• Youth Football Organization Mulls Small Florida Stadium

    by Brent Batten April 2016

    The latest big idea for sports tourism in Collier County involves thinking small. All American Games, the outfit that puts on the Football University National Championship tournament for middle school players, is floating an idea for a stadium in Collier County to serve as the permanent home for the event. What Williamsport, Pennsylvania, is to Little League Baseball and Portland, Oregon, is to Little League softball, Naples would be to youth football, in the vision laid out by Doug Berman, president of the company.

  • Group Looks to Add Dugouts to Little League Parks

    by Jonathan Scholles April 2016

    Dalton Youth Athletic Association is looking to add dugouts to the ballparks at Village Green Park, but village officials say all structures need to be completed per county specifications.

  • Opinion: Teach Kids to Love Physical Activity Early

    by Jean Murphy April 2016

    No one questions the wisdom of parents reading to their children to further their intellectual development. That is a well-established parental responsibility. One's duty to prepare tots for a lifetime of healthy movement and a physically active future through careful attention to their physical development, however, is less clear cut, but no less vital, according to Brian Schulz, owner of CrossFit Rise, 1207 Remington Road, Suite 107, Schaumburg. "Fitness is a lifelong adventure and developing good movement patterns early in life will accelerate the development of a child's neuromuscular system and help to enhance their kinesthetic awareness," explained Schulz.

  • Philly Mayor Launches Citywide Soccer Tournament

    by Jack Tomczuk April 2016

    It was one of Mayor Kenney's first ideas in office: Bring people together with a large-scale soccer competition - a Philadelphia World Cup. "Probably Day Two of my job, I was told to organize a soccer tournament with 32 teams," said Miriam Enriquez, director of the city's Office for Immigrant Affairs. "He [Kenney] wanted it to be just like the World Cup."

  • Cost of Rec Programs on the Rise

    by Jane Ford-Stewart April 2016

    Several New Berlin recreation offerings will cost about $20 more than they did only two years ago, under the 2016 recreation fees the common council approved recently. While fees for many recreation programs will stay the same, the swimming and community playground are particularly hard hit.

  • Club, District Partner for Flag Football Program

    by Bangor Daily News April 2016

    Aroostook Huskies Football and SAD 1 have announced that they've partnered to start a flag football program for youth in grades 1-6 in central Aroostook County.

  • Soccer Program Provides Training for Kids with Disabilities

    by AB Staff April 2016

    A soccer program designed to provide kids ages 5-14 with disabilities an environment filled with meaningful learning, developmental and physical participation opportunities through the game of soccer is again available this spring in the area.

  • Older Women Turn to Basketball Leagues to Stay Active

    by Adam Woodard April 2016

    In a small gym at the Langston Brown Community Center, the air filled with the squeak of sneakers and the good-natured heckling of pickup basketball, women ranging in age from 40 to 75-plus sit on the sidelines. They're here to play, not watch.

  • Community Mulls $12M Tournament Complex

    by Nick Blizzard April 2016

    A multipurpose athletic complex in West Carrollton would be built on 200 acres and hold basketball, lacrosse, soccer, volleyball and winter guard competitions, said Steve Thomas, director of Centerville United Soccer Association Crew SC.

  • Volunteer Coaches Worth the Challenge for Rec Dept.

    by AB Staff March 2016

    As thousands of kids sign up to play soccer, football, baseball and other team sports, local recreation departments send out the call for volunteer coaches. To get some insight on the hurdles of rallying ranks of unpaid assistants, we tapped Robin Cooper, athletic superintendent with the City of Charleston's Recreation Department. Last year, the department served roughly 12,000 players on almost 1,000 youth sports teams. What types of youth sports opportunities does the City of Charleston Recreation Department offer?