• U. of North Dakota Unveils New Logo

    by Paul Walsh June 2016

    The final piece in the rebranding puzzle snapped into place Wednesday when the University of North Dakota unveiled a new logo to go with its new nickname — replacing the one the NCAA said the school's sports teams couldn't use because it was insensitive to American Indians.

  • Broncos Allowed to Terminate Sports Authority Deal

    by Colorado Springs Gazette June 2016

    A federal judge has approved a request from the Denver Broncos to end the team's $55 million sponsorship contract with the bankrupt Sports Authority.

  • Proposal to Fund New Scoreboard with Ad Revenue

    by Tony LaRussa June 2016

    Money collected from businesses and organizations interested in advertising on North Allegheny School District property would cover the almost $500,000 cost of a new electronic scoreboard at Newman Stadium, according to a proposal before the school board.

  • U. of Buffalo to Implement Consistent Branding Strategy

    by Jay Tokasz June 2016

    The campaign moves away from a controversial "New York Bulls" initiative that featured "New York" more prominently than "Buffalo" on the uniforms of student-athletes and on playing fields and courts.

  • U.S. Soccer's Copa Success Boosts Sport's Popularity

    by Martin Rogers June 2016

    Jurgen Klinsmann thinks the USA's dramatic run to the Copa America semifinals can provide a significant boost to the growth of soccer's popularity. Klinsmann, the U.S. head coach for the last five years, says he senses the team's successful revival after a difficult start to the tournament has captured widespread national buzz, which could be sustained into the future.

  • Tennessee Athletics Bring Millions in Economic Impact

    by Dustin Dopirak June 2016

    Tennessee’s athletic department generates $618 million per year in economic impact on Knox County and $464 million of economic impact on the state of Tennessee, according to a study commissioned by UT. The study, conducted by the Pittsburgh-based consulting firm Tripp Umbach, also found that the athletic department has an employment impact of 6,500 jobs in Knox County and 4,456 jobs in the state of Tennessee. The study, which cost the athletic department $72,000, was a nine-month project that began in September of 2015. Tripp Umbach collected data that included financial expenditures, employment numbers from the athletic department and visitor and fan spending connected to UT athletics events to determine economic and employment impact.

  • Sports Authority Wants Out of Sponsorship Deals

    by Colorado Springs Gazette June 2016

    Bankrupt Sports Authority wants to shed its sponsorship agreements with nine professional sports teams -- including the Denver Broncos and the Colorado Rockies.

  • Opinion: Is LeBron James Really Worth $1B to Nike?

    by Kent Condon May 2016

    Even in a country that has become inured to ridiculous, exorbitant salaries and endorsement deals for athletes, this one is over the top. Nike is betting heavily that James will cause you to want to wear the Swoosh, but does that old formula still work?

  • Falcons to Sell Concessions for Less in New Stadium

    by Tim Tucker; Staff May 2016

    The Atlanta Falcons will seek to alleviate one of the biggest gripes of sports fans everywhere -- overpriced stadium food -- with a plan unveiled Monday for their new downtown stadium.

  • Why Community Colleges Want Live Mascots

    by Bob Susnjara May 2016

    While mascots played by students are common at four-year universities, they are hit and miss at the local two-year colleges.