• Parks and Rec Department Eyes $5M Overhaul

    by Steve Ahillen July 2017

    The quarry at Fort Dickerson Park, Tenn., has been a haven for swimming and other water activities for years, but...

  • Infographic: The Benefits of Youth Sports

    by AB Editors July 2017

    Today is National Youth Sports Day, an event to highlight the need for physical activity, living healthy, access, youth development, and safety within youth and interscholastic sports. With around 20% of children between 6 years old and 12 years old being largely sedentary, it is important that we work to get our kids moving and reaping the health and social benefits of youth sports. So what are these benefits?

  • Report: U.S. Marathon Times Slow, But Participation Grows

    by Amby Burfoot July 2017

    "In recent years, the general emphasis among marathoners has shifted from performance to participation...

  • Razor Blades Embedded in Slides at Two Texas Parks

    by Courtney Cameron July 2017

    A city maintenance crew in Huntsville, Texas, made a troubling discovery that underlines the need for regular and vigilant safety inspections of municipal playgrounds.

  • Collapsed Park Backboard Prompts City Response

    by the Telegram & Gazette July 2017

    Sixteen-year-old Kadisha Evans was shooting baskets June 30 at Holland Rink Playground when a heavy...

  • Youth Soccer Combats Behavior with 'Silent September'

    by Bob Castello July 2017

    Because of the effect of heckling and poor behavior on referee retention, the South Carolina Youth Soccer Association...

  • Seniors, Boomers Picking Up Pickleball

    by Cara Trager July 2017

    Pickleball is a game gaining enthusiasm among boomers and older adults who want to exercise

  • Western New York Given Low Grade for Youth Sports

    by Jay Rey and Stacy Fern July 2017

    Youth sports have fundamentally changed over the generations, and the end result has been noticeable

  • Tennessee Pioneers Safety Rating for Youth Leagues

    by Courtney Cameron June 2017

    This week, Vanderbilt University in Nashville partnered with the Tennessee Department of Health to develop the nation’s first statewide safety rating for youth sports.

  • Vail Recreation District Mulls New Property Tax

    by Courtney Cameron June 2017

    Still feeling the repercussions of the 2008 recession, and now in the midst of a state-wide housing market boom, the Vail Recreation District finds itself scraping for funds at a time when its facilities are in need of significant improvements.