• Five Things the Presence of a New Competitor Has Taught Us

    by Rob Bishop & Barry Klein September 2015

    We've often written in these pages and spoken at the Athletic Business Conference about "the big squeeze." And now, after 20 years in business, we are the orange.

  • Time for a Kiss Cam Ban?

    by Wire Reports September 2015

    Syracuse University is considering kissing its kiss cam goodbye after a letter to the editor suggested it sends the wrong message at a time colleges are trying to end campus sexual violence.

  • Atlanta Hawks Parody Ashley Madison in Ad Campaign

    by Jason Scott September 2015

    In recent weeks you may have heard about the hack on the affair-assisting website Ashley Madison.  

    The hack exposed names of people that had signed up for an account, apparently looking to have an extramarital affair. It kind of ruined a lot of people’s lives.

  • Northwestern Sells Selfies with Football Coach for $125

    by Kyle Thele September 2015

    Since taking over the Northwestern football team, Pat Fitzgerald has done everything he can to make the team respectable. Under his lead, the team has gone from a laughingstock to a true competitor in the Big Ten.

  • MiLB GM Revels in Success of Free Ticket Giveaway

    by Michael Arace, The Columbus Dispatch September 2015

    It seemed like a good idea at the time. Clippers general manager Ken Schnacke looked out at a crowd of 2,468 at Huntington Park on Sunday night and figured, what the heck, why not throw open the doors? Taken with the thought, Schnacke barreled into the press box, stuck his head between two Dispatch reporters and said, "Everyone gets in free, no matter how many playoff games we have left," and then disappeared. It was 5 seconds of his life as a baseball executive in a career that spans 39 years. The two reporters immediately tweeted the proclamation. Maybe those were the first pebbles in the landslide, or maybe they weren't, but the landslide came with a whoosh.

  • Lightning to Spend $6M Teaching Hockey to Youths

    by Mark Wolfenbarger September 2015

    Growing up, Lightning owner Jeff Vinik played all of the major sports except hockey. So he wants 100,000 Tampa Bay area children to learn the skills he never did, including one that still eludes him: how to skate. Joined by team President Steve Griggs and executive director of community hockey development Jay Feaster, Vinik on Monday announced the Build the Thunder program from a patio overlooking Amalie Arena's Thunder Alley.

  • NFL Teams Creating Mini-Theme Parks to Lure Fans

    by Dayton Daily News September 2015

    Little kids bounce around on inflatables. Teenagers rock to a local band. Huge screens showing sports from around the country, and celebrities signing autographs. A fair or theme park? Try MetLife Stadium before an NFL game. Many hardcore NFL fans prefer watching at home or in sports bar, where they can watch multiple games on huge screens and keep track of their fantasy stats or gambling results. The league is trying to bring more people to stadiums by turning games into all-day events.

  • Illinois School District Considers Under Armour Deal

    by Marie Wilson September 2015

    Head-to-toe Under Armour gear could be the Naperville Central High School athletic uniform of the future, but not until school board members get a variety of questions answered about a potential advertising agreement with the company.

  • 'Grange Grove' a New Hot Spot for Illini Tailgaters

    by Jordan Wilson Correspondent September 2015

    From tents decked out with cookouts and coolers to live music and inflatable kids' attractions, Grange Grove sought to provide a fan environment that feels unique to Illinois, according to Brad Wurthman, associate director for marketing and fan development.

  • How to Maximize Your Trade Show Investment Before the Show

    by Michael Gaio August 2015

    A trade show is a big investment. However, there is nothing like talking to prospects face-to-face and seeing them try out your products or services in person. Whether it's the upcoming Athletic Business Conference & Expo, or any of the other shows in our industry, here a few tips to help you make the most of your trade show investment before you ever arrive on-site or set up your booth.