• Seven Tips for Keeping Athletic Storage Rooms in Order

    by Denny Hammack, Guest Contributor January 2015

    Whether it’s a rec center, arena or field house, when you run an athletic program, it’s important that all of your equipment and important information be organized and easy to access. When properly managed, the athletic storage room can be one of the most useful, specialized storage areas in your facility. It can increase security, space, productivity and convenience.

  • NHL Teams Nix Public Appearances Amid Mumps Scare

    by Kevin Allen, USA TODAY Sports December 2014

    At least five teams had changed plans as of Tuesday evening, including the New York Islanders, who delayed today's annual holiday hospital visit as a precautionary measure.

  • Penguins' Crosby Contracts Mumps Despite Vaccination

    by Kevin Allen, @ByKevinAllen, USA TODAY Sports December 2014

    Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby is the latest NHL player to come down with mumps, even though he seemed to be a low-risk candidate to contract the disease.

  • NHL Fighting Mumps Outbreak

    by Kevin Allen, @ByKevinAllen, USA TODAY Sports December 2014

    When Anaheim Ducks players initially heard mumps might be in their dressing room, the news seemed more like a source for comedy than for concern.

  • GearBoss Storage System Saves Space at San Diego High School (Sponsored)

    by Wenger Corporation December 2014

    Case Study

  • UNC Apologizes for Damage to Duke Football Facilities

    by Steve Wiseman, November 2014

    Celebrating a 25-point win over arch rival Duke will cost North Carolina around $25,000 to clean up the damage at its rival's football facilities.

  • Series of Locker Room Thefts Hit NY Area LA Fitness Clubs

    by Lou Michel; News Staff Reporter November 2014

    The thefts have prompted police to warn gym members to avoid taking valuables with them to the facilities.

  • Sharing Can Optimize Team Locker Room Space

    by Jack D. Patton August 2014

    The rise of dedicated competition and practice facilities for individual Division I and II intercollegiate sports has made the design of team locker rooms more straightforward. Not simple, as there are many ways to design a single-sport team locker room even when the designer knows both the precise number of athletes in the space and exactly how they will use it. But single-sport locker rooms are certainly less complex than designing ones for multiple sports, teams and occupants that inhabit the same venue, which complicates planning and normally necessitates boosting considerably the amount of space devoted to team locker rooms.

  • Keeping College Athletic Laundry Operations Running Smoothly

    by Emily Attwood June 2014

    Penn State University has eight of them. The University of Alabama has nine. The University of Wisconsin recently renovated its largest, and the University of Michigan breaks ground on a new facility this summer.

  • Athletic Business Architectural Showcase 2014 Map

    by AB Staff June 2014

    View 2014 AB showcase locations in a full screen map

    This year marks the 27th year of Athletic Business's Architectural Showcase and 29th Facility of Merit awards program. The University of Tennessee's Neyland Stadium graced the cover of the first "Showcase on Architecture" as it was initially called, one of 45 facilities to be highlighted in the June 1988 issue.

    Not surprisingly, facilities have gotten bigger and more expensive since our first Showcase — there is a more than $100 million difference between the most expensive project this year and its counterpart in 1988 — but there's still room for smaller projects. College projects continue to dominate the market, though preferences have changed — a campus-rec standard today, climbing walls were all but nonexistent in facilities of the '80s.