• Colorado Sees First Female High School Football Coach

    by Andy Berg July 2017

    Colorado's first female high school head football coach has been hired.

    According to a report from Boulder’s Daily Camera, Beth Buglione has signed on as the head football coach at Nederland High School.

    A lifelong football fan, Buglione knows the sport. She played three years at quarterback for the Corvallis Pride in Oregon as part of the Independent Women’s Football League. Buglione eventually went on to become the coach, general manager and owner of the Pride until the team folded in 2009.

    Buglione comes to the Nederland position from a head coaching position at Sheridan High School in Oregon. She told the Daily Camera that she never intended to “put the spotlight on me and to prove that women can do the job… I was just following my passion.”

    The move to hire Buglione was not without controversy. Outgoing coach Aaron Jones’s dismissal late last year was met with outcry from some students and parents in the community. Jones had been coach of the team for 11 years, and a petition to restore him as the team's coach garnered 271 signatures.

    Jones said that he respected the decision that was made to remove him and wishes “nothing but the most success to the Panthers, to Coach B and to my community.”

    Buglione said she appreciated that people wanted Jones to stay and hopes that those “wounds will heal” once the team is “headed in the right direction.” 

  • HS Referee's License Revoked After Rape Accusation

    by Drew Simon and Sean Cudahy June 2017

    A Troy man accused of raping a juvenile is no longer eligible to officiate after the Ohio High School Athletic Association suspended his license after his arrest earlier this month, an OHSAA spokesman said Tuesday.

  • Former NFL Lineman Comes Out as Gay

    by Adam Kurkjian June 2017

    In an article on for SBNation, former Patriots offensive lineman Ryan O’Callaghan came out as a gay athlete who strongly considered suicide once he retired from the NFL.

  • Introducing AB's New Executive Editor, Andy Berg

    by AB Editors June 2017

    Athletic Business would like to introduce our new executive editor, Andy Berg. Andy has spent the past 10 years working in B2B publishing. In 2008, he began as an associate editor for Advantage Business Media’s Wireless Week brand, which covers the wireless communications industry. From there, Andy took over the executive editor position at Wireless Week and CED Magazine. In 2015, Andy moved within Advantage Business Media to become editorial director for the company’s manufacturing vertical, which is comprised of seven brands positioned across the manufacturing sector. We sat down with Andy to find out a little bit more about him and what he’s most excited about as he starts a new chapter with AB.

  • Letter from the Editor: Future Facilities

    by AB Staff June 2017

    The Architectural Showcase is our most important issue of Athletic Business, and the facilities featured herein are undoubtedly this issue's stars. Each year, we aim to complement the Showcase with facility-related features, pairing inspiration from the Showcase with practical guidance to help our readers with their own aspirations. These features have included everything from design trends and planning site visits to how to make older facilities look new again.

  • Vandalism Against Lebron James Shows Racism Alive

    by Martin Rogers June 2017

    LeBron James sat down Wednesday afternoon and took a deep, sorry sigh, the kind no type of basketball disappointment that might or might not play out over the next fortnight could possibly elicit. The NBA Finals are upon us, yet hours before the opening tip James woke up to a reminder, as if he needed one, that being wealthy and talented in the USA doesn't isolate you from the reality of being black. "No matter how much money you have," James said at a news conference, "no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, being black in America is tough. We have got a long way to go as a society, and for us as African Americans, until we feel equal in America."

  • Suspicious Mom Helped Launch Investigation into Coach

    by Sonja Isger May 2017

    Elizabeth's gut kicked in shortly after basketball season began. Coach Corey Perry was on the phone with her son constantly. Her eighth-grader would walk around the house doing his chores, even the laundry, with coach on speaker phone. Daily. Mom could hear the chatter, and that gave her some comfort -- the conversation sounded all sports, nothing salacious, nothing inappropriate. And yet. Coach Perry, or CP, as they sometimes called him, seemed to be a local celebrity. Perry coached her son's team at Howell L. Watkins Middle School in Palm Beach Gardens. He led the school robotics team, too. He was involved in his church and a local travel basketball team.

  • Barkley: NHL Playoffs Spur More Excitement than NBA

    by Kevin Allen May 2017

    Charles Barkley's expertise is in the NBA but his rooting interest is in the NHL playoffs. "Stanley Cup playoff hockey is the best thing going, and not just now," the TNT analyst told USA TODAY Sports. "I think overtime hockey is the most nerve-racking thing in the world. There's nothing to compare it to."

  • AB Show: Habits are the Key(note) to Success

    by Kate Rampone May 2017

    Have you ever really thought about why you do things the way you do? Or how the right set of habits are crucial to success in your professional and personal life? My journey to understanding began with a book.

  • Minnesota Athletics Punished for Sexual Harassment

    by Jason Scott May 2017

    Randy Handel, the University of Minnesota’s associate athletic director for development, has been suspended and demoted after an unidentified coworker complained he sexually harassed her.