• 'Fitness on Request' Kiosks Can Save Air Force $10 Million

    by John Agoglia September 2013

    With tight budgets at military fitness centers, keeping services for members high and costs low is a balancing act. In an attempt to offer popular group exercise classes in the face of potential staffing cuts, the United States Air Force is expanding its "Fitness on Request" exercise kiosks to 66 bases, saving the Air Force as much as $10 million.

  • Army Sponsors Tough Mudder Obstacles in an Attempt to Recruit "Army Strong" Soldiers

    by John Agoglia September 2013

    Everyone loves a good 5K race. However, Americans are increasingly up for the added challenges of running through fire, steep inclines, ice water, mud and up to a dozen other military-style obstacles commonly found at Tough Mudder events around the country. And what better place to find those who are "Army Strong"?

  • As Threat of Syria Intervention Looms, Fitness Can Cut Military Stress Levels

    by John Agoglia September 2013

    With life getting tense for military members and their families as America moves toward a conflict in Syria, we examine how fitness centers can help relieve stress for everybody.

  • As Active Duty and Retirees Age, Their Fitness Needs Must Be Addressed

    by John Agoglia July 2013

    America's older population has been targeted by civilian fitness centers for years, but military fitness centers also can't afford to forget these members.

  • ACE Salutes Veterans with Fitness Scholarship

    by John Agoglia July 2013

    Veterans' path to a career in the fitness industry just got easier with a new program launched by the American Council on Exercise.

  • Doctors: Exercise Caution When Introducing CrossFit

    by Christopher Prawdzik June 2013

    Despite CrossFit's growing popularity among military fitness facilities - a topic that we covered in a previous article - it has its fair share of opponents.

  • CrossFit Requires Consideration, Cooperation at Military Facilities

    by Christopher Prawdzik May 2013

    Despite some detractors (which will be given their say in a subsequent piece) CrossFit's growth across the U.S. military and around the world is undeniable. But simply joining a CrossFit "box" to improve overall fitness is much different than adding CrossFit classes at a military fitness facility. It's not another Pilates or step class, and it takes some consideration.

  • Air Force 24-Hour Fitness Test Shows Early Momentum

    by Christopher Prawdzik May 2013

    Three months into a yearlong test of 24-hour fitness facilities for the Air Force, early reception appears positive, but officials will collect data on the six test facilities through December 2013 to determine their feasibility.

  • Army Readiness Study Will Shape Fitness Future

    by Christopher Prawdzik is former editor of National Guard magazine and The Officer journal. March 2013

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  • Military Fitness Programs: Not Just for Soldiers

    by Christopher Prawdzik is former editor of National Guard magazine and The Officer journal. March 2013

    As prime breeding grounds for military fitness initiatives, installations worldwide also focus on thousands of civilian employees. Behind White House and other administrative encouragement, installations offer a variety of innovative programs to address civilian fitness. Even with budget concerns creating questions about the future of many programs, fitness facilities across the services continue promoting adaptable approaches that other facilities might emulate.