• Study: Facilities Help City Hold Youth Sports Hub Status

    by Dan Stockman, The Journal Gazette March 2014

    The city's youth sports study is complete and says Fort Wayne can capitalize on and expand the position it already holds by building facilities, creating an organizational structure and marketing.

  • UW Students 'Happy' with Recreation Vote Outcome

    by PAT SCHNEIDER, The Capital Times March 2014

    University of Wisconsin-Madison students behind a $223 million rebuild of recreational sports facilities posted a video of Pharrell Williams' "Happy" on the @Bdgrs4RecReform Twitter account last week after the project was approved 12,070 to 1,914 in a referendum vote .

  • Mayor on Vote Allowing Guns in Rec Centers: 'Disgraceful'

    by ASHLEY B. CRAIG, Daily Mail staff March 2014

    "Disgraceful." That's how Charleston Mayor Danny Jones characterized the passage of a bill allowing concealed firearms into city recreation centers that house day cares and Head Start programs. The state Legislature passed Senate Bill 317, a bill that removes a grandfather clause for cities with their own gun ordinances, on Saturday, the final day of the regular legislative session. The bill would allow cities to ban openly carried firearms at city-owned recreation centers, but allows concealed weapons to be carried into those same facilities.

  • Underesitmated Costs Shake Up Rec Project Priorities

    by Jordan Cuddemi March 2014

    With voters having rejected a School Board proposal to provide an additional $3 million for school recreation projects, two members say they will push to abandon plans to develop a new track and field and instead focus on building a new field house

  • Wisconsin Students OK Rec Facility Overhaul in Landslide

    by Michael Gaio March 2014

    A $223 million plan to upgrade the University of Wisconsin-Madison's lagging recreational sports facilities passed in a landslide student vote that ended Wednesday, the Wisconsin State Journal reports.

  • Donation by Y's Namesake Spurs $3M Expansion Project

    by Laura Pavin, Sun-Times Media March 2014

    The Foglia YMCA in Lake Zurich is planning to expand its facility and the work could be done as early as the end of the year.

  • Deal Sought Regarding Guns in W.Va. Rec Centers


    Charleston Mayor Danny Jones told city council members Monday night he wants council to consider removing the city's 21-year-old gun ordinance concerning firearm sales.

  • Blog: Contract at Your Own Risk

    by Ralph Agostinelli March 2014

    Online continuing education courses have become a regular part of my life thanks in part to the New Jersey legislature, which passed a law setting down ongoing professional competency requirements for professional engineers licensed there. Recently, I took a course on change orders — work that is added to or deleted from the original scope of a contract — the gist of which seemed to be, “How to make sure you [that is, engineers] don’t get hit with a claim for negligence because you didn’t design something properly.”

  • Gym Flooring Repurposed in Iowa State Renovation

    by Paul Steinbach February 2014

    Photos by Kun Zhang/Dimension ImagesThe renovation and expansion of Iowa State University’s historic State Gym involved the removal from the existing gym of 13,850 square feet of maple flooring that was nearing the end of its useful life as a basketball court. Roughly half of that flooring was refurbished and repurposed as millwork in the new addition, spread throughout the facility in such structural elements as benches, cubbies, control desks and wall cladding along a juice bar. “We knew we were going to have to take it out, just because of all the other renovation aspects that were happening, and it just seemed a shame to toss it out,” says project architect Marty Miller of RDG Planning & Design. “So we started thinking about ways that we could use it. We did have to use some new maple, just so that we could trim out exposed edges.” The reclamation was just one small but highly visible part of a broader sustainable design that helped the ISU project achieve LEED Platinum certification — the largest collegiate recreation facility in the nation to do so.


  • Sustainable Renovation: A Question of Return on Investment

    by Andrew Barnard February 2014

    The decision to renovate an existing building can be driven by many factors. Its age, location, relationship to other buildings, or historical significance may each exert enough influence to call for renovation rather than replacement. However, as with most building projects, cost and schedule considerations likely outweigh all others.