• AB Survey: Tell Us About Your Rec Center

    by AB Editors October 2014

    How many basketball courts does your facility really need? Is racquetball still popular? Is anyone using your locker rooms?

  • 2014 Facilities of Merit: Audley Recreation Centre

    by AB Editors October 2014

    Audley Recreation Centre | Ajax, Ont.

    More than one judge expressed appreciation for the execution of Audley Recreation Centre’s straightforward design, as well as its role as a town centerpiece that still fits perfectly within its surroundings.

  • In Facility Design, Changing Course Needn't Be a Crisis

    by David Rose, Guest Contributor October 2014

    Perhaps you’re in the enviable position of having hired an architect, who recommended an owner’s representative, who in turn handled the hiring of a general contractor, and the four of you have planned and are constructing a great new building. Or, perhaps not. Maybe you hired an architect, fired that architect, and have since had to assemble and reassemble your planning team, player by player, at different times — and will still end up with a great new building.

  • 2014 Facilities of Merit: Auburn University Recreation and Wellness Center

    by AB Editors October 2014

    Auburn University Recreation and Wellness Center | Auburn, Ala.

    The Auburn University Recreation and Wellness Center wowed judges with its signature element, a crisscrossing, corkscrewing walking/jogging track believed to be the longest (at one-third of a mile) of its kind in the country.

  • Police Staffing Rec Centers Armed with Guns, Vests, Radios

    by Ronnie Polaneczky, Daily News Columnist October 2014

    Officers assigned to Philadelphia's Police Athletic League Centers are now required to wear bulletproof vests, topped by polo shirts embroidered with their names and tucked into cargo pants adorned with guns, cuffs, radios and such.

  • $46M Development Combines PAC, Stormwater Basin

    by DAN GERINGER; Daily News Staff Writer October 2014

    The Philadelphia Water Department needed to build a 4 million-gallon underground basin. The city's Parks & Recreation Department needed to replace the crumbling Venice Island playground with a performing-arts center.

  • Coming Monday: 2014 Facilities of Merit Winners

    by AB Editors October 2014

    For two weeks beginning Monday, the 10 winners of the 2014 Facilities of Merit awards will be announced on

  • Family Activity the Focus of $700M Development Proposal

    by The Buffalo News (New York) October 2014

    A water park, indoor soccer fields, an entertainment center, a state-of-the-art ice arena and rock climbing highlight the latest vision for Seneca Place, the approximately $700 million proposal for a former shopping mall site in West Seneca.

  • Window Graphics Become Gymnastics Center’s Signature

    by Paul Steinbach September 2014

    Utilized in cardiovascular equipment areas, around jogging tracks and in other program spaces, exterior glass performs triple duty.

  • New Projects: Colorado Springs Rec | Beverly Morgan Park Gymnastics Center and Ice Arena

    by Emily Attwood September 2014

    Breaking Ground

    Construction is under way on Beverly Morgan Park Gymnastics Center and Ice Arena in Chicago.