• High School Alleges Racial Slurs During Basketball Tourney

    by Amy Donaldson March 2016

    Sam Velez said he's never experienced anything like he did this past weekend at the 2A state basketball tournament in Richfield. But his teammate, Darrin Gethers, said he's experienced similar incidents during football season and region competition this school year. The Summit Academy basketball players and their coaches said they were the victims of racial slurs while competing for the 2A state basketball title at the Sevier Valley Center in Richfield Friday and Saturday night. While the most serious incident occurred after the tournament at a local convenience store and involved adults - not other students - Summit Academy coach Evric Gray said school administrators and Utah High School Activities Association officials need to be more proactive about eliminating the incidents.

  • School District Considers Alternatives to Crumb Rubber

    by Telegram & Gazette Staff March 2016

    The Tantasqua Regional School Committee has nixed the idea of using the very popular but controversial “crumb rubber” as the surface for two artificial fields but is going ahead with the project as planned.

  • Texas Turf Fields Could Become Playoff Destinations

    by J. Scott Russell March 2016

    Hermleigh, Graford and Brock aren’t exactly garden spots in the state of Texas, nor are they some of the bigger metropolises of the state. But putting artificial turf down on their baseball and softball fields has made them popular spots during the UIL baseball and softball playoffs in the spring. Bowie and Henrietta have recently thrown their hats into the ring, as well, and hosted more than 40 playoff games in 2015.

  • Work Begins on HS Football Stadium

    by Nick Blizzard February 2016

    More than $4.3 million in contracts have been awarded and bulldozers are moving dirt for a football stadium at Miamisburg High School.

  • HS Students Suspended for Racial Heckling at Game

    by Record Searchlight February 2016

    Students and staff at Redding’s University Preparatory School are “embarrassed” by racially derogatory signs and heckling at a basketball game against a predominately Hispanic school last week, Principal and Superintendent Shelle Peterson said Thursday, vowing “this is never going to happen again.”

  • Catholic League Alters Rule, Allows Boy to Wrestle Girl

    by Rick O'Brien February 2016

    Tim McCall would have preferred to continue drills with his Father Judge teammates and not address questions about his scheduled matchup against a female wrestler. But the thin-framed senior, with some light prompting from Judge coach Jim Savage, took a brief break from practice to give a short statement. "I'm just glad to have the chance to compete," he said. "It's important to me."

  • Texas Admin Concerned Over Athletic Prep Schools

    by Jason Scott February 2016

    Glen West knows football. He’s the president of the Texas High School Coaches Association, an official and a coach and athletic director at Brenham High School northwest of Houston. And he’s concerned.

  • Prep Game Limits Make Non-Football Scheduling Tough

    by Len Hayward February 2016

    Monday’s meeting of the new District 30-5A’s athletic directors and athletic coordinators was only the beginning for the new 11-team district when it comes to scheduling. That meeting focused on football with some discussion about sports outside of football, and it is in those sports where scheduling will be the most difficult. Football is an 11-week season, with a limit of 10 games. Simple enough.

  • HS Students Protest District Over PE Waivers

    by Madhu Krishnamurthy February 2016

    Nearly 45 Bartlett High School students upset over being denied waivers for gym class for next school year appealed to district authorities Monday night. Students and parents urged the Elgin Area School District U-46 school board to reconsider the decision of Bartlett High School's administration to deny physical education waivers to several dozen students who constitute some of the top achievers at the school.

  • HS Adjusting to New Nickname After 'Redskins' Switch

    by Peyton McConville February 2016

    Can you imagine just finishing up your senior year of high school and being told that you will be the first class ever to graduate with no mascot name? Students at Lancaster High School had to deal with this issue last year. On March 16, 2015, the "Redskins" mascot and nickname, which had a 68-year legacy, was retired for being a racial slur to Native Americans.