnight, so somebody somewhere should explain why the problem is just now seeing the light of day. The football stadium's home stands, pockmarked with gaps big enough to step in, were recently condemned by the city of East Ridge. A team which has won its first two games will have to play its first home game at Baylor School. Some homecoming!

  • Volunteers Sought to Draft School's Conduct Code

    by Matt Hongoltz-Hetling September 2015

    Hartford -- Superintendent Tom DeBalsi has asked for volunteers to serve on a committee that would help draft a code of conduct for coaches, student athletes, parents and spectators at the Hartford School District's athletic events. During a School Board meeting last week, DeBalsi acknowledged it is an unusual way to draft a policy, but said theresult will have an effect on an unusually broad group of stakeholders. "This issue to me is a bigger issue," he said. "It's a community issue that needs to be addressed by the community."

  • What Is the Purpose of High School Sports?

    by John Gerdy September 2015

    School-sponsored elite athletics have come to a point where a solid argument can be made that their overall impact on our academic values and educational priorities has become more negative than positive. And we are all responsible. I say that as the son of a high school football coach, who played basketball well enough to receive a college scholarship and play professionally. After playing, I earned a Ph.D., with a concentration on the role of athletics in the educational setting, and then carved out a career in college athletics administration. Throughout, I was driven by the belief in the power and potential of athletics as an educational tool. I still strongly believe in that potential. But if there is anything I've learned in almost 50 years as an athlete and as someone who has worked in the field and studied, researched and written about the role of sport in our educational system and society, it is this: The power and potential of sports as an activity to teach valuable life lessons and contribute in relevant and timely ways to the mission of an educational institution depends upon whether we, as parents, coaches, administrators, teachers, faculty, community leaders, media and fans, keep them in the proper perspective.

  • Another Move Afoot to Displace Private Schools?

    by Ward Gossett August 2015

    The TSSAA Legislative Council will meet Tuesday to consider proposed amendments that could cause a serious state-wide shift in athletics.

  • School Forced to Replace 22 Stolen Football Helmets

    by Michael Arace, The Columbus Dispatch August 2015

    Riddell Speed helmets cost $265 apiece, counting the paint job. The haul on 22 used helmets could be significant -- if the items can be fenced. Therein lies the pilferer's problem.

  • Wildfires Shake Up Idaho's Prep Football Schedule

    by Greg Lee August 2015

    Poor air quality as a result of wildfires in the region have had North Idaho high schools scrambling to figure out options for scheduled season-opening games this weekend.

  • Growing Number of Ohio Districts Testing for Drugs

    by Lawrence Budd August 2015

    The Waynesville High School marching band was being tested this week for drug use, joining more than 200 student-athletes playing fall sports who have already submitted to - and passed - the test.