• General: Fitness of Military, U.S. a National Security Issue

    by April 2014

    Is being inactive and unhealthy an individual's problem or one that is shared by the community and governments?

  • Military Stepping Up Fitness Initiatives to Become Wellness Leader

    by Emily Attwood March 2014

    The Armed Forces have long been seen as the epitome of fitness, trailblazing the way for new and evermore impressive exercise programs. Look no further than TRX and other suspension-training offshoots, bootcamp-style workouts and military-inspired obstacle runs, to name a few examples.

  • Air Force Academy Spares All Sports from Budget Cuts

    by Brent Briggeman March 2014

    Budget cuts will not require the elimination of any sports teams at Air Force. Academy superintendent Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson determined that sports - at levels from intercollegiate to intramurals to club - were too essential to the academy's mission of building character and leadership through competition to be eliminated. "I think the value of competition is invaluable, and that's why we're trying to preserve the essence of it," said Johnson, a former All-America basketball player for the Falcons.

  • Soldier and Family Fitness Program Hits Fort Meade

    by FORT MEADE PAO Correspondent January 2014

    About 30 brigade and battalion commanders received an introduction to the garrison's resiliency programs during an Army Ready and Resilient Campaign orientation on Jan. 21.

  • 'Bloody' Northwestern WWP Unis: Honoring or Insulting?

    by Michael Gaio November 2013

    Northwestern's football team will wear special uniforms for its game against Michigan later this month. The patriotic red, white and blue design is meant to raise awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project, a nonprofit that works to empower injured veterans. The game-worn jerseys will then be auctioned off with 100 percent of the proceeds benefitting the charity.

  • Army Testing Tracking Technology

    by John Agoglia October 2013

    Faced with a less fit force than ever before, the Army is rolling out new initiatives and offering wearable technology to help soldiers and their families live healthier lifestyles.

  • MMA and Combat Training Makes for Fitter Military

    by John Agoglia October 2013

    More soldiers are utilizing the principles of MMA and combat training to improve their performance on the physical fitness test and the battlefield.

  • Programming for New Mothers Can Help Military Fitness Centers

    by John Agoglia October 2013

    All new mothers face stress. But military mothers who must be in top physical shape just six months later face even more stress. Here's how fitness centers can help.

  • New Functional Fitness Study Could Change the Army Physical Fitness Test

    by John Agoglia October 2013

    The current Army Physical Fitness test hasn't been changed since 1979. A new study aims to develop a new APFT that assesses the physical requirements needed to fulfill mission essential tasks.

  • 'Fitness on Request' Kiosks Can Save Air Force $10 Million

    by John Agoglia September 2013

    With tight budgets at military fitness centers, keeping services for members high and costs low is a balancing act. In an attempt to offer popular group exercise classes in the face of potential staffing cuts, the United States Air Force is expanding its "Fitness on Request" exercise kiosks to 66 bases, saving the Air Force as much as $10 million.