• Couple Runs Fitness Club as Homey Hangout

    by Kevin D. Thompson, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer March 2015

    Dreams can come true -- or die hard. The latter was never an option for David and Nancy Costen, a can-do married couple who for nearly 20 years dreamed about running their own fitness, health food, yoga and martial arts instruction center.

  • Buffalo Bills On Pace to Top Season-Ticket Sales Record

    by Vic Carucci, News Sports reporter March 2015

    The Buffalo Bills are on pace to break a 23-year-old record for the sale of season tickets.

  • Ohio Prep Basketball Tournament Attendance Dropping

    by Bob Hunter, The Columbus Dispatch March 2015

    There were 9,794 fans in attendance, meaning there were almost as many empty seats in Value City Arena as there were bodies.

  • AD: 'High Percentage' Agreed with 'Lady Vols' Change

    by Staff and wire reports March 2015

    Tennessee athletic director Dave Hart says he has no regrets about the way he has handled the phasing out of the Lady Vols nickname for all women’s sports other than basketball, though he acknowledged the move didn’t have unanimous approval.

  • Georgia State's NCAA Run Means Pay Hikes for Coaches

    by Doug Roberson, Staff March 2015

    Georgia State Athletic Director Charlie Cobb intends to meet this week with basketball coach Ron Hunter about not only a pay raise but also to discuss what the university can do to continue the team's progression as a destination mid-major program.

  • Restriction of 'Lady Vols' Recommended by Nike Audit

    by Dustin Dopirak March 2015

    In an evaluation of the University of Tennessee brand last April, Nike said it believed “The continued use of Lady Volunteers further segments an athletic institution that is striving to be united as ‘One Tennessee.’ ”

  • Breaking Down the Math of Event Race Fees

    by Bill Cullins March 2015

    The entry fee cost for cycling, running and multisport events is becoming a hotly debated topic with many people feeling that the cost of entering events is getting too expensive.

  • Opinion: Youth Soccer Complex a Good $15M Gamble

    by Henderson column March 2015

    There are lots of things Hillsborough County leaders could do with $15 million besides building a youth soccer complex.

  • Investment in Teams Doesn't Always Buy NCAA Victories

    by Jay Tokasz, News Staff Reporter March 2015

    But by and large, colleges and universities don't see more wins or more revenue by increasing their spending on sports...

  • Paying Fans Can Watch Favre Induction on Video Boards

    by Tyler Dunne, Staff, Packer Plus March 2015

    Fans will have the opportunity to be a part of Brett Favre's induction into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame, after all, as the hall announced they can purchase tickets to view the July 18 event from inside the Lambeau Field bowl.