• Public School Board Against Counting Band as Gym

    by Jon Swedien, Journal Staff Writer May 2014

    Students participating in marching band shouldn't be required to take gym class, several band directors told the Albuquerque Public Schools Board on Tuesday. APS should adopt a policy, as some other school districts have, allowing students to use their participation in marching band as a substitute for a two-semester gym class required to graduate. State law gives districts this choice and also allows Junior ROTC and athletics to substitute for gym.

  • IHSAA Comittee to Study Three-Class Basketball Proposal

    by Greg Jones High school sports editor May 2014

    The IHSAA Executive Committee tabled the Indiana Basketball Coaches Association's three-class proposal during a meeting Monday. Among several moves the board made, one was to put the complicated proposal on hold and form a committee with the IHSAA, IBCA and the state's athletic directors organization to work on specifics contained in the proposal.

  • Maryland Endorses USA Football's 'Heads Up' Program

    by T.C. CAMERON May 2014

    The Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association became the first state-sanctioned high school athletic board in the country to endorse USA Football's Heads Up football safety program.

  • Embattled Prep AD Decides Not to Return from Leave

    by Leslie Bridgers -- Staff Writer May 2014

    Marc Sawyer, who was hired as Westbrook's director of athletics and activities less than two years ago, went on leave last week and has decided not to return, said Principal Jon Ross.

  • Private School to Offer Sports-Specialized Academy

    by ADAM FISHER May 2014

    A private school wants to give elite athletes a real high school experience while allowing them to continue their rigorous workouts.

  • Termination Pending for HoF Coach Charged with DUI

    by Tony Baranek. May 2014

    Midnight had struck on his 20-year career at Hillcrest High School as a social studies teacher and leader of a successful girls basketball program. The Hall of Fame coach silently walked out of the Bremen High School library late Thursday night with his lawyer and loved ones after the District 228 school board voted 6-1 to suspend him without pay with the intent to end his employment.

  • Coaches Approve of California's 18-Hours-a-Week Rule

    by Steve Fryer STAFF columnist, The Orange County Register May 2014

    Taking a look around Orange County high school sports: One could assume that if any programs would sweat out abiding by the proposed 18-hours-a-week limitation on student-athletes' sports participation it would be the elite football programs in the college-like Trinity League. But the proposal got unanimous support from Trinity League schools. Said Monty McDermott, athletic director at St. John Bosco, which was a CIF state champion in football this past season: "From a St. John Bosco football perspective, we feel like we already fit under the 18 hours limit. It's counter-productive to go over that. ... Private schools have kids commuting, kids involved in a lot of other things and so many academic challenges."

  • Competitive Balance Proposal Up for New Vote in Ohio

    by Steve Blackledge, THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH May 2014

    In the past few years, the term competitive balance has become as much a part of the high-school sports lexicon as safety blitz, crossover dribble and sacrifice bunt. Its mere mention can stir up a heated debate. The issue will come to a head over the next two weeks as 825 principals vote on an Ohio High School Athletic Association proposal that, among other things, would attempt to level the playing field between public and private schools. Currently, a school's enrollment is the only criterion used to determine tournament classification for teams. The latest sport-specific plan devised by a committee headed by OHSAA commissioner Dan Ross would institute a formula taking into account the composition of each team's roster.

  • High School Basketball Players Charged in Bus 'Hazing'

    by Geoff Liesik Deseret News May 2014

    Two Wasatch High School basketball players have been charged in connection with an incident that allegedly took place during a team bus trip. At least one of William Jackson Gordon and Jeffrey Lynn Murdock's teammates described the incident as "hazing" during an interview with a Wasatch County sheriff's detective. Gordon, 19, and Murdock, 18, are not charged with hazing though. Instead prosecutors charged the pair Monday in Wasatch County Justice Court with disorderly conduct, an infraction.

  • With Budget Not Trim Enough, School Cuts Intramurals

    by Bonnie Washuk, Staff Writer May 2014

    LEWISTON -- A week after sending a $61.4 million school budget to the City Council, the School Committee got the budget back to make more cuts. The School Committee on Monday night reluctantly approved $293,400 in cuts that would wipe out high school intramural sports and a savings account. They weren't happy about it.