• Reuse of Hospital Site to Include Soccer Fields

    by Mark Sommer; News Staff Reporter July 2016

    Soccer is exploding in Buffalo, but places to play haven't kept pace. That could change after last week's announcement that a soccer facility will be part of a redevelopment to replace Women & Children's Hospital.

  • Residents Ready for Return of Formerly Toxic Park

    by Mark Ferenchik, The Columbus Dispatch July 2016

    It has taken the city of Columbus two years and more than $2.3 million to reopen Saunders Park, which was plagued by decades-old toxic pollution that put visitors and the surrounding Near East Side neighborhood at risk

  • Neighbors Opposed to Planned Soccer Field Complex

    by Telegram & Gazette Staff July 2016

    City councilors are considering creating a district in West Fitchburg that will pave the way for a large indoor sports and entertainment complex that will include 10 outdoor fields and numerous indoor courts.

  • Water Policy Changes May Come After Amoeba Death

    by Tiller Rose June 2016

    Charlotte's U.S. National Whitewater Center is the only one of three similar parks in the nation that is not regulated to ensure its water doesn't make people sick. That may change following the recent death of a teenager who contracted a rare brain infection after visiting the park.

  • Opening of New Park Draws Impressive Crowd

    by Chris Haire June 2016

    The city's birthday present is finally open. Over the weekend, residents unwrapped Stanton Central Park - the city's largest open space by far - after more than a decade of delays caused by the Great Recession and the end of redevelopment agencies.

  • New Park Play Equipment Brighter, Safer

    by Tony Biasotti June 2016

    Nearly half of the parks in Ventura are getting new play equipment this summer, in a half-million-dollar effort to bring the city's oldest playgrounds into the 21st century.

  • Township Purchases Land for Youth Sports Fields

    by Bob Susnjara June 2016

    Ela Township Supervisor Lucy Prouty says a need for more athletic fields to help Lake Zurich-area youth sports drove the purchase of 10 acres for $490,000 just outside the village in unincorporated Lake County.

  • NJ Golf Course Becomes State Park

    by Erin Serpico June 2016

    With the first day of summer came the dedication of Gloucester County's first state park. The Department of Environmental Protection on Monday formally opened the Tall Pines State Preserve, which used to be a golf course. The new park's 110 acres are in Deptford and Mantua Townships, with the Mantua Creek rolling through it.

  • Vandals Cause More Than $5K in Damage to Park

    by Anthony Brino June 2016

    After an ongoing spate of small-scale vandalism, Presque Isle's Mantle Lake Park received an estimated $5,000-$10,000 in property damage the night before Father's Day.

  • Volunteers Give Skatepark a Boost with Money, Repairs

    by Telegram & Gazette June 2016

    In need of repair, and marked by graffiti, the skate park at Joe Capillo Park recently received an extensive ramp-up of its features, for pennies on the dollar. At a time when many towns are letting their wooden skate parks go by the wayside because of costs and safety concerns, town resident and retired professional BMX ramp rider Airin Roso approached the town, saying he wanted to do whatever it took to save the park. Mr. Roso, who has unofficially adopted the skate park, initially envisioned an fledgling effort for $200 and a few hours of work. But it turned into four 12-hour days. Its ramps were relayered and painted. Graffiti was covered. Ramps were also repositioned for better flow of use. Skaters and bikers no longer have to use a nearby basketball court to coast toward the ramps.