• Blog: It's Hard to See a Downside to Hosting Tournaments

    by Mary Helen Sprecher May 2012

    Confession time: I love sports, but I'm actually more of a sports facilities enthusiast. When the pitcher starts kicking at the mound, I'm looking at the dirt and trying to figure out what kind of a blend it is. When I hear about a soccer complex, I want to know how many fields are natural and how many are synthetic. And don't even get me started on Olympic facilities. I turn into the most obsessive know-it-all alive. Nobody wants to be around me.

  • Shock Pads Make Bigger Impact in the Synthetic Turf Industry

    by Michael Popke April 2012

    One of the more popular seminars attended by industry professionals at the Synthetic Turf Council's March Spring Membership Meeting in Las Vegas didn't boast a sexy name or even a call to action.

  • Different Color Combinations Enliven Tennis Courts

    by Andrew Cohen April 2012

    Your eyes are on the athletes as they run, jump, slide, swing. The surface beneath their feet slides by, mere background.

  • Adopt-a-Park Programs Improve Community Green Spaces

    by Emily Attwood March 2012

    "Great parks make great neighborhoods," says Alex Moroz, quoting the simple philosophy driving the adopt-a-park program in Hamilton, Ont.

  • AstroTurf Puts Field Up for Bid on eBay

    by Michael Popke — AB Managing Editor February 2012

    On Tuesday afternoon, AstroTurf listed what may be the first synthetic turf field ever put up for bid on the online auction site eBay.

  • Exacting Design Standards Spur Quality Track Construction

    by Paul Steinbach February 2012

    It starts with a dotted line. Not the kind that stretches a short distance across the bottom of a contract, but one drawn to represent a closed circuit covering 400 meters.

  • Rethinking Municipal Golf Course Operations

    by Emily Attwood December 2011

    Last November, the City of Duluth, Minn., hired a consultant from National Golf Foundation Consulting Inc. to evaluate its two 27-hole municipal golf courses and suggest improvements.

  • Outdoor Sports Lighting Projects Don't Need to Rile the Neighbors

    by Michael Popke December 2011

    The Westport (Conn.) Planning and Zoning Commission, in granting the Installation of permanent lights at the Staples High School football field in November, brought to a close nearly 35 years of often-contentious debate between city leaders, sports boosters and school neighbors over spill and glare issues.

  • Drought-Ridden Field Owners Reconsider Maintenance Practices, Synthetic Turf

    by Andrew Cohen December 2011

    Robert Lee, Texas, population 1,106, got three inches of rain in the first 11 months of 2011.

  • Blog: Fitness Instructor Had It Right: Take It Outside

    by Mary Helen Sprecher October 2011

    Last Friday, I was passing by the room in our athletic club where group-cycling classes are held, and I heard the instructor tell the group, "I saw the weather forecast and it's going to be a wonderful weekend. I don't want to see any of you here on Saturday and Sunday. Go play outside!"