• How AB Show Can Help Your Rec Facility Project

    by Kate Rampone August 2017

    Being a Badger alum, I spent many hours in the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Southeast Recreational Facility (affectionately known by students and fellow alumni as "the SERF"). From participating in intramural sports and putting in miles around the track to taking a course for credit and even living across the street for a year, the current SERF renovation project is near and dear to my heart.

  • Female Head Coaches Still Playing Catch-Up

    by Marc Weiszer July 2017

    Dawn Staley basked in South Carolina's women's basketball national championship in the weeks that followed by wearing a "net-lace" the coach cut down to Gamecock Club events and a victory parade, but she went without it during the SEC spring meetings in Destin. She's the most high-profile female head coach in a league where 34.2 percent of women's teams are coached by females. In the women's basketball meeting room, six of the 14 coaches are men.

  • AB Show: Your Blueprint to a Successful Project

    by Kate Rampone July 2017

    Planning a new facility or renovating an existing one can be a daunting task  between getting community support and needed funding to choosing an architect and finding the right equipment and solutions to outfit that facility, it's enough to make your head spin!

  • AB Reader Response: What Habits Would You Change?

    by AB Editors June 2017

    As we close in on the new school year, Athletic Business is asking readers to think about their habits. Which positive habits would you like to form this year? Which negative ones would you like to break? Do you have plans for making that happen?

  • Developing a Plan for Environmental and Social Responsibility

    by Keith Peters June 2017

    When Athletic Business published its first issue in February 1977, I was a grad student in recreation administration at California State University, Long Beach. After an unremarkable stint as an undergrad at UCLA (notwithstanding the success of the men's basketball team), and a few years just kicking around, I had decided to pursue my passion — sports — to see where it would take me. Forty years later, as I reflect upon a lifetime working in sports, one thing is clear: I made the right choice, and not just because of all the fun I've had.

  • Boomer and Millennial Generation Team-Building Tips

    by Melissa M. Chew and Dylan Packebush June 2017

    We represent a boomer and a millennial working together. That's right — one of us with one foot out the door stereotyped as ambitious, greedy and materialistic, while the other is much earlier in their career and stereotyped as competitive, confident and ready to save the world. Despite these differences, we are an effective team, and believe it or not, this dynamic can be replicated. But all relationships take work, and there are a number of factors needed to make it possible. Effective teamwork comes from understanding each other's strengths and weaknesses, and utilizing your partner's skills and talents.

  • Online Advanced Education for Athletic Administrators

    by Emily Attwood June 2017

    Summer is almost here. For many professionals working in athletics at the high school level, the academic break affords them time to think about their own academic and career goals. Whether looking to advance their career or add to their current qualifications, an online master's degree program can be a worthwhile undertaking for any athletic administrator. But first, he or she must know what kind of focus to pursue. Following is an overview of notable online sports management programs, including a brief statement about the program, key facts and enrollment dates.

  • AB Show: Habits are the Key(note) to Success

    by Kate Rampone May 2017

    Have you ever really thought about why you do things the way you do? Or how the right set of habits are crucial to success in your professional and personal life? My journey to understanding began with a book.

  • AB Reader Perspective: What's on your "summer reading list?"

    by AB Staff May 2017

    AB wants to know what you're doing to improve your life or career this summer--is it a book on your summer reading list, a documentary, a podcast? Why?

    Your answer may appear in an upcoming issue of Athletic Business!

  • AB Show: 35 years advancing the industry

    by Kate Rampone March 2017

    At our last company meeting, huddled around the conference room table reminiscing about the history of the Athletic Business Show, we couldn't help but ask ourselves where the time has gone and marvel at the evolution of our annual show from its humble beginnings to where it is today. With the growing success of Athletic Purchasing and Facilities, it became clear that athletic, fitness and recreational professionals, as well as manufacturers around the world, needed an event where they could come together to share ideas, find solutions and drive the industry forward. The AP&F Facilities/Equipment Conference was born, providing a single event and educational platform designed to cultivate a strong sense of community within our industry. Join us on our trek down memory lane, as we recall some key moments over the past 35 years that have helped to shape today's AB Show and our industry: