• Opinion: Limiting Locker Room Access Hurts Fans

    by Martin Rogers,, USA TODAY Sports October 2015

    Please don't think I'm lacking in sympathy for Andrew Whitworth and the several other Cincinnati Bengals players whose unclad rumps -- and some fronts -- were inadvertently exposed to the prying eyes of the NFL Network's viewership Sunday.

  • NFL Players Against Locker Room Cameras, Nude Views

    by Jay Morrison October 2015

    Cincinnati Bengals players Eric Winston and Vinny Rey said they support teammate Andrew Whit-worth's assertion that the NFL needs to change its policy regarding cameras in the locker room.

  • Media's Locker Room Access Criticized After Interview Gaffe

    by Laurel Pfahler October 2015

    Bengals offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth is concerned that he appeared naked in the locker room while inadvertently in the background of an NFL Network interview with Adam Jones after Sunday's win over the Bills.

  • Newly Renovated HS Locker Room Overflows with Sewage

    by Jason Scott October 2015

    Blocked pipes may be to blame for a California high school’s third instance of sewage flooding in a newly renovated locker room since August.

    Milpitas High School opened the school year Aug. 13, but its newly renovated physical education locker and restrooms have had issues with sewage three times already this year.

  • Increased Use Prompts University to Seek Locker Room Expansion

    by Jeff Montgomery October 2015

    if you go The Dubuque Zoning Advisory Commission will meet at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 7, at the Historic Federal Building, 350 W. 6th St. An 8,300 square-foot extension to a University of Dubuque building and plans for new commercial development along University Avenue highlight the agenda for Wednesday night`s meeting of the Zoning Advisory Commission.

  • Product Spotlight: Locker Rooms

    by AB Editors July 2015

    Locker Rooms

  • How Lock Technologies Are Simplifying Shared-Use Operations

    by Paul Steinbach July 2015

    Combination padlocks, keys, bolt cutters -- they're all getting harder to find in athletics, fitness and recreation locker rooms these days. That's because code-based mechanical and electronic lock technology has made life easier for both locker users and facility managers, if a little less lucrative for local locksmiths.

  • Tips to Increase the Eco-Efficiency of an Athletic Laundry Facility

    by Emily Attwood July 2015

    Working in an athletic laundry facility is a complicated job. Anyone working in such an environment can attest to the headache caused just by athletic uniforms, which have become anything but uniform. "You probably have five different materials on a typical athletic uniform now," says Bill Brooks, North American sales manager for Ripon, Wis.-based UniMac. "I've been dealing with an NFL uniform with five different fabrics. To get paint out of a uniform with five different fabrics requires a complicated wash cycle and chemical needs."

  • 2015 Showcase by the Numbers

    by AB Staff June 2015

    Wondering what the spread of this year's submissions looks like? Projects in the college market dominated, offering a healthy array of athletic, fitness and recreation endeavors. As far as design, an overarching theme across all markets was creating a sense of place through the use of grand and welcoming entrances and atriums, often featuring abundant glass and skylights.

  • Tips to Keep Saunas and Steam Rooms Appealing

    by Emily Attwood March 2015

    It’s a story all too familiar to many fitness facility operators: a new facility or renovation opens, boasting a new sauna or steam room that will be the facility’s crowning jewel and attract myriad new members. Months later, though, it’s fallen into disuse (or worse yet, a failure of the steam room enclosure renders it useless) and sits as an empty waste of space.