• Latest Va. Tech Study: Hokies' Economic Impact Triples

    by The Roanoke Times Editorial Board May 2015

    Here's why college football coaches get fired: When they lose games, other people lose money.

  • U. Texas Drops Fight Over 'Havoc' Trademark

    by Tim Pearrell May 2015

    The University of Texas has backed away from horning in on the "Havoc" brand that is synonymous with the Virginia Commonwealth University basketball team.

  • UND Releases List of 1,172 Nickname Suggestions

    by Brandi Jewett Forum News Service May 2015

    The submissions range from names looking to capture a piece of North Dakota or UND to the silly to the profane. The non-consideration list does contain obscenities, racist terms and other offensive phrases.

  • Many Oppose UND's Decision to Pick a New Nickname

    by Anna Burleson, Forum News Service May 2015

    Fighting Sioux gear continues to be prominently worn and displayed at UND games, on vehicles and in yards throughout Grand Forks. The national anthem also always ends with an enthusiastic "home of the Sioux!" from the crowd at sporting events.

  • College of Charleston to Sell Beer at Baseball Games

    by April 2015

    The College of Charleston will sell beer at baseball games at Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant beginning May 8, becoming the first public state university to sell alcohol to the general public at athletic events.

  • Opinion: Fans Lost When Orioles Didn't Relocate Games

    by Deron Snyder, THE WASHINGTON TIMES April 2015

    The Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox played in an empty stadium Wednesday for no good reason. A Major League Baseball game with no spectators was unprecedented.

  • What the First-Ever Empty-Seats MLB Game Was Like

    by Mike Sielski; Inquirer Columnist April 2015

    Everything was so clear and sharp: the crack of the bat, the thwock of the ball into the catcher's mitt, the clip-clop of cleats against a dugout's concrete steps and floor.

  • A Modern Approach to Traditional Sponsorship Agreements

    by Scott R. Branam April 2015

    The sports industry continues to grow exponentially in the United States, and with that growth comes an increased interest for local and national businesses and organizations to affiliate with sports teams through sponsorship relationships. As this trend continues, the nature of the relationship between a sports property and a business will continue to evolve. For years, businesses were satisfied with simply having their name associated with a sports property, but today, businesses are demanding more return on the sponsorship relationship. They want to know how the sponsorship relationship will benefit their brand.

  • Braves, Omni Partner to Build Luxury Hotel Near Stadium

    by Tim Tucker; Staff April 2015

    The Atlanta Braves got into the hotel business Tuesday, announcing a 50-50 partnership with Omni Hotels & Resorts on a luxury hotel to be built overlooking the team's new stadium in Cobb County.

  • Opinion: UND Logo Process May Be Smoke and Mirrors

    by Thomas Fairbairn April 2015

    As regards the University of North Dakota's nickname/logo, the university had touted from the outset that the process for selecting (or not selecting) a new name and logo would be open and transparent.