• Youth Soccer Coaches Defend Participation Trophies

    by Worcester Telegram & Gazette September 2016

    While trophies for participating in sports are something many kids appreciate, others claim participation trophies take away the value of real accomplishments and instill in children a sense of entitlement. Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison last year publicly revoked his then 6- and 8- year old sons’ participation awards. “While I am very proud of my boys for everything they do and will encourage them till the day I die, these trophies will be given back until they earn a real trophy.” Harrison wrote on Instagram. “I’m sorry I’m not sorry for believing that everything in life should be earned and I’m not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe that they are entitled to something just because they tried their best.”

  • City Has Big Dreams for New Sports Park

    by Michael J. Williams September 2016

    Olympics in Lake Elsinore? That may sound like a long shot. Yet it's not totally out of the realm of possibility with the future opening of the city's Rosetta Canyon Sports Park, said Jason Simpson, the city's administrative services director. The centerpiece of the 22-acre park nearing completion in the city's Rosetta Canyon neighborhood is a complex of five softball and youth baseball fields tailored to attract tournament and championship competition.

  • Pickleball's Popularity Surges in Western New York

    by The Buffalo News September 2016

    What is the fastest-growing racquet sport in Western New York, is in more than 60 facilities and has more than 1,000 participants? If you said "pickleball" you would be absolutely correct.

  • Rec Department Issues Zero-Tolerance Policy for Fans

    by Jason Scott September 2016

    “Calm down or else.” That’s the message a Maryland recreation and parks department is sending to unruly parents by way of a new policy intended to crack down on troublemakers.

  • Pickleball Academy Opens, Offers Camps for Players

    by Laura Layden September 2016

    The U.S. Open Pickleball Academy has swung open for business at East Naples Community Park along Thomasson Drive, off U.S. 41 East. It's an outgrowth of the first U.S. Open Pickleball Championships held at the park in April.

  • Program Addresses Parental Pressure on Youth Athletes

    by Michael Arace September 2016

    Andy Wildman is executive director of the Granville Recreation District, the parks and rec department in a town of 3,600 households, give or take. Granville's youth-sports programs, including travel teams, are run under the public umbrella of his department. Participation is extraordinary, so there is not enough airspace to avoid helicopter-parent collisions. It has been posited in this space before, and here it is again: Kids are rarely, if ever, the problem -- it's the adults; the best-intended parents and coaches often go awry. Wildman decided to do what he could to affect change. Viva yo, brother.

  • Funding Rule Forces Suspension of Senior Fitness

    by Jacob Tierney September 2016

    Classes like Zumba, water aerobics and Silver Sneakers at Westmoreland County's 13 senior centers have been suspended as the Area Agency on Aging waits for clarification on a new regulation that will stop it from spending federal money on its most popular exercise offerings. The rule that takes effect next month states centers can use federal money only for "evidence-based" programs, which have been proved by peer-reviewed scientific research to have positive health impacts. The list of eligible programs is relatively small and does not include fitness favorites like Zumba.

  • Commission to Review Quinnipiac's Ballfield Project

    by Kate Ramunni September 2016

    The Inland Wetlands and Planning and Zoning commission will be hearing Quinnipiac University's applications again for a ballfield on Mount Carmel Avenue. The school has already received permission to renovate one of the ballfields on the northern portion of the site at 475 Mount Carmel Ave. The application to renovate the second ballfield on the southern part of the site was denied when it went before the Inland Wetlands Commission because it didn't meet wetland buffer requirements.

  • Rugby Participation On the Rise

    by Colette House August 2016

    Sometimes a new sport starts to take hold in the suburbs. First, it was soccer; then, lacrosse. Could rugby be on the cusp of newfound popularity among suburban youth?

  • YMCA's Riverside Site Presents Challenges, Opportunities

    by Paul Steinbach August 2016

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