• Recreation Services Should Be Convenient for Customers

    by Carrie Haupert-Fullerton August 2011

    We work when other people play: That's our business. Rec services need to be convenient, and it should be convenient to do business with us.

  • Blog: Ageist Marketing Is Getting Old

    by Colin Milner July 2011

    According to market research, three in four adults over 55 feel dissatisfied with marketing aimed at them, and 71 percent say that advertising images largely do not reflect their lives. Results from a survey conducted for TV Land, a U.S. cable television channel, back this up. Nearly two-thirds of Boomers responding to the survey said they are growing increasingly dissatisfied with media that ignores them and they are tuning out. In the UK, a survey found that 55 percent of adults over 50 feel that businesses have little interest in older people's consumer needs; 46 percent often don't feel that advertising and marketing are aimed at them; and 50 percent find advertising and marketing that are obviously targeting older people as patronizing or stereotypical. Further, a report by Help the Aged (now part of the charity Age UK) notes that 75 percent of respondents to a survey of people ages 60 and older thought that the media ignored the views of their age group.

  • Selling Alcohol to Fight Alcohol Abuse

    by Paul Steinbach May 2011

    Oliver Luck says he wasn't particularly cognizant of the drinking culture surrounding West Virginia University football games 30 years ago when he quarterbacked the Mountaineers.

  • Social Environments Help Health Clubs with Member Retention

    by Paul Steinbach April 2011

    At the dawn of the modern health club era - the mid-1970s - Rick Caro became fascinated by a foursome of elderly women who gathered for a regular tennis match at one of the clubs Caro owned.

  • Blog: David Barton Gym's Demise Is Simple Economics

    by Rob Bishop and Barry Klein March 2011

    The news that David Barton Gym has filed for bankruptcy protection was another kick in the teeth for our industry. It also should serve as a reminder to every health club owner that the next new thing is not necessarily the right thing.

  • Recession Forces Changes to Premium Spectator Seating

    by Andrew Cohen January 2011

    On March 10, 2009, the Dallas Cowboys unveiled the first completed luxury suite at the team's $1.15 billion home field, which opened three months later. A sumptuous 700 square feet, the 18-seat suite utilized materials such as Brazilian granite, Canadian marble, leather-clad walls and walnut trim.

  • Schools Have Struggled to Sell Bowl Tickets

    by Paul Steinbach January 2011

    In honor of its 14th consecutive bowl appearance, Georgia Tech offered $14 tickets to the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, La., but still only sold slightly more than half of its 10,000-ticket allotment.

  • Digital Signage Helps Arena Managers Monetize Concourses

    by Paul Steinbach January 2011

    Some within the Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment ranks refer to it as the Gate 1 Spectacle - a 42-screen digital signage mosaic just inside the doors of Toronto's Air Canada Centre.

  • How to Respond to Complaining Customers

    by Rob Bishop & Barry Klein December 2010

    Sometimes you just have to tell your complaining customers to find another club.

  • Facility Owners Diversify Program Offerings Beyond Basketball

    by Andrew Cohen October 2010

    Most facility owners who base their business models on basketball end up scrambling to diversify their program offerings.