• AB Perspectives: What Is the Most Impressive Venue You've Visited?

    by Emily Attwood April 2017

    AB wants to know what impresses you most about other facilities and venues you've visited, and why?

  • W.V. Governor Denies Ties to Football Coach's Firing

    by Jake Jarvis April 2017

    Gov. Jim Justice and one of his top aides denied on Thursday allegations that Justice has privately tried to shake up Marshall University's football coaching staff and athletic department. Nick Casey, the governor's chief of staff, confirmed that Justice met with five members of the school's board of governors on March 28, but he said the governor did not pressure them to oust head football coach Doc Holliday and to hire his longtime friend, and former Herd coach, Bobby Pruett. "He told them that Marshall was starting to sag, that they were losing their research, they're down in funding, down in athletics and they're getting to be inconsequential, Casey said. "He said if they don't turn it around, they would become like a community college. The Gazette-Mail reported Thursday that a source said Justice asked Marshall President Jerome Gilbert during a December meeting to fire Holliday and hire Pruett. Then in the March meeting, the source said, Justice asked members of the board of governors to fire Holliday, Gilbert and Athletic Director Mike Hamrick. The source asked to remain anonymous.

  • Can MLB Boost Participation Among African-Americans?

    by Bob Nightengale April 2017

    They gathered in two dugouts in Chicago this week, representing not only every component of the game but also perhaps the hope and future to help heal Major League Baseball's ongoing shortcoming: the scarcity of African Americans playing baseball. While baseball celebrates the 70th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier Saturday with glorious ceremonies and a statue unveiling at Dodger Stadium, it will only camouflage the harsh reality that there are fewer African Americans in baseball than at any other time in the last 60 years. African Americans comprise just 7.1% of players on this year's opening-day rosters, the lowest percentage since 1958, according to a study by USA TODAY Sports. There are 62 African-American players among the 868 on active rosters and disabled lists. Eleven teams have no more than one African American on their roster, and the San Diego Padres and Colorado Rockies have none.

  • Accused Predator May Have Targeted Youth Sports

    by Andrew Marra April 2017

    Corey Perry, the middle school teacher wanted on child pornography charges, was a coach for the basketball team at Watkins Middle in Palm Beach Gardens, but Superintendent Robert Avossa said the computer science teacher had also worked with children in recreational sports leagues and knew some of his victims through those teams.

  • Athletic Business CEO Gretchen Brown Reflects on Magazine's Past

    by AB Staff April 2017

    From the very beginning, Athletic Business has been a family affair. The original publication combined founder Fenton Kelsey Jr.'s passion for ice hockey with a family tradition of publishing. Current CEO Gretchen Kelsey Brown played an integral part in the magazine's early production, and since her father's retirement in the mid-'80s has been at the helm of a publication credited with guiding the athletics, fitness and recreation industry through major changes and challenges. Account executive Michael Gaio recently sat down with Brown to discuss the evolving industry.

  • Opinion: Silver's Words a Disservice to Female Coaches

    by AB Staff April 2017

    Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner and self-appointed social engineer, has now turned his attention from North Carolina's bathrooms to female coaches in the NBA. Responding recently to a statement made by a radio host that there would never be a female head coach in the NBA, Silver told ESPN: "There definitely will (be a female head coach). And I think it is on me to sort of ensure that it happens sooner rather than later ... I do think there are things that the league can and should be doing to accelerate the move toward a woman being a head coach in the league."

  • To Better Understand the Present, Look Back

    by Emily Attwood April 2017

    Athletic Business, as you will know quite well after you finish reading the APril issue, is celebrating its 40th anniversary. I, however, will only be celebrating six years with the company this year, which has made the past few months all the more invaluable.

  • Sandusky Case: Ex-Penn State President Spanier Guilty

    by Susan Snyder, Angela Couloumbis March 2017

    Graham B. Spanier, the former Pennsylvania State University president once considered one of the nation's most prominent college leaders, was convicted Friday of endangering children by failing to act on signs that Jerry Sandusky was a serial sex predator. After nearly 12 hours of deliberation, a Dauphin County jury of seven women and five men found Spanier guilty of a misdemeanor count of endangerment. He was acquitted of a second endangerment count, as well as a felony conspiracy charge. Still, the guilty verdict was a stunning blow to Spanier, 68, who had long proclaimed his innocence, and to his supporters, who had fiercely defended him and accused prosecutors of overreaching and unfairly staining the university. Many, including Spanier's wife, Sandra, a Penn State English professor, and his son were in the courtroom to hear the verdict. Spanier didn't appear to react when it was announced and declined to comment later. His lawyer promised an appeal.

  • Groundskeeper Looms Large in Sports Landscape

    by David Dorsey March 2017

    George Toma has guided the grounds crew at all 51 Super Bowls. He has installed and maintained fields for the NFL in London, Barcelona, Tokyo and Mexico City among others cities worldwide.

  • Kiffin Named in Fraud Lawsuit

    by A.J. Perez March 2017

    Former University of Alabama receiver Antonio "A.C." Carter alleged in a lawsuit filed Tuesday against Florida Atlantic coach Lane Kiffin that Kiffin deceived him to secure a prospect, USA TODAY Sports confirmed.