• Fans React to the ‘Largest Little Caesar in the World’

    by Courtney Cameron July 2017

    On Tuesday, the Detroit Red Wings posted aerial photos to the team Twitter and Facebook pages showing the progress of a 243-foot-tall Little Caesars logo being painted on the roof of the new arena — making it the “largest Little Caesar in the world,” according to the post.

  • Minnesota Fans, Athletes Decry Arena Naming Deal

    by Jim Souhan July 2017

    This week's complaint from the long-beleaguered is that honorable old Mariucci Arena will be renamed The 3M Arena at Mariucci. The local company will pay $11.2 million over 14 years for the naming rights.

  • How Brands Break Through to Millennials

    by Jason Scott July 2017

    Much ink has been spilled about millennials — the generational cohort born roughly between the early 1980s and the late '90s — and for good reason. According to the Pew Research Center, millennials surpassed baby boomers as the largest living generation in the United States last year, boasting 75.4 million members. And their influence transcends mere head counts. Millennials spend about $600 billion domestically each year and are projected to command more than $1.4 trillion in annual purchasing power by 2020.

  • Opinion: MLB Trails Other Leagues in Marketing Stars

    by Ronald Blum July 2017

    Bryce Harper, Mike Trout and Aaron Judge have become the face of baseball as a gleaming, modernist ballpark and a city known for its Latino culture host the All-Star Game for the first time. After decades of falling behind, the sport finally has stepped up its national promotion.

  • Vikings Begin Marketing Development Near Team HQ

    by Nicole Norfleet June 2017

    The Vikings officially announced their marketing launch for the development that they expect will evolve into 3.25 million square feet of offices, retail, residential and hospitality complexes.

  • Georgia Tech Ends Long-Standing Apparel Agreement

    by Ken Sugiura June 2017

    Going into the 2017-18 academic year, another development at Georgia Tech is bound to please Yellow Jackets fans.

  • Building a Brand Around Your Business Image

    by Rob Bishop June 2017

    If you read business books and articles, you're bound to be familiar with "branding" — the idea that consumers can and should immediately recognize your business, its logo and what your business stands for. What's special about your company?

  • How To Get Branding Input From Stakeholders

    by Courtney Cameron June 2017

    In the expanding marketplace of recreational fitness, branding becomes an important part of an entity's business vision and vision of self. How can you get consumers to not only identify your brand, but identify with your brand? From public-access idea walls to stakeholder retreats, companies are exploring the many available mechanisms for finding out what the consumer wants — and what they want to be. Branding is more than just a marketing strategy; it's a celebration of space and identity that culminates in an immersive experience for the end user.

  • CenturyLink Seeks to Extend Seahawks Naming Deal

    by Jim Camden June 2017

    CenturyLink, Inc. is willing to more than double its payments for the naming rights to the stadium where the Seattle Seahawks play and is offering to renegotiate a new contract two years before the current deal expires. The national telecommunications giant is asking the state Public Stadium Authority to approve a 15-year, $162.7 million extension of the deal to keep its name on the stadium, a special legislative advisory committee was told Wednesday. The authority, which oversees the sports facility built with taxpayer money, is likely to agree. Dan Barrett, a sports business consultant the authority hired to review the deal, estimated the new contract would rank fifth among the 24 NFL teams that sell the naming rights to their stadiums. The current contract ranks 17th.

  • Opinion: Canceled 'Hourglass' Promotion a Silly Stunt

    by Kurt Kragthorpe June 2017

    The Ogden Raptors' scheduled "Hourglass Appreciation Night" promotion revolved around the historic notion of baseball's being played without a clock. That's fairly clever. The problem is that the nature of the minor league franchise's scheme went too far back in time.