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Dayton Daily News (Ohio)
By Andy Sedlak

Debbi Liskamy of Kettering had her pick of chairs at Adventure Reef Water Park in Kettering on Wednesday. Rain, cool temperatures in June and July have decreased attendance at pools.

An oft-rainy June and cool July means attendance numbers at pools like Adventure Reef at the Kettering Recreation Center have dwindled, taking a toll on their operations amid another unpredictable summer.

"If we have wet weather in June and our attendance is low, it affects our budget in July," said Claudine Heizer, marketing manager of Kettering's Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department. "Low attendance in July (in turn) affects operations in August."

Pools try to manage those risks by adjusting personnel and their spending, but situations are made on a week-to-week and day-to-day basis. So far this year officials at the pool say they're off by about 3,000 visitors for the summer.

On a successful day, the complex might get 1,000 visitors through the gates. If it's raining, it may only serve a dozen people at their indoor pool.

According to Storm Center meteorologist Carrieann Marit, the total rainfall for the month of June was 3.52 inches, which is .64 inches less than normal. However, the area saw at least a trace of rain 18 of the 30 days in June. Measurable amounts were recorded 15 of 30 days.

The Kroger Aquatic Center in Huber Heights, which opened the summer of 2012, has a policy that if the air temperature is below 72 degrees, the facility doesn't open. The center was closed on both Tuesday and Wednesday because of near-record cold weather.

"It has an impact every day," said Josh Sullenberger, executive director of the YMCA in Huber. "The goal is that we try to adjust staffing levels ahead of time."

The center in Huber has been closed 10 days this year. That compares to eight this time last year. Sullenberger said it goes with the territory.

"Two years ago we had the hottest summer on record, and we all forgot we lived in Ohio," he said. "As with any outdoor activities with the rain and cooler temperatures, our activities will diminish."

Temperatures are expected to rebound to around 80 degrees this weekend, according to Marit. The normal high for this time of year is in the mid-80s.


July 17, 2014




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