• City Crowdfunding Toward Outdoor Fitness Equipment

    by Jane Ford-Stewart October 2014

    West Allis - The West Allis-West School and Community Services Department is using social media to try to raise $10,000 to install outdoor fitness stations at McKinley Park, 1000 S. 72nd St.

  • Youth Sports Association Confronts Need for More Fields

    by Sun Journal (Lewiston, Maine) September 2014

    Enrollment in Minot-Hebron Athletic Association programs is way up, and with success comes problems, two in particular that board of directors member Mike Rioux wanted to discuss with selectmen.

  • Despite Changes, Rec Facilities' Noise Rankles Neighbors

    by Steven Matthews September 2014

    Huber Heights city leaders plan to examine residents' concerns about the noise that comes from the city's Brandt Pike community facilities - an ongoing issue for nearby homeowners since the venues opened in 2012. Some residents are upset because they believe activities at the Kroger Aquatic Center and Eichelberger Amphitheater are too loud, but Huber Heights offi cials say the noise does not violate any of the city ordinances.

  • 'Fall Fitness Sundays' to Launch in N.Y. State Parks

    by Teresa Sharp; Niagara correspondent September 2014

    "This is a new series of walks in different parks, to get people out of the house on Sunday afternoons," said Carol Rogers, a state parks interpreter.

  • Banned from Skate Park, Cyclists Seek Bike Park

    by Anne Kallas Special to The Star September 2014

    Ojai Skate Park, which opened more than 15 years after being proposed, is for skateboarders. So a coalition of parents banded together to work on creating a similar facility for bicycle riders.

  • Prep Softball Player Raises $5K, Funds Dugout Upgrades

    by Brent W New September 2014

    Makayla Jewell, a junior in her second year on the Wolves' varsity, raised more than $5,000 and designed and led the building of new dugouts at Vista Ridge High School as part of community project that will land her the most prestigious national award you can receive in the Girl Scouts, the Girl Scout Gold Award.

  • Thirteen-Acre Sports Park Opens 20 Years After Promised

    by Imran Ghori September 2014

    It's taken more than two decades but the long-promised Lasselle Sports Park in Moreno Valley is finally complete. The nearly 13-acre park on Lasselle Street, just south of Krameria Avenue, is the first new city park built in five years and the first city-run park with football fields.

  • Park Plans Include Playground, Sports Fields, Rec Center

    by Becky Pallack Arizona Daily Star September 2014

    The Oro Valley Parks and Recreation Advisory Board approved a consultant's recommendations for park facility concepts at a meeting Tuesday.

  • Rec Project On Despite Human Remains, Power Lines

    by Michael Gaio September 2014

    Potentially dangerous power lines run overhead. What might be an ancient Indian burial ground lies below. In between will be Alabama's newest recreation complex.

  • Smoking Ban Takes Effect in Chicago's 580 Parks

    by TINA SFONDELES. Staff Reporter September 2014

    The ban includes all public parks, including large parks that host festivals like Lollapalooza and the Pitchfork festival, though ticketing is unlikely to happen at those large festivals.