• Sprinkler Malfunction Delays Big South Baseball Tourney

    by May 2014

    In baseball, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes it rains. And then, sometimes you have a sprinkler malfunction.

  • Officials Balk at $3K Fee to Use School for Summer Rec

    by DONNA PERRY, Staff Writer May 2014

    LIVERMORE FALLS -- Selectmen voiced displeasure Tuesday night when they learned the town would need to pay a $3,000 fee to RSU 73 to use the former high school for a summer recreation program. Selectman Kenny Jacques and other board members say they are being made to pay for the use of the school and taxpayers already pay taxes for the building and adult education. They also will now be required to pay an additional $44,000 in next year's budget as of July 1 to keep the building open. Jay and Livermore, also in the district, will pay $44,000 each, too. Jacques called it a triple dip into taxpayers' pockets.

  • Florida's Grass Struggling to Keep Up with Sports Use

    by Tony Doris, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer May 2014

    While it's great that the number of people in outdoor sports programs in the city has nearly doubled in five years, one participant gets trampled every time: the field. And city officials say that with fields in short supply, participation growing and maintenance budgets trimmed, turfs in Palm Beach Gardens are getting less time to recover from the battering of constant play. A staff report released Friday says field conditions are worsening and require both quick and long-term action. The short-term strategies under consideration include: establishing minimum down times for fields to rejuvenate; increasing the field maintenance budget to allow more intensive care of the fields during these periods; and educating teams that use the fields about how not to abuse the turf.

  • Smoking Ban to Start with Parks Used Mostly for Athletics

    by Patrick O'Grady, Valley News Correspondent May 2014

    Claremont - Rather than ban smoking at all city recreational facilities, including Arrowhead and the surrounding trail system and forest, Moody Park and the Sugar River Recreation Trail, the City Council agreed with the recommendation of Police Chief Alex Scott to focus on the parks used mostly for athletic activities.

  • Beer Sales at Youth Baseball/Softball Complex Debated

    by CHRISTOPHER KUHAGEN;, Waukesha NOW (WI) May 2014

    Mike Laska painted a dark picture of what he believes could be the possibilities that can come from allowing alcohol to be sold at a youth baseball and softball complex.

  • City to Remove Arsenic from Nine Acres of Park Land

    by Mark Ferenchik, THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH May 2014

    The city plans to clean up Saunders Park on the Near East Side after more tests found elevated levels of arsenic and another toxin, including two locations with levels of arsenic about 15 times higher than what state program standards say is safe for parks.

  • Playground, Splash Pad Coming to Amenity-Free Park

    by DALE WHITE May 2014

    With Sarasota County's youngest overall population, North Port is known as a city that appeals to families with children, especially because of its parks. Atwater Park, however, is one of the few neighborhood parks in North Port without a basic amenity for children: a playground.

  • Group Eyes Buffalo Waterfront for Huge Sports Complex

    by Jonathan D. Epstein; News Business Reporter May 2014

    As waterfront development officials move forward with a master plan to reimagine Buffalo's outer harbor area, a second group of sports promoters wants to put a massive athletic complex on the sprawling vacant land, designed to appeal to a broad range of both amateur and professional sports. The group, calling itself Buffalo Sportz Corridor, expects to unveil a highly ambitious proposal this morning that would create one of the country's biggest tournament-driven sports and training facilities on the city's waterfront.

  • LED Tech Poised to Revolutionize Outdoor Sports Lighting

    by Paul Steinbach May 2014

    As the idiom suggests, the difference between night and day is dramatic — particularly when viewed from a literal illumination standpoint. High noon on a sunny day will introduce 8,000 foot-candles of light to the earth. By comparison, a moonlit night — one bright enough to read a newspaper by — produces three one-hundredths of one foot-candle. Thus, turning night into something resembling day for sports participants, fans and live television audiences is not a task to be taken lightly.

  • Turf Outpacing Grass 2 to 1 Among Western Ohio Schools

    by Marc Pendleton May 2014

    The stadiums at Sidney and West Carrollton high schools are undergoing makeovers to replace their natural grass surfaces with artificial turf.