• 'Community' in a Building Name Fundamentally Alters Its Design

    by Mark Hentze December 2013

    New public recreation facilities all share similar starting points. The municipality has determined either that it has greater needs than it currently has space, or that its current offerings have left certain neighborhoods or user groups underserved. Recreation officials believe they have a good handle on exactly what is needed and where, but because of the agency's charge to serve the public and the need to get community members behind the project, they decide to bring the community at large into the conversation about what the priorities should be.

  • ABC: Tour Showcases Two Distinct Rec Center Designs

    by AB Staff November 2013

    Before a tour of Long Beach State’s three-year-old recreation center even began, associate director of recreation Sean Del Rossi alerted some 70 ABC attendees that they would later step into a “bizarro world” once the tour took them to the University of California-Irvine’s counterpart facility. In terms of programming layout, left would be right and vice versa.

  • College Dance Department, Fitness Coexist in Maximization of Space

    by Steve Nelson October 2013

    When Kendall Hall was constructed in 1950, replacing Blanchard Hall gymnasium on the Mount Holyoke College campus, it must have been a wonder.

  • New Projects: Half Acre Gymnasium; Spring Hill (Va.) RECenter; Munson Stadium

    by Emily Attwood October 2013

    The University of Wyoming has broken ground on a two-phase renovation and expansion of its Half Acre Gymnasium (pictured). The renovated facility will feature a new entrance and lounge, academic space for the Kinesiology/Health and Theater/Dance departments, new racquetball courts, expanded outdoor program space, a climbing wall and expanded fitness spaces.

  • Window Boxes Double as Social Gathering Areas

    by Paul Steinbach October 2013

    Recreation centers are often designed with abundant interior glass, allowing for visual connectivity between activity spaces, as well as with informal gathering areas where patrons can socialize.

  • 2013 Facilities of Merit: State Gym Renovation and Addition, Iowa State University

    by AB Editors October 2013

    Respect for the original State Gym was central to the expansion of Iowa State University's recreation facilities, and the finished project in turn earned the judges' respect.

  • 2013 Facilities of Merit: Oak Ridges Community Centre

    by AB Editors October 2013

    A building's relationship to its site has long been among the Facilities of Merit judging criteria, and none of this year's projects captured judges' attention in this respect more so than Oak Ridges Community Centre.

  • 2013 Facilities of Merit: North Kawartha Community Centre

    by AB Editors September 2013

    "Powerful" came to the mind of more than one judge when describing the North Kawartha Community Centre, which stands not only as a community focal point at the edge of a public park district, but as a multiuse regional destination. One panelist went so far as to term the architectural expression in relation to its site and program "primal."

  • Recreation Center Designed for Students with Learning Differences

    by Oliver Snider September 2013

    Bringing exercise — and the mental benefits that come with it — into the lives of students with learning differences isn't difficult.

  • 2013 Facilities of Merit: Georgia College & State University Wellness and Recreation Center

    by AB Editors September 2013

    "Simple." "Refined." "Restrained." Judges agreed that the Georgia College & State University Wellness and Recreation Center exemplifies understated elegance inside and out.