• Nebraska Adventure Center Supports Exterior Climbing Wall

    by Paul Steinbach October 2015

    "Everybody keeps pushing the edges on these buildings," says Al Oberlander, principal and COO at Des Moines, Iowa-based RDG Planning & Design.

  • Sports Complex Gets $300K Addition for Maintenance Shop

    by Leann Eckroth Bismarck Tribune October 2015

    A maintenance shop will be added to the north side of a $22 million sports complex and baseball field project near the Tesoro Plant north of Interstate 94, according to the Mandan Park Board.

  • Lawsuit to Be Filed Over Gun Ban in Tennessee Parks

    by Hugh G. Willett September 2015

    Gun advocates are preparing to bring a lawsuit against the city of Knoxville for what they say was a violation of the state guns in parks law during the Tennessee Valley Fair at Chilhowee Park earlier this month. The Tennessee Firearms Association strongly opposed the decision by Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero to ban guns at Chilhowee Park during the fair despite a state law signed by Gov. Bill Haslam in April that allows handgun-carry permit-holders to carry guns in local parks.

  • Students' Skin Rashes Close Newly Fertilized Fields

    by Sun Journal (Lewiston, Maine) September 2015

    Athletic fields at Oak Hill Middle School were closed Thursday after some students developed rashes, Superintendent James Hodgkin said.

  • New Private School Could Have 4-Acre Sports Complex

    by Annysa Johnson, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Staff, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel September 2015

    The developer of a planned $40 million-plus private school on Milwaukee's south side said he believes he has the Common Council votes needed to construct a 4-acre athletic complex envisioned as part of the project.

  • Developers Ponder Best Way to Orient Sports Complex

    by Mandan Park District Kelly Churchill September 2015

    The Mandan Sports Complex goals are to maximize the available site, take advantage of existing conditions, be highly visible from the Interstate 94 corridor, and be a continuation of the existing trail system.

  • District Mulls $1.2M Track Installation

    by Frances Parrish September 2015

    A new track around the football practice field is planned as the next phase of construction for Iva-based District 3.

  • Want to Carry a Gun in a City Park? Define 'City Park'

    by Hugh G. Willett September 2015

    Guns are not allowed at the Tennessee Valley Fair at Chilhowee Park but they are permitted at World’s Fair Park, according to the city of Knoxville. The definition of a city park continues to be at the root of the controversy over whether licensed handgun carry is allowed in Knoxville parks. Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero said last week handgun permit holders could not carry guns at the fair at Chilhowee Park, which continues through this weekend, because the park does not meet the legal definition of a city park. Rogero also noted Chilhowee Park was not managed by the city Parks and Recreation Dept.

  • Opinion: Clarification Needed on Law on Guns in Parks

    by Knoxville News-Sentinel September 2015

    Officials of the Tennessee Valley Fair and Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero made the right call on enforcing a ban on firearms at this year’s fair, though their legal footing might not be as firm as they assert.

  • Minneapolis Park Funding Carries Maintenance Caveat

    by Eric Roper September 2015

    Minneapolis' support for the ornate downtown park designed by prominent national consultants will ultimately be contingent on securing the funding to maintain it, the City Council decided Friday. The last-minute condition convinced a wide majority of the council to support the concept for a new park that will sit in the shadow of the Minnesota Vikings stadium and Wells Fargo's new downtown campus. There are still plenty of challenges ahead, most prominently the need to raise $22 million for the park's construction. But the council voted to kick in $2 million toward that total on Friday for the initial design, reversing earlier expectations that the city would be reimbursed for those design costs. Council members made the decision to satisfy donors who wanted the city to commit funding to the design plan, the mayor's office said this week.