• Commission’s $40M Park Plan Raises Questions

    by David Slade September 2016

    An ambitious, $40-million plan for a 245-acre park and sports complex on Rifle Range Road was unveiled Thursday by the town and the Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission, but some key questions were left unanswered. The town and the county PRC jointly purchased the land six years ago for $20 million, and they plan to divide it into a county park with primarily passive uses, such as walking trails, and a town recreation complex with sports fields and a gymnasium.

  • City Has Big Dreams for New Sports Park

    by Michael J. Williams September 2016

    Olympics in Lake Elsinore? That may sound like a long shot. Yet it's not totally out of the realm of possibility with the future opening of the city's Rosetta Canyon Sports Park, said Jason Simpson, the city's administrative services director. The centerpiece of the 22-acre park nearing completion in the city's Rosetta Canyon neighborhood is a complex of five softball and youth baseball fields tailored to attract tournament and championship competition.

  • Commission to Review Quinnipiac's Ballfield Project

    by Kate Ramunni September 2016

    The Inland Wetlands and Planning and Zoning commission will be hearing Quinnipiac University's applications again for a ballfield on Mount Carmel Avenue. The school has already received permission to renovate one of the ballfields on the northern portion of the site at 475 Mount Carmel Ave. The application to renovate the second ballfield on the southern part of the site was denied when it went before the Inland Wetlands Commission because it didn't meet wetland buffer requirements.

  • Philadelphia Preps to Rehab Playgrounds, Rec Facilities

    by Claudia Vargas September 2016

    The rebuild plan — the brainchild of Managing Director Mike DiBerardinis — will rehab aging playgrounds, libraries, and run-down recreation centers. Some will receive new buildings; most will get at least cosmetic touch-ups. In a few cases, facilities will be moved to put a library, rec center, and health center all in one location.

  • Fitness Renovations Planned for Park

    by Beatriz Alvarado September 2016

    A health sanctuary is in the works in the Molina neighborhood. State-of-the-art fitness amenities, a new irrigation system and walking trails, among other upgrades, soon will enliven the lackluster Westhaven Park at the corner of Rockford and Cliff Maus drives.

  • Town to Place AEDs at Parks, Beaches

    by Rachel Uda September 2016

    Fifty new defibrillators will be placed at parks, beaches and pools throughout the Town of Hempstead, officials announced Wednesday as they demonstrated how to use the potentially lifesaving devices. At Shell Creek Park in Island Park, Town Supervisor Anthony Santino knelt over a town employee laid out on the grass and placed electrode pads on the man's chest. The town's medical director sat nearby and simulated CPR before a fake shock from the device was delivered to the man.

  • County Officials: Pokemon Go Requires Permit for Parks

    by Ken Shepherd August 2016

    Milwaukee County, Wis., officials have sent a letter to Niantic, Inc. — the company which created the summer smash-hit smartphone game Pokemon Go — "demanding it comply with county ordinances which require a permit before placing any Pokemon Go site in a county park," reported WISN on Tuesday.

  • Why Are More Communities Investing in Outdoor Fitness?

    by Emily Attwood August 2016

    This article appeared in the July/August issue of Athletic Business. Athletic Business is a free magazine for professionals in the athletic, fitness and recreation industry. Click here to subscribe.

  • District Schools Get New Synthetic Turf Fields

    by Greg Mellen August 2016

    On a sunny midweek morning at Marina High School, a spreader machine, which looks a little like a scaled down version of a Zamboni, glides along spitting out rubber pellets into the shiny, electric-green synthetic surface of the school's newest sports field. The school's Viking mascot logo is vivid against the green backdrop at midfield as the finishing touches are being put on the first of four new athletic fields at campuses in the Huntington Beach Union High School District.

  • Board Approves New HS Baseball Field

    by Frances Parrish August 2016

    The Anderson School District 4 board of trustees approved the building of a new baseball field at Pendleton High School on Monday. The baseball field will be relocated to the 85-acres on Boscobel Road behind the high school. The project will be the first of several funded by the 1-cent sales tax, a referendum put before Anderson County voters in November 2014.