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With the Stanley Cup Final between the New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings set to begin Wednesday, fans are desperately seeking seats to see their teams get a chance to lift the NHL's iconic championship trophy.

But if you're a Rangers fan trying to catch a game, now might be a good time to visit Los Angeles.

According to, it would be cheaper for a Rangers fan to fly to Los Angeles, stay overnight in a hotel and buy two tickets to Game 1 at Staples Center than pay for seats to Game 3 at Madison Square Garden.

Here's the cost breakdown as of Monday: The average price for a Game 1 ticket at Staples Center sat at $679. The average cost of a Game 3 ticket at Madison Square Garden would run you about $1,626. Since we're working in averages, you still could find a Game1 ticket at Staples Center for $495, but the cheapest ticket for Game 3 was $1,087.

This means it was still cheaper to fly to Los Angeles and buy Game 1 tickets than head to the Garden for Game 3. A midweek flight out of New York will cost $490. A search shows a hotel in Los Angeles for $140 a night. Two Game 1 tickets at Staples Center would require you to shell out $1,000. Combined, the trip should a little over $1,600.

According to availability on SeatGeek, the cheapest pair of seats to Game 3 in New York would cost a total of $2,174.

Why the huge discrepancy in prices? As much as Los Angeles is turning into a hockey town, it's not there yet. Even with one Stanley Cup title and three consecutive trips to the conference final, the Kings can't generate excessive interest, trailing the Lakers, Dodgers and Clippers.

Though the Kings beat the Rangers in terms of overall attendance during the regular season, demand for seats at relatively equally sized Madison Square Garden is simply higher.


June 3, 2014




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