• Various Fitness Options Allow Army to Trim the Fat

    by Christopher Prawdzik is former editor of National Guard magazine and The Officer journal. March 2013

    The Washington Post reported Dec. 10 that in the first 10 months of 2012, the Army booted 1,625 out-of-shape soldiers from the force, "about 15 times the number discharged for that reason in 2007."

  • Military Veterans Find Success in Fitness Industry

    by Emily Attwood July 2012

    The boot camp workout trend is still going strong in the fitness industry, once again making the American Council on Exercise's list of fitness trends to watch in 2012. Also on the list is suspension training, the invention of a Navy SEAL in the '90s.

  • Blog: House Votes to Continue Military Sports Spending

    by Andrew Cohen July 2012

    I'm warning you: This is a rant about politics, barely masquerading as something sports-related. And for the purposes of fuller disclosure, even though my first vote in a national election was for the Independent candidate for President, John Anderson (R-Ill.), for the past 30 years, I've been a reliable supporter of Democrats.

  • 2011 Excellence in Youth Sports Award Winner: Kaiserslautern Military Community Youth Sports and Fitness Program (Germany)

    by NAYS Staff November 2011

    For the youth sports staff at Germany's Kaiserslautern Military Community Youth Sports and Fitness Program, winning the 2011 Excellence in Youth Sports Award is the result of perseverance. "We have been trying for five years to win this prestigious award, and we finally did it," says Allen Fleming, youth sports director at KMC. In 2010, the program received Honorable Mention recognition for the award that is presented annually by the National Alliance for Youth Sports and Athletic Business. It recognizes five youth sports programs across the country that are doing superior jobs of conducting diverse activities with a focus on providing safe and positive experiences for all participants, including children, parents and coaches.

  • 2011 Excellence in Youth Sports Award Winner: Marine Corps Community Services Cherry Point Youth Sports (N.C.)

    by NAYS Staff November 2011

    Despite only having a staff of two, the youth sports program at Marine Corps Community Services Cherry Point (N.C.) is striving to change the current youth sports landscape into a more child-friendly environment that stresses exercise, discipline, teamwork and sportsmanship. "We are passionate about having a hand in making those changes," said David Guthrie, youth sports director at MCCS Cherry Point Youth Sports. "We know that change has to start at home."

  • High-Intensity Training Readies Today's Marines for Combat

    by Paul Steinbach October 2011

    You remember the recruiting commercial: The United States Marine, filling out his dress blues, having been forged to be every bit as hardened and sharp as the gleaming saber he snaps to his shoulder. The Few. The Proud.

  • 2011 Military World Games A Precursor to 2016 Olympics

    by Joe Bush July 2011

    Sharla Alexander was having a great time in Hyderabad, India. As the logistics coordinator for the U.S. Armed Forces women's soccer squad at the fourth Military World Games in 2007, Alexander was aglow with "Friendship Through Sport" - the motto of the Conseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM), the Games' organizing body.

  • New System Provides Navy Fitness, Nutrition Guidelines

    by Andrew Cohen April 2010

    A new fitness and nutrition system provides Navy personnel with the guidance they've been seeking.

  • AB Conference: Military Fitness Specialists' Mission

    by Andrew Cohen December 2009

  • Military Athletes Test Mettle at Summer Olympics

    by Michael Popke July 2008

    Military athletes will test their mettle this month at the Summer Olympic Games.