Another worker has died during construction of a World Cup stadium in Brazil, the AP reports.

Fabio Hamilton da Cruz, 23, died Saturday after falling about 26 feet at the construction site of the stadium that will host Brazil's World Cup opener in Sao Paulo.

Brazilian authorities say the initial investigation into the accident showed he likely wasn't wearing a required safety cable. The police official in charge of investigating the accident said initial witness accounts showed worker Fabio Hamilton da Cruz was not connected to his safety cable because he only had a "quick thing" to finish at the site.

According to the AP, this is the seventh death of a worker at World Cup venues so far.

As I wrote in a December 2013 story about another stadium consturction death in Brazil, "Preparations for the World Cup have also been plagued by delays, accidents, cost overruns, and public anger over government waste that contributed to massive nationwide street protests last year."

Brazil promised that all 12 World Cup stadiums would be completed by the end of last year, but six still remain under construction.

In the case of Hamilton da Cruz, he was working to add about 20,000 temporary seats to the Sao Paulo stadium which wanted to increase capacity for the opening match between Brazil and Croatia.

Labor officials have halted construction in the part of the stadium where Hamilton da Cruz died. The World Cup begins June 12th.


Michael Gaio is Marketing Director of Athletic Business.