• Toxins in Active Soccer Fields Known About for Years

    by Mark Ferenchik, The Columbus Dispatch June 2014

    City and state officials knew as early as 2011 that Saunders Park contained elevated levels of arsenic and lead, according to surface-soil tests. But Columbus Recreation and Parks decided to allow city youth soccer teams to play at the Near East Side park in 2012 and 2013. "We didn't have complete information to know if it was a problem," said Alan McKnight, Recreation and Parks director. "We felt we need to do more study to understand what it meant."

  • Opinion: Don't Spend Road Repair Money on Soccer Fields

    by Arizona Daily Star (Tucson) June 2014

    A Pima County proposal to spend $8.75 million to purchase 167 acres for soccer fields makes sense, with a caveat: No road repair money should be touched to pay for it. Pima County Supervisors have already approved a county budget that allows the expenditure to be made, and they will decide July 1 if the land deal should move ahead and how to pay for it. The land is a piece of a much larger proposal to build a regional soccer complex that supporters say would attract soccer tournaments from outside Tucson and Arizona.

  • Town Mistakenly Builds Football Field on Private Property

    by Sun Journal (Lewiston, Maine) June 2014

    SKOWHEGAN -- A Maine town will spend $27,500 to correct mistakes it made that led to a youth football field being accidentally built on private property.

  • Playground Repair Among City's Post-Recession Priorities

    by Art Marroquin, Staff Writer June 2014

    City officials plan to hire 10 police officers, repair playground equipment at parks and upgrade the utility system as part of a $1.6 billion budget for the 2014-15 fiscal year, reflecting a 3.7 percent spending increase over the past year.

  • Eagles to Return to Franklin Field Roots for One Practice

    by Staff Report June 2014

    THE LAST time the Eagles won an NFL championship, the game was played at Franklin Field, the team's home from 1958-70. As part of this year's training camp schedule, one of the Birds' three open practices will take them back there for what's believed to be the first time since 1970.

  • Park Neighbors Want Fallen Oak to Stay as Play Structure


    An enormous oak that tumbled to the ground in Orton Park during last week's violent storms should be used for a natural play structure, some neighbors say. The tree fell in the middle of the city's oldest park in the early hours of June 17, its leafy branches wedged in a nearby swing set and its trunk stretched across the main sidewalk through the park. "As soon as I saw that tree laying there, I said, ?Oh, maybe this is our play structure,'" said T.R. Loon, who lives next to the park.

  • Fate of 24 Parks Facing Referendum, Protests Ensue

    by Kirsten Crow 361-886-4316 June 2014

    Two dozen city parks could be placed on the November ballot for decommissioning, prompting protests from some neighbors who asked the City Council to reconsider in a public hearing Tuesday.

  • Keebler-Sponsored Elf Door Art Draws Visitors to Parks

    by Carrie Wise, THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH June 2014

    It's not your imagination. Small wooden doors really are nestled at the bottom of a few trees in Columbus parks. And they are meant to look as if little elves built them.

  • Officials to Vote on Decomissioning of 24 City Parks

    by Kirsten Crow June 2014

    City officials could begin decommissioning 24 parks, should the council approve a resolution Tuesday declaring that the properties are no longer feasible as parks. A public hearing on the fate of 24 parks will precede the council’s vote.

  • State Grant of $1M to Speed Development of City Park

    by Claudia Boyd-Barrett Special to The Star June 2014

    A community effort to create a public park in Ventura’s Westside neighborhood has moved one big step closer to reality with help from a $1 million state grant.