• Startup Capitalizing on Demand for Locally Made Softballs

    by Kelsey Husnick August 2015

    One of America's favorite pastimes just got a little more American. Apex Sports, based in Zanesville, is the first company to produce softballs in the United States in more than 30 years.

  • How to Avoid Disputes in a Public/Private Partnership

    by Emily Attwood August 2015

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  • Here's Why 6 Million Kids Get Kick Out of Martial Arts

    by Debbie Juniewicz, Dayton Daily News (Ohio) July 2015

    Martial arts students Abby Hupp, 10, and Gabrielle Schneider, 12, have received conditional black belts. It all started with a week of free classes. Three years and 16 belts later, 12-year-old Gabrielle Schneider is a conditional black belt in karate. Her father Tom still shakes his head in disbelief.

  • Youth Organizations Dispute Soccer Complex Usage

    by Laura Godlewski July 2015

    Controversy in a New York town has risen over which youth sports organizations get to use a soccer complex that is both publicly and privately funded. 

  • Millennials Flock to For-Profit Rec Leagues

    by Laura Godlewski July 2015

    A number of millennials grew up with their schedules full of extracurricular sports. These teams allowed them to stay physically fit but also helped these young adults maintain a steady social circle as they grew up, but once they graduated from college and entered adulthood, the opportunities for organized team sports started to dwindle. 

  • Rec Director Returning to Post He Originated in 1984

    by Julie Becker,, Germantown-Menomonee Falls Now July 2015

    The man who started it all will soon reprise his role as director of the Village of Germantown's Park and Recreation Department.

  • Parent Coaches Under More Scrutiny in Youth Leagues

    by Larry Mahoney BDN Staff July 2015

    Coaches play a pivotal role for young athletes, but when those coaches also have children on their team, it presents a challenge in local athletic leagues, whose process for finding and vetting coaches is more stringent than ever.

  • Women's Sports Popular, But Value Isn't Commercial

    by John Gerdy July 2015

    There is absolutely no question the commercial appeal and impact of elite women's sports is going to continue to grow in every way -- from media coverage, to funding, to improved talent levels to increased corporate sponsorships.

  • Could Cricket Become the New Soccer in United States?

    by Bob Keisser, Orange County Register (California) July 2015

    America found a home in its heart for soccer, a sport which inspired sneers from the sports cognoscenti three decades ago but now inspires cheers and high television ratings.

  • Inclusion, Not Intimidation, at Sandlot Baseball Camp

    by Anne Marie Walker, The Press Enterprise (Riverside, CA.) July 2015

    The goal for the three-day Sandlot Softball and Baseball Camp in Riverside is to take baseball back to its roots and teach children the fundamentals of the game while also providing a safe and encouraging environment for the children to have fun.