Greensboro Aquatic Center

Greensboro Aquatic Center

Greensboro, NC

Project Description

The Greensboro Aquatic Center is one of the premier competitive swimming and diving facilities nationwide, designed to host events ranging from two-team swim meets to major intercollegiate championships and Olympic trials, as well as serve as a community pool. The three pools — a six-lane instructional/warm-up pool, a 50-meter competitive tank built to NCAA and FINA competition standards and a diving well — are arranged in linear fashion, with a main entrance nearest the warm-up pool and close to the entrance of the Special Events Center.

The facility seats 2,000 spectators and features high-tech touchpads and relay judging platforms, as well as pace clocks, underwater speakers, underwater lighting, remote judging terminals, and a full-color LED video display and scoreboard. The main deck is sized to accommodate television operations, including announcers and scoreboards, along with seating where participants can rest.

Spectator seating rises 30 feet, with the underside of the roof positioned 10 feet above. The resulting roof form adopts a curved shape that slopes up over the diving well and back down over the main pool, creating a wave roof form that reduces the volume of air to be conditioned and the amount of vertical exterior wall. Light sources are positioned to minimize reflected light on the water surface and reduce glare.

Project Details

Architect: Rosser International, Inc.
Architect of Record: Teague, Freyaldenhoven & Freyaldenhoven Architects & Planners, LLP
Aquatic Consultant: Wallover Architects, Inc.
Construction Cost: $17 million
Square Feet: 78,323
Occupancy: September 2011