• Supporting Child's Athletic Dreams a Costly Endeavor

    by Telegram & Gazette August 2016

    The Olympics spark hope in many a child of going for the gold. But in financially supporting those dreams, some parents are going for broke. For his 15-year old son’s travel hockey team, Tim Richmeier was spending about $5,000 a season: using his tax refunds, halting contributions to his 401(k), and putting travel expenses on a credit card — including $6,000 he’s still paying off. Richmeier said it was a great experience for his child. But after four years, it was a financial relief when his son didn’t make the team. “I was kind of dreading the upcoming season, knowing I’d go deeper in the hole,” said Richmeier, a single father in Phoenix. Competitive youth sports in the U.S. are rising in popularity. The exclusive club and travel teams come with added coaching and intense competition, as well as much higher costs than a school or community team.

  • Opinion: Overzealous Parents Ruin Fun of Youth Sports

    by Tom Purcell August 2016

    My father believed that the purpose of sports — especially sports for children — was for kids to have fun and to learn basic lessons about life. Winning in life is important, he believed. But there are more important things, such as fairness, honesty and integrity.

  • Event for Masters Athletes Draws Fewer Than Expected

    by Jeff Mills July 2016

    The first USA Masters Games have moved past the halfway point and are heading toward the final weekend. So how's it going? How has the city's foray into Olympic-style sports for the 21-and-older crowd fared?

  • Little League Tournament a Big Event for Small Town

    by Ernie Clark July 2016

    The road to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, travels through Orrington, Maine this year for the top 11- and 12-year-old Little League baseball teams from around Maine.

  • GolfBoards Offer Alternative Way to Get Around Courses

    by Bob Buttitta July 2016

    Surf the earth. That’s the philosophy that inspired the development of the GolfBoard, a motorized golf vehicle that is a cross between surfing and skateboarding. Weighing 115 pounds and featuring four, 11-inch turf wheels that allow the boards to smoothly glide over all types of terrain, the GolfBoards offer players an alternative from walking the course or riding a cart.

  • Parks and Rec Programs Grow Despite Limited Space

    by Shelby Hartin July 2016

    Bangor Parks and Rec has seen a significant uptick in recent years in the number of children participating in their programs. From summer camps, before- and after-school programs and more, their programs are filling up — and they're filling up fast.

  • Ice Rink Agreement Tweaked, More Time for Teams

    by Kate Ramunni July 2016

    Changes to the contract with the firm running the Louis Astorino Rink at Hamden High School mean that the school's hockey team and town league teams will have more practice time on the ice and for less money.

  • Youth Football League Searching for Home

    by Jane Ford-Stewart July 2016

    Muskego Youth Football will not use a portion of Denoon Park; there are too many unanswered questions about how adding a football field would affect youth soccer and baseball that already use the park, the Muskego Parks and Conservation Committee decided.

  • Park Debuts Six New Pickleball Courts

    by Pamela Dillon July 2016

    Dozens of pickleball players came out around 8 a.m. early Saturday to try out the courts before the dedication started at 10. Jan Lucas, whose husband is Colonel Robert Lucas of the Marine Corps, sang an inspirational rendition of the National Anthem. Mayor Don Patterson spoke, as well as ambassador Larry Virgilio. The ribbon cutting ceremony officially opened the courts for play. Some pickleball players who attended the dedication were still on the courts that day until 2 p.m. "I never even heard of pickleball until two months ago. It looks like a lot of fun," Virgilio said.

  • Sheriff's Program Keeps School Gyms Open for Summer

    by Alexi C. Cardona; 239-403-6153 July 2016

    When school lets out, Collier County deputies continue their work fostering relationships with students by hanging out with them during Summerfest, a program that offers free activities such as supervised open gyms for middle and high school students.