• School District Considers Buying YMCA Location

    by CUDAHY SCHOOL DISTRICT CUDAHYNOW.COM, South Shore NOW (Bay View, WI) February 2015

    The Cudahy School Board District has reviewed a plan to explore options to purchase the South Shore YMCA facility located in Cudahy and operate as a community center.

  • New YMCA CEO Seeks Reopening of Downtown Pool

    by Aly Van Dyke February 2015

    Topeka's YMCA has a new president and chief executive officer - and his first order of business is reopening the downtown pool. John Mugler, who has lived in Topeka for the past 16 years, had to call in a few favors to make it happen.

  • Sports Coalition Formed to Advance $30M Complex

    by Ryan Poe 901-268-5074 February 2015

    Fairgrounds redevelopment point man Robert Lipscomb told Memphis City Council members Tuesday that his plan for the site is backed by a coalition of local youth sports organizations.

  • City Considers $19M Indoor Complex for Vacant Lot

    by Gretchen Wenner, Ventura County Star (California) February 2015

    A vacant city-owned lot on Oxnard’s main road, one long slated to become a sports park, has caught the eye of a developer who wants to build an indoor sports center for regional events.

  • YMCA Renovation Leverages Existing Materials

    by Paul Steinbach January 2015

    Deciding whether existing materials can or should be saved is a key aspect of most renovation work. But conserving resources while sparing landfills is only part of the story.

  • Young Boy Killed at Soccer Practice by Falling Bench

    by Michael Gaio January 2015

    Tragedy struck soccer practice at a New Jersey elementary school on Wednesday night.

  • Translucent Panels Bring More than Daylight to Facilities

    by Emily Attwood January 2015

    No athletic or recreation facility built in the past 15 years has been designed without consideration for LEED or other sustainability measures. Chief among the design elements is daylighting, a function that earns points for sustainability while saving on operational costs. Glass is usually the first element that comes to mind when daylighting is mentioned — from basic windows and skylights to large expanses of glass curtainwall — but glass is not the only way to achieve such an effect. Translucent panel systems can bring natural lighting into a facility, while leaving out some of the common disadvantages associated with glass.

  • How to Keep Costly ‘Scope Creep’ at Bay When Building

    by Oliver Snider, Guest Contributor December 2014

    Reading The New York Times’ latest account of the costly and troubled World Trade Center Transportation Hub project, there came a point where I recognized that the scale of the disaster — $2 billion over budget and six years behind schedule — was all that separated that project from the typical campus project beset by scope creep.

  • New Projects: Wilmington Center for Sport Sciences | Armed Services YMCA

    by Emily Attwood December 2014

    Breaking Ground

  • Designing Tracks for Recreational Users

    by Emily Attwood December 2014

    A staple in any modern recreation center is the walking or jogging track. It is typically found elevated around the gymnasium, offering the user views of the activity below — a sensible arrangement, but not necessarily the best, depending on the size of the facility.