• Viral Video Ignites Change in San Francisco Park Policy

    by Michael Gaio October 2014

    Thanks to a viral video and an ensuing change of policy, teenagers in San Francisco's Mission neighborhood will no longer have to worry about being booted from their local public soccer field.

  • Synthetic Turf Council Responds to NBC Investigation

    by Michael Gaio October 2014

    By now it's likely you've seen NBC's story, "How Safe Is the Artificial Turf Your Child Plays On?" The 3,500-word story was first published on October 8th and has been the topic of a lot of conversation in the athletic and recreation industries. The video version of the story has aired on just about every NBC News program.

  • Opinion: Ban on Playground Swings Won't Save Lives

    by The Washington Times October 2014

    Going to school these days isn't what it used to be. Kids are marched through metal detectors on the way to a disappointing lunch of arugula with a side of alfalfa sprouts. Now they're ruining recess. Swings in Seattle are now forbidden.

  • Public-Private Board to Oversee Park Near Vikings Stadium

    by ERIC ROPER; STAFF WRITER, STAR TRIBUNE (Mpls.-St. Paul) October 2014

    Cities across the country have turned to private entities to manage and oversee programming for urban parks, but the model would be a first-of-its-kind on a large scale in the Twin Cities.

  • Soccer Academy Vying with Rec Program for Field Space

    by Kevin D. Thompson Palm Beach Post Staff Writer October 2014

    Organizers of an elite soccer academy are looking for a field to play on in the village, but the community's youth football and recreation soccer program could keep the academy on the sidelines.

  • 2014 Facilities of Merit: Chinguacousy Sports Park Redevelopment

    by AB Editors October 2014

    Chinguacousy Sports Park Redevelopment | Toronto, Ont.

    The word “materials” was mentioned by six of seven judges, who were impressed by the cohesive appearance of the redeveloped park’s structures and relationship to the park itself. “Artful” and “elegant” were also used to describe the overall design, which overcame the challenge of integrating separate volumes serving specific purposes.

  • City to Install Outdoor Exercise Equipment in Three Parks

    by staff reports October 2014

    The Wichita County Public Health District and city of Wichita Falls Parks and Recreation Department teamed up to purchase exercise equipment for three parks in Wichita Falls.

  • Judge: November Vote Makes HS Track Petition Irrelevant

    by Matt Hongoltz-Hetling Valley News Staff Writer October 2014

    A Vermont Superior Court judge dismissed a court case against the town of Hartford Friday, ruling that because a $3.5 million bond for a high school track will be on the November ballot, there is no need to decide whether the town erred in blocking a citizen petition on the same topic.

  • Suit Filed Against FIFA Over Women's World Cup Turf

    by Dr. David Geier October 2014

    The players are demanding that FIFA and the CSA reverse their decision to play next year's Women's World Cup on artificial turf.

  • City Crowdfunding Toward Outdoor Fitness Equipment

    by Jane Ford-Stewart October 2014

    West Allis - The West Allis-West School and Community Services Department is using social media to try to raise $10,000 to install outdoor fitness stations at McKinley Park, 1000 S. 72nd St.