• Spring Lacrosse Program Gaining Interest

    by PAYTON GIBBS March 2015

    Enthusiasm for lacrosse is hitting a groundswell, and some are expressing hope that a spring program will stick.

  • Breaking Down the Math of Event Race Fees

    by Bill Cullins March 2015

    The entry fee cost for cycling, running and multisport events is becoming a hotly debated topic with many people feeling that the cost of entering events is getting too expensive.

  • Were Laws Broken to Bring Down Little League Champs?

    by Mary Mitchell March 2015

    The attorney for Jackie Robinson West Little League said he is being stonewalled in his efforts to find out if someone broke the law while trying to bring down the team.

  • Youth Baseball Model Seeks to Improve on Little League

    by Donny Victory Special to the Times Record News March 2015

    When it comes to youth baseball in Wichita Falls, there is a new player in town — the Texas Youth Baseball Association (TYBA).

  • Group Urges City to Save YMCA That Loses $450K a Year

    by Aaron Besecker; NEWS NIAGARA REPORTER March 2015

    About 30 people came to a city council meeting to ask for help as YMCA Buffalo Niagara moves ahead with plans to shut down the branch.

  • Firefighters Foundation Gives Helmets to Skaters, Bikers

    by Anne Kallas Special to The Star March 2015

    As 13-year-old Cole Howard, of Santa Clarita, talked about how his friend Cody Doolittle died of massive head trauma after flying off his skateboard while not wearing a helmet, Cody’s mother, Rhonda, was moved.

  • Funding Freeze Puts Illinois Park Districts in a Bind

    by Laura Godlewski, Athletic Business Intern March 2015

    With the state of Illinois facing a $1.6 billion budget deficit, governor Bruce Rauner has placed an indefinite suspension on state grants for park district construction, which affects both current construction and new construction for park districts across the state. 

    This decision comes at a particularly poor time for many park districts just gearing up to start work on a variety of construction projects as warm spring weather sets in.

  • Teens Raise Profile of Slacklining as Parks Activity

    by Karen Nazor Hill March 2015

    A slackline is a length of webbing suspended between two anchors. Anything that you do on this slackline is 'slacklining' -- most commonly, walking.

  • Jackie Robinson West May Leave Little League

    by Sun-Times Staff March 2015

    The Jackie Robinson West Little League team may take its ball and find a different home after having its national title stripped over residency rules.

  • Parks Commission Advises Against 6K-Seat Velodrome

    by Caitlin McCabe; Inquirer Staff Writer March 2015

    A development group's proposal to bring an Olympic-class bicycle arena to South Philadelphia's historic Franklin D. Roosevelt Park has met with resistance from the city Commission on Parks and Recreation, which handed the group its first negative recommendation in its effort to capture four acres of land.