• Universal Playground Gives All Kids a Place to Play

    by Dustin White September 2015

    The ribbon has finally been cut on the Universal Playground at the Eagle’s Park. Giving the community a unique area for all children to play together, the project has seen great support from its initial conception.

  • Florida City Aims to Become Pickleball Capital of the World

    by Adam Fisher 239-403-6135 September 2015

    The Collier County tourism department believes Naples can someday become the pickleball capital of the world.

  • Minnesota's Changing Demographics Bode Well for MLS Bid

    by Mike Kaszuba, STAR TRIBUNE (Mpls.-St. Paul) September 2015

    Andres Sanchez speaks little English, but his under-the-radar soccer league - Liga La Zapata - speaks volumes about how much the state is changing and how popular the sport is becoming in Minnesota.

  • Major League Football Confident in Spring 2016 Launch

    by Katy Bergen September 2015

    Frank Murtha, Major League Football's senior vice-president, said the company will make announcements in the coming weeks that would show vast improvements in its financial outlook.

  • Dubuque Set to Debut Adaptive-Sports Program

    by Stacey Becker September 2015

    The City of Dubuque`s Leisure Services Department and a small contingent of community partners are piloting an adaptive-sports open gym program this fall.

  • Youth Soccer Families Fight Field-Use Restrictions

    by Michele Willer-Allred September 2015

    Some Camarillo soccer families are upset about the park district’s field policies. About 100 parents and their soccer-playing children showed up at Wednesday’s Pleasant Valley Recreation and Park District board meeting to protest what they say are unfair restrictions on who can use field space for soccer.

  • Rec Commission Wants More Wow in Playground Design

    by Aleese Kopf September 2015

    Buildings in Palm Beach are known for being luxurious, exquisite and stylish -- so a playground should be no different, according to the Recreation Advisory Commission. Palm Beacher and public relations specialist Olympia Devine asked for the board's endorsement Wednesday to spearhead a fundraising effort to construct a new children's playground at the Palm Beach Recreation Center. Commissioners liked the idea but not the initial design. "I think we should shoot higher and try to create a really fantastic playground that's state of the art," said member Matthew Smith. "I look at this design and it doesn't look that much different than our existing playground."

  • Suburban Recreation Finds Creative Ways to Expand

    by Mick Zawislak September 2015

    Unlike a private business where an economic rebound can translate to reinvestment, public recreation agencies are more constrained in what they can do.

  • Residents Favor Regional Park Over Soccer Stadium

    by Greg Stanley August 2015

    Golden Gate Estates residents will get the chance Thursday night to pitch their ideas for a long-awaited park. After putting plans on hold for almost a decade, county commissioners have set aside $9 million in funding and have hired architects to design a large regional park behind the county fairgrounds near Immokalee and Oil Well roads.

  • City's Senior Center Moves Closer to YMCA Control

    by The Gazette (Colorado Springs, Colorado) August 2015

    Final preparations for the Colorado Springs Senior Center's transition to the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region took another step forward this week.