• N.J. Schools File Fraud Suit Against Top Turf Company

    by Jason Scott December 2016

    A class-action lawsuit filed by the Newark, N.J., school system alleges that the country’s leading manufacturer of synthetic turf fields defrauded it and hundreds of other schools and municipalities across the state.

  • Football Fields Take a Beating During HS Playoffs

    by Joe Sirera December 2016

    The high school football playoffs are a five-week grind for teams that make it to the championship games. A long postseason can be hard on a team's field, too.

  • Blog: Approvals, Design and Construction of a Rec Field Project

    by John Horn December 2016

    You’ve got approval to do a major field project, now what?

    The joy of receiving approval to do a major project on our campus quickly turned to tribulation when we learned of the necessary procedural steps to deliver this project to students. As much as we wanted to complete design and stick shovels in the ground, getting to that point involves an enormous commitment of time, people and approvals. In previous blog entries, we focused on goals within the project, but this entry will focus on process and steps taken before finally breaking ground, as well as updating you on our current progress towards substantial completion.

  • Lawmakers React to Investigation into Turf Company

    by Emily Attwood December 2016

    An in-depth investigation conducted by New Jersey Advance Media has put FieldTurf, the nation’s leading supplier of synthetic turf, into the hot spot and sparked calls for legal action and further investigation from New Jersey lawmakers. The investigation alleges the company knowingly sold defective turf and attempted to cover up issues related to field failures.

  • Park Improvements Top San Angelo's To-Do List

    by Rashda Khan December 2016

    In the 2004 referendum, voters reauthorized the 4B half-cent sales tax in order to fund a new list of community improvement project, including allocation of $1,500,000 for "Park Improvements."

  • Maintaining Quality Athletic Fields on Any Budget

    by Emily Attwood December 2016

    It's a common theme across the country: youth sports organizations want more fields or more field time. Most don't have the funding to buy land and build their own fields, and municipal parks and recreation departments often have space but can't afford the cost of building or maintaining fields in the long run.

  • Synthetic Turf Groups Adopt New Safety Standard

    by Jason Scott November 2016

    Recently, concerns about the safety of recycled rubber as a material for synthetic turf infill have raised questions about the future of the industry. Despite the fact that there’s been no evidence to suggest the material can be hazardous to athletes, the concerns remain.

  • Poorly Drawn Penalty Box Delays MLS Playoff Game

    by Jason Scott November 2016

    A playoff game between the Montreal Impact and Toronto FC was delayed on Tuesday after officials found an error on the field.

  • Park and Rec Board Seeks Developer for Riverfront Site

    by Jim Buchta November 2016

    Wanted: A developer willing to help close a key gap along the Mississippi Riverfront. That firm must be willing to work with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and several community groups to re-imagine a vacant 3.55-acre site along the river north of downtown. "We want to see something that's a great complement to the park on the river," Michael Schroeder, assistant superintendent of planning services at the Park Board.

  • Funds Sought to Upgrade Worn-Out High School Field

    by Steve Brandt November 2016

    Emma Schluter, a captain next year on Minneapolis South High School's soccer team, has to keep her mind on more than the match when she plays at home on Barnard Field. There are water drains, long jump and pole vault runways that crowd near the pitch, and concrete pads that lie just 15 inches off the side line, threatening to send Schluter and her cleat-clad teammates skidding. "When you're playing, you have to be aware of all these outside safety issues," she said recently.