• Paved Trail Network to Highlight $700K Park Upgrade

    by Thomas J. Prohaska; News Niagara Reporter March 2015

    The improvement plan for Fairmount Park, in the works for five years, will include a new restroom at the east end of the park and a network of paved trails to connect the athletic fields and other equipment to the parking lots.

  • Bumps in Turf Close HS Athletic Field

    by Bill Hartlep, Pittsburgh Tribune Review March 2015

    Canon-McMillan's football field is closed until school officials and engineers determine it is again safe to play on.

  • HS Track and Field Programs Make Do Without Tracks

    by Brent W New, March 2015

    Hours before Vanguard had its first-ever track and field practice, coach Steve Read took out a spray can and made a large oval on the asphalt of the school parking lot.

  • Opinion: Youth Soccer Complex a Good $15M Gamble

    by Henderson column March 2015

    There are lots of things Hillsborough County leaders could do with $15 million besides building a youth soccer complex.

  • Former School Properties to Remain Recreation Sites

    by Mike Gangloff, The Roanoke Times March 2015

    Two former school properties in Eastern Montgomery County are best suited to recreational use, county supervisors decided this week.

  • Sponsored Video: Kifco Irrigation Solutions

    by AB Staff March 2015

    Kifco is a leading provider of water-reels, hoses, pumps and sprinklers based in the USA. Whether you are watering one football field or irrigating multiple playing and practice fields for football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, or golf courses, Kifco® has the perfect traveler for the job.

  • Sinkhole in Newly Resurfaced Track Sinks Home Season

    by Donna Walker, Correspondent March 2015

    A sinkhole on the Conestoga Valley High School track will halt home track meets for the Buckskins, possibly for the season.

  • Packing Activists Rally Against 'Gun-Free Zone' in Parks

    by MORGAN ZALOT; Daily News Staff Writer March 2015

    The specter of people openly toting guns several yards from a kids' jungle gym isn't something you see every day.

  • Environmentally Friendly Athletic Field Maintenance

    by Emily Attwood March 2015

    College campuses nationwide are getting greener, focusing on environmental sustainability, from designing LEED-certified buildings to launching zero-waste recycling campaigns and taking "Carbon-Neutral" pledges. College athletic programs are doing their part, increasing energy efficiency through the use of LED lighting and alternative energy sources, reducing water consumption and implementing gameday recycling programs.

  • Teens Raise Profile of Slacklining as Parks Activity

    by Karen Nazor Hill March 2015

    A slackline is a length of webbing suspended between two anchors. Anything that you do on this slackline is 'slacklining' -- most commonly, walking.