• Changing Areas

    by Marvin Bynum November 2005

    Turning locker rooms from dull ancillary spaces into revenue-generators involves employing strategies that require as much common sense as they do imagination.

  • Family Planning

    by Marvin Bynum March 2004

    While several basic elements of family locker room design remain standard, communities are increasingly demanding something other than a cookie-cutter approach

  • Locked and Loaded

    by Paul Steinbach March 2003

    With Player Comfort and Team Cohesion In Mind, Locker Rooms Within Professional and Major College Athletic Venues are Designed to Serve as Well-Appointed Homes Away From Home

  • Bad Combination

    by Andrew Cohen September 2002

    Heavy use, moisture - and especially vandals - can frustrate facility owners hoping to get high performance out of their lockers

  • Careful Attention to Locker Rooms Enhances Facility's Image (and Odor)

    by Elizabeth Huddleston November 2001

    Careful Attention to Design and Maintenance of Locker Rooms Can Greatly Enhance A Facility's Image - And Contain Its Odor

  • School Locker Rooms Built Before the Women's Sports Boom Warrant Reexamination

    by Paul Steinbach December 2000

    School locker rooms built before the women's sports boom warrant reexamination and, quite likely, renovation to comply with Title IX standards.

  • Designing Attractive, Functional Laundry Spaces

    by Chuck Musgrave & Sarah Spencer-Workman September 2000

    It's a dirty business, but someone has to design laundries that are as attractive and functional as other program spaces.

  • Team Needs

    by Andrew Cohen January 1998

    As locker rooms for team sports grow ever larger to encompass a wide assortment of functions, adjacencies of space becomes a significant planning issue