• Basketball Program Hopes to Connect Youth, Police

    by Tiffany Stevens May 2015

    City officials have created a new summer basketball program that aims to strengthen ties between teens living near Melrose Park and Roanoke police officers.

  • Philadelphia City Rowing Program Changing Young Lives

    by Dotty Brown May 2015

    In the last five years, the program has more than doubled to 85 students from 25 Philadelphia public and charter high schools.

  • Lawsuit: Baseball Organizer Didn't Deliver Tournaments

    by Randy Ludlow May 2015

    A New Albany man accepted deposits of as much as $5,000 from youth baseball teams but failed to put on promised tournaments, according to a state lawsuit.

  • City's Rec Department Projects $2M Surplus in Next FY

    by Aleese Kopf, Daily News Staff Writer May 2015

    The Palm Beach Recreation Department plans to earn a $2 million surplus next financial year, according to the proposed budget presented at Wednesday's Recreation Advisory Commission meeting.

  • Imbalance of Support for Men's and Women's Field Hockey?

    by Rich Romine May 2015

    The Moorpark youth and adult field hockey has been a local fixture for years, but the sport gets mixed support nationally.

  • City Disputes Validity of Millennium Park Concessions Deal

    by Tim Novak May 2015

    The operators of the Park Grill in Millennium Park should pay taxpayers more than $8 million to cover lost rent, natural gas and trash-hauling, City Hall lawyers say.

  • Kids' Triathlon Pool Fails Inspection, Used Anyway

    by Emily Attwood May 2015

    Thousands of children participated in a triathlon this past weekend in Jacksonville, Fla., despite reports that the pool used had failed a health inspection earlier in the week. But that’s okay, event and city officials say.

    As part of the two-day conversion of EverBank Field to host swimming, biking and running for the 7th Annual First Coast Kids Triathlon, a portable pool was constructed on the site. The event was a success, despite reports that swimmers had to be pulled from the pool by lifeguards due to the absence of pool ladders. 

    Because the pool was temporary, city officials say it was not considered a public pool under the state’s Department of Health, and thus was not subject to the same inspection criteria. In particular, the water used for such pools is pumped in and out and not recalculated. 

    “They actually don't have guidelines to monitor portable pools, so we actually work with them to set up a structure that allows us to circulate the water and make sure that it's safe,” event director Tom Gildersleeve told

    Furthermore, while the status of portable pools for city inspection purposes is still a little murky, the event still had to fulfill the guidelines set forth by USA Triathlon. 

    “Our events are all sanctioned by USA Triathlon, which is the governing board underneath the U.S. Olympic Committee so there's a safety protocol we follow,” Gildersleeve said.

    Such pools have been used at other kids triathlon events. Lifeguards were also on hand both in and out of the pool to monitor participants’ safety. 


  • Park Director Agrees to Stay Put, Gets $20K Raise

    by Marie Wilson, Chicago Daily Herald May 2015

    Naperville Park District Executive Director Ray McGury has received a $20,000 raise and a contract extension through 2020 in exchange for not pursuing other job opportunities, including the possibility of leading the DuPage County Forest Preserve District.

  • Will Injury Fears Have Negative Effect on Youth Play?

    by Adam Fisher, Naples Daily News May 2015

    When Steven Quinn created the Southwest Florida Youth Football League years ago, he couldn’t imagine how quickly it would take off. After just two years, the league had to add an extra team in most age divisions to satisfy demand.

  • Soccer Club Set to Buy 35 Acres, Build $7.6M Complex

    by Matt Chittum, The Roanoke Times May 2015

    After nearly two years of fits, starts and finally a stall, Roanoke's Valley AFC soccer club is on the brink of buying a 35-acre site in southeast Roanoke where it plans to develop a $7.6 million complex with up to 16 fields.