• Popular Florida Park Getting Skatepark, Hockey Upgrades

    by Dianna Smith Special to The Palm Beach Post September 2015

    The skate park in the town of Jupiter closed last month to start a project that included the demolition of the old ramps at the skate park to make way for new ones.

  • Rec Commission Wants More Wow in Playground Design

    by Aleese Kopf September 2015

    Buildings in Palm Beach are known for being luxurious, exquisite and stylish -- so a playground should be no different, according to the Recreation Advisory Commission. Palm Beacher and public relations specialist Olympia Devine asked for the board's endorsement Wednesday to spearhead a fundraising effort to construct a new children's playground at the Palm Beach Recreation Center. Commissioners liked the idea but not the initial design. "I think we should shoot higher and try to create a really fantastic playground that's state of the art," said member Matthew Smith. "I look at this design and it doesn't look that much different than our existing playground."

  • Corporate Partnership New Normal for Parks

    by Spokesman Review (Spokane, WA) September 2015

    The Idaho Parks and Recreation Board can't count on much state funding, so officials have been seeking creative ways to adopt corporate partners without allowing its natural havens to become crass playgrounds.

  • Pre-Programming and Re-Programming at Maggie Daley Park

    by Emily Attwood September 2015

    The neighborhood surrounding Daley Bicentennial Plaza has changed a great deal since the plaza was built in 1976, and when the city needed to completely remove the plaza to renovate the parking garage underneath it, the Chicago Park District saw an opportunity to redefine the space.

  • Park-Based Workouts: The New Trend in Fitness

    by Schaumburg Park District August 2015

    The Schaumburg Park District opened an outdoor fitness trail at Volkening Lake in May. Volkening Lake, 900 W. Schaumburg Road, is open daily and available 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. This recreational haven offers something for everyone with a path, paddle boats, picnic areas, fishing, scenery and now a fitness area.

  • Public Meetings to Guide $29.6M in Park Spending

    by Mark Ferenchik August 2015

    As Metro Parks officials put together their first strategic plan, they're asking the community to rate the system: the parks, programs and facilities. "What they like; what they don't like," said Tim Moloney, the system's executive director.

  • Residents Favor Regional Park Over Soccer Stadium

    by Greg Stanley August 2015

    Golden Gate Estates residents will get the chance Thursday night to pitch their ideas for a long-awaited park. After putting plans on hold for almost a decade, county commissioners have set aside $9 million in funding and have hired architects to design a large regional park behind the county fairgrounds near Immokalee and Oil Well roads.

  • School Moves Scrimmage from Geese-Infested Field

    by The Bismarck Tribune August 2015

    A western Pennsylvania high school football team had to move its scrimmage after geese — and the waste they leave behind — invaded its stadium.

  • Putting Restrooms in Parks? It's Complicated

    by Dan McKay August 2015

    Anna Stryker visits the park almost every day with her three children. But as she sat in the shade recently, she had a question to consider: If she - or someone else in the group - had to, well, go, how close was the nearest bathroom?

  • Report: NY Sunk $3M into Fill for Sinking Soccer Site

    by Rich Calder August 2015

    The city wasted more than $3 million buying foundation fill for a massive Staten Island park that The Post previously reported was literally sinking, official memos and court papers reveal.