• Recreation Facilities Join the Wi-Fi Revolution

    by Anita Picozzi Moran & Cynthia Brown October 2006

    Operational flexibility is just one reason recreation facilities are joining the Wi-Fi revolution.

  • Relying on Waivers Exclusively Is Short-Sighted and Potentially Costly

    by John T. Wolohan September 2006

    "Facility owners can fall hard by relying exclusively on waivers to ward off negligence claims."

  • Naming Rights Deal Pairs a Hospital and Municipal Rec Center

    by Andrew Cohen September 2006

    Scottsdale is the site of the first naming rights deal pairing a hospital and municipal rec center.

  • A Rival Health Club Is Helping a Local Y Meet Its Goals

    by Andrew Cohen August 2006

    Club owners who beat their local Y have devised something to help the Y meet its stated goals.

  • Facility Maintenance and OSHA Compliance

    by Kurt Broadhag December 2005

    Create a safer work environment for your staff by implementing OSHA guidelines and maintaining a compliant facility.

  • High Times

    by Michael Popke September 2005

    As indoor climbing continues its ascension, facility operators must make informed decisions regarding size, style and safety.

  • Free At Last

    by Marvin Bynum August 2005

    Metal building elements are allowing architects an increasing measure of aesthetic liberty in the design of athletic, fitness and recreation facilities.

  • The Unreal World

    by Paul Steinbach September 2004

    The University of Cincinnati gives new meaning to the term "campus recreation center"

  • Pipe Dreams

    by Robert Mcdonald November 2003

    Though it does its work behind the scenes, a building's plumbing system takes center stage in the planning of locker and laundry rooms, natatoriums and a host of other ancillary areas

  • Shared Destinies

    by Marvin Bynum May 2003

    Combined high school/community recreation centers can offer their populations distinct benefits, but they must first overcome the inevitable scheduling and programming challenges