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Laura Berrios; For the AJC

If the Lifetime Fitness on North Brown Road in Lawrenceville is your gym, you might want to eat before you go workout.

The on-site cafe recently earned a second routine health score in the 40s and had its food permit briefly suspended.

Life Cafe had several repeat violations, including not maintaining potentially hazardous cold foods at safe temperatures, storing food incorrectly and poor hand-washing practices by food employees.

The Gwinnett County inspector said multiple coolers were too warm inside. This included a self-service cooler filled with to-go meals. Hard-boiled eggs, egg salad, veggie burgers, barbecue chicken and cheese were all discarded.

Life Cafe, 1823 N. Brown Road, scored 42/U. The permit was suspended because of an earlier routine inspection score of 46/U.

Health officials reinstated the food permit that same day after conducting employee training.

In other code violations, the dishwasher was not working properly. The hot water pressure was not enough to sanitize the dishes, the inspector said. Employees were instructed to sanitize the dishes in the sink after they are first machine washed.

The inspector also found mold build-up inside the ice machine. Unwashed produce was stored above ready-to-eat foods in the walk-in cooler. Multiple food items in the walk-in cooler were not date-marked for disposal. And points were taken off because an employee changed gloves to prep food without washing hands.

Life Cafe will be re-inspected.


August 11, 2014




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