• City Opens Skate Park to Free, Unsupervised Use

    by Michael J. Williams, The Press Enterprise (Riverside, CA.) July 2015

    Open rolling now rules at both of Lake Elsinore's skateboard parks. As at the newly opened skateboard zone at Serenity Park on the south side of town, recreation officials are also leaving the gates of McVicker Canyon Park's skating rink open to users daily without on-site management.

  • Park's Fields, Facilities Not the Pride of End Users

    by Christi Womack, Sarasota Herald Tribune (Florida) July 2015

    As hundreds of children, coaches, parents and fans return to Wellfield Park for another fall sports season, they will be greeted by familiar sights: a pocked parking lot and fields that flood, inadequate bathrooms and problems that have persisted for years.

  • Another Teen Shot Dead in Albuquerque Park

    by Nicole Perez & Robert Browman, Albuquerque Journal (New Mexico) July 2015

    Another Albuquerque teenager is dead from gunfire. In the third incident in four months, Albuquerque juveniles were involved in a fatal shooting Monday morning. A 14-year-old was killed and two other teens were shot and injured around 2 a.m. while hanging out in a group at Pat Hurley Park on the city's West Side.

  • Details Emerge of Lease Impasse Between City, Park

    by McCord Pagan, Knoxville News-Sentinel (Tennessee) July 2015

    Badgett Fields, the northwest Knoxville park that has hosted youth athletics for decades, closed when the park’s owners refused to sell the property to the city of Knoxville, officials said Monday.

  • Gold Cup's Common Sod-on-Turf Setups Scrutinized

    by Garrett Miley; For the Daily News July 2015

    The pitch conditions throughout the CONCACAF Gold Cup have been a hot topic of discussion among players, commentators and fans alike.

  • Skaters' Long Wait for Place Within Sports Park to End

    by Erin Donnelly, Orange County Register (California) July 2015

    The Parks, Recreation, Senior and Youth Services Commission voted unanimously Monday to allow a skate park in the San Juan Sports Park, the latest in a decadeslong struggle to build a local skater sanctuary.

  • Park to Get Long-Awaited Playground Makeover

    by Craig D. Reber July 2015

    After nearly 20 years of community involvement, new playground equipment soon will be unveiled in Kieler's Jamestown Township Park.

  • Chicago Suburb Considers Sports Complex Expansion

    by Elena Ferrarin, Chicago Daily Herald July 2015

    The city of Elgin has started long-range planning for a possible expansion of the Sports Complex, including the addition of a second entrance to alleviate traffic flow problems.

  • Budget Woes Take Toll on Brooklyn's Basketball Courts

    by Paul Steinbach July 2015

    In an effort to find out why it was so hard to find a decent place to play basketball in New York City, Wall Street Journal writer Stu Woo personally visited all 172 of Brooklyn’s public courts listed on the Parks and Recreation Department website this spring, and found that only a third of them were in good shape. “The rest had problems that varied from the annoying, such as bent or missing rims, to the ankle-breaking, such as cracks so wide that weeds actually grew out of them,” Woo writes at

    Woo wasn’t surprised, having conducted a similar review of Manhattan’s courts in 2013 (NYC boasts 1,800 courts in all). But, he writes, parks officials were disappointed to learn of the widespread problem while explaining that shrinking budgets make it hard to keep up with repairs. According to Woo’s report, the parks budget in the 1960s was 1.4 percent of NYC’s total budget. The current year’s $400 million parks budget is only half a percent of the city’s budget, and that amount is already spread thin among labor, gardening, playground equipment, recreation centers, pools, restrooms and other sports courts.

    “We’re underfunding parks relative to New York City’s history and relative to where other big cities are today,” Parks and Recreation Committee chairman Mark Levine told Woo. “Your survey reveals, in pretty stark ways, the unmet needs of the system.”

    Parks and Recreation Department commissioner Mitchell Silver added that Brooklyn’s reliance on recreational basketball is unique. “What makes Brooklyn different is that other boroughs have a lot of large parks. Brooklyn has a lot of small parks,” he told Woo. “Open space in Brooklyn is basketball.”

    Parks are inspected twice annually by a team of 300 full-time inspectors. In addition, a hotline fields roughly 150,000 parks-related complaints (though off-leash dogs are among the most typical targets). But awareness is only the beginning, and court repairs don’t come cheap. A rim replacement runs $100, and a rim and backboard is $550. It costs $3,000 to paint a basketball court with a sports coating, and up to $150,000 to both resurface and repaint.

  • Sports Complex Plans Stall as Tax Hike Talks Tabled

    by Lawrence Budd July 2015

    The construction of a $10 million sports complex on 88 acres outside Lebanon hinges on more than an increase in Warren County's lodging tax.