• Former Mayor Disgusted by Quality of Rec Construction

    by Courtney Cameron January 2017

    The Benning Stoddert Recreation Center in South Washington D.C. is open to the public after being under construction for renovations for more than a year; but former mayor Vincent Gray, who approved the project’s $6.7 million budget while he was in office isn’t happy with what he’s seen of the building site.

  • Planet Fitness Anti-Bullying Initiative $1M Success

    by Courtney Cameron January 2017

    In 2016, Planet Fitness raised more than $1 million for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and STOMP Out Bullying through the success of their November membership sale. Proceeds went toward tolerance training and encouraging body-positivity imaging inside fitness venues.

  • Officials May Use Tax Revenue for Rec Improvements

    by Sarah Peters January 2017

    Palm Beach Gardens officials are deciding how to spend $30 million the city will reap from the countywide penny sales tax increase, supporting an expanded youth baseball complex and new soccer fields as possible projects.

  • Public, Board Upset Revised Rec Facility Plans Delayed

    by Aleese Kopf January 2017

    Several Palm Beach residents were upset that revised plans for a new Recreation Center weren't available to view Wednesday at a public meeting. A handful of people attended the Recreation Advisory Commission meeting hoping to see a new one-story design.

  • St. Paul Recreation Facilities Overdue for Repairs

    by Jessie Van Berkel January 2017

    St. Paul has fallen behind on maintaining its park infrastructure, such as trails and recreation centers, City Council members said. As city leaders drew up the 2017 budget, some said park upkeep should be a priority.

  • Mother Sues Community Center for Wrongful Death

    by Courtney Cameron January 2017

    On Thursday, December 15, Anisoara Frunza filed a personal injury/wrongful death suit against the Des Plaines Parks District on behalf of her daughter, Alexandra Frunza.

  • Mirrors Could Become Latest Platform for Smart Tech

    by Kate Macarthur January 2017

    The voice-activated Glance Displays mirror display places information on the left and right sides of your face. Planned displays include weather, time and date, commute, reminders, calendar, and scores. Eventually, other developers would be able to submit their own apps. Your bathroom mirror might soon show more than your reflection as you get ready for the day.

  • 'Ninja Warrior'-Inspired Course Opens at Rec Center

    by Heather Stauffer December 2016

    The growing popularity of climbing and fitness obstacles have already led to a surge of interest in the gym on the Rock Lititz campus, which began selling memberships in November.

  • Committee Considers New Senior Fitness Center

    by Sarah Terry-Cobo December 2016

    Most MAPS 3 subcommittee members are in favor of considering a fifth senior wellness center in Oklahoma City. Committee member Terri Watkins said she wasn't yet convinced adding a fifth wellness center should be a priority.

  • Blog: How Holistic Planning Became the Rock of Rec Center Design

    by Stephen Springs December 2016

    As we enter 2017, the distance between the field house template and the community recreation center seems further than ever. And as battles over facility space vs. green space intensify in active communities such as Palm Beach, Fla. — and when revenue from local (and legal) marijuana sales in Aurora, Colo., might be earmarked for a new community recreation center — you know the planning and design process is still dramatically evolving.