• Pickleball Finds a Home on New, Existing Outdoor Courts

    by Mary Helen Sprecher May 2016

    This article appeared in the May issue of Athletic Business. Athletic Business is a free magazine for professionals in the athletic, fitness and recreation industry. Click here to subscribe.

  • VW Employees Donate to Youth Soccer Program

    by Dave Flessner May 2016

    Volkswagen employees are helping to fund a new program with the Chattanooga Football Club to promote soccer as a way for low-income youth to live active and healthier lives.

  • Pickleball Popularity Booms Among Seniors

    by Manny Otiko May 2016

    A fast-growing sport was demonstrated recently at a senior center in Norco. The Rose M. Eldridge Senior Center in Norco recently hosted a display of pickleball — a cross among tennis, badminton and table tennis.

  • Pop Warner Football Organization Bans Kickoffs

    by Colorado Springs Gazette May 2016

    Pop Warner on Thursday became the first national football organization to eliminate kickoffs in an effort to make the game safer for its 250,000 kids.

  • Study: Focus on Elite Athletes Hurts Sports Participation

    by Jason Scott May 2016

    A Canadian study found that lower rates of sports participation may be caused by something other than video games, smartphones or the general laziness of today’s youth.

  • City, Youth Sports Association Mull Contract Details

    by Katie Ward May 2016

    The working relationship between the city of Ringgold and the independent Ringgold Youth Sports Association is a mutually beneficial one, officials say. In an attempt to keep it that way, the suggested addition of a $10 "participation fee" for each young player -- which would be used by the city to help cover the costs of mowing the soccer field used by RYSA -- has been deferred. The City Council and RYSA plan to discuss the issue again in August, before signing a new contract.

  • Commission Plan Calls for $15M in Recreation Upgrades

    by William Kelly May 2016

    The plan calls for a new, larger building with more facilities, a larger playground and expanded parking. Tennis facilities would be upgraded, and the soccer field would be moved 40 feet to the west of the property to accommodate the parking expansion.

  • Playground Head Injuries on the Rise

    by The Virginian - Pilot May 2016

    Playground concussions are on the rise, according to a new government study, and monkey bars and swings are most often involved. Most injuries studied were mild, but all concussions are potentially serious, and the researchers say the trend raises public health and safety concerns.

  • Pickleball Tourney Brings Millions in Economic Impact

    by Laura Layden April 2016

    Collier County is scoring big as the chosen spot for the first U.S. Open Pickleball Championships. Hundreds of athletes will compete in the tournament, and thousands of spectators will watch. Events kicked off Tuesday at East Naples Community Park off Thomasson Drive and will run through May 1. Athletes and attendees started filling hotel rooms and RV parks as early as last week. They’ll eat, shop and visit attractions while they’re here, giving the local economy a boost on what the hotel industry refers to as “need dates,” when business is winding down from the busy winter season.

  • Youth Football Organization Mulls Small Florida Stadium

    by Brent Batten April 2016

    The latest big idea for sports tourism in Collier County involves thinking small. All American Games, the outfit that puts on the Football University National Championship tournament for middle school players, is floating an idea for a stadium in Collier County to serve as the permanent home for the event. What Williamsport, Pennsylvania, is to Little League Baseball and Portland, Oregon, is to Little League softball, Naples would be to youth football, in the vision laid out by Doug Berman, president of the company.