• In Philly, Little League Standout Mo'ne Means Money

    by Scott Soshnick Bloomberg News August 2014

    Taney Youth Baseball Association merchandise is so hot that after Sunday night's come-from-behind win over Pearland, Texas, that the team has had to stop taking online orders.

  • City's New Parks Director Knows How to Stretch a Budget

    by Alicia Robinson staff writer, The Orange County Register August 2014

    If anyone is equipped to make do with Riverside's lean, post-recession budget, it's the city's new parks director, Adolfo Cruz. The past 14 years of Cruz's 24 years in parks and recreation were spent in Stockton, which is about to exit a bankruptcy that began in 2012.

  • Parks and Rec Dept. Gets Unexpected $500K Estate Gift

    by Vivian Sade The Journal Gazette August 2014

    Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation officials were pleasantly surprised Tuesday to learn about a $500,000 gift from the estate of Dr. Suzanne Knoebel, a renowned cardiologist in Indianapolis who died July 2.

  • Popularity of Irish-Tinged Hurling, Gaelic Football Grows

    by MARY MACDONALD August 2014

    A fast-moving field game that is part soccer, part baseball, part lacrosse and all Irish is becoming increasingly popular in Worcester.

  • Key Factors to Breaking into the Sports Tourism Business

    by Dev Pathik August 2014

    The rapid rise in sports tourism has many sports marketing professionals and destination marketing organizations feeling like spectators on the sidelines. Most feel understaffed or ill-equipped to take full advantage of the economic impact opportunities offered by tournaments and events.

  • Are Baby Boomers Exercising for the Right Reasons?

    by Andrew Brandt August 2014

    Baby boomers were the first American generation to wholly embrace regular exercise, and as reported in a recently published study in the International Journal of Wellbeing, they're still at it today.

  • New Hockey Rink: More Ice Time, Fewer 6 a.m. Practices

    by MARK EMMERT, By MARK EMMERT Staff Writer August 2014

    Every time John Veilleux pondered the potential for growth in his youth hockey organization, he faced this cold reality: Ice was the missing ingredient.

  • Hometown Football Hero Launches Citizen Sports League

    by Shawnee Moran, Daily Mail Staff August 2014

    Former West Virginia University football player John Pennington, fondly known to Mountaineer fans for catching the 28-yard pass in the final minute of the first half of the 2003 Backyard Brawl against Pitt, is giving back to the place where he was born and raised. After returning home to Charleston years after his Mountaineer highlights, he came to believe the younger generation was losing interest in the city, claiming they didn't have anything in which to participate.

  • Bill Gives City Officials Flexibility in Setting Race Fees

    by MATT MURPHY, Daily Mail STAFF August 2014

    A new bill will still charge event organizers fees for holding foot and similar races in Charleston, but it gives city officials greater flexibility in determining cost. Council's Parks and Recreation Committee discussed and unanimously approved the bill during a meeting Monday afternoon. It must go to council's finance committee before being voted on by the full council.

  • Youth Sports Events Have Become For-Profit Enterprise

    by Diane Mastrull, The Philadelphia Inquirer August 2014

    Jeff Long could torture himself with "what ifs." Especially: What if that financial backer had come through with the $250,000 Long needed to sustain his ticket-outsourcing business for college sports events until critical mass was achieved? But after that potential investor bailed, a fortuitous thing happened to Long. A neighbor convinced him to come watch his son play in a high school lacrosse playoff game.