• Bill to Balance Public-Private Roles in Park Maintenance

    by Honolulu Star-Advertiser October 2014

    A new proposal before the Honolulu City Council seeking to amplify the private-sector role could yield improvements at city parks that would serve the public interest -- as long as the city does not relinquish its own obligation.

  • Soccer Academy Vying with Rec Program for Field Space

    by Kevin D. Thompson Palm Beach Post Staff Writer October 2014

    Organizers of an elite soccer academy are looking for a field to play on in the village, but the community's youth football and recreation soccer program could keep the academy on the sidelines.

  • AB Survey: Tell Us About Your Rec Center

    by AB Editors October 2014

    How many basketball courts does your facility really need? Is racquetball still popular? Is anyone using your locker rooms?

  • Committee OKs Broad Hikes in Recreation Program Fees

    by Jennifer Berry Hawes; October 2014

    The hikes would raise an estimated $165,000 more in gross recreation revenue per year for Mount Pleasant. The bulk of that would come from higher fees to join the town's popular Thomasena Stokes-Marshall Senior Services Center and to use its indoor aquatic centers.

  • Youth Sports Association Confronts Need for More Fields

    by Sun Journal (Lewiston, Maine) September 2014

    Enrollment in Minot-Hebron Athletic Association programs is way up, and with success comes problems, two in particular that board of directors member Mike Rioux wanted to discuss with selectmen.

  • Lawmaker Pushing for More School-Community Partnerships

    by Nell Gluckman BDN Staff September 2014

    The idea is to extend the programs schools can offer students beyond the academic curriculum by working with organizations such as the YMCA, Boys and Girls clubs, local colleges, libraries or other groups.

  • Youth Sports a Defense Against Terrorist Recruitment?

    by MILA KOUMPILOVA; STAFF WRITER, STAR TRIBUNE (Mpls.-St. Paul) September 2014

    Some Somali community leaders are arguing that programs such as youth soccer are a key line of defense against attempts to recruit young people locally and making a case for more funding for after-school and athletic programs for Somali youths.

  • Multipurpose Activity Courts Deliver Campus Rec Options

    by Paul Steinbach September 2014

    They are confined playing fields with near-limitless functionality. Since their rise to prominence on college campuses two decades ago, multipurpose activity courts have maintained their go-to status among both recreation facility designers and end-users looking to pack the most programming punch into one self-contained indoor space.

  • School, Freerunner to Host Eight-Week Parkour Camp

    by Casey Phillips September 2014

    Staff Writer Even while sitting seemingly at ease, his legs splayed to either side of a park bench, being at rest is an unnatural look for Ethan Young. After six years studying the athletic discipline of parkour -- also known as freerunning -- the lithe, 29-year-old Chattanoogan is only truly in his element while engaged in a kind of extreme ballet, leaping gaps between buildings, bounding over walls and balancing atop railings in one continuous stream of movement. Like many who have studied parkour, which focuses on efficient navigation of urban environments, Young says he no longer sees himself or the world around him the way most people do. Even when he's not in motion, he says, his mental gears are still turning. "When you get into parkour, you start to realize that you're no longer limited to the traditional means of transportation or getting from point A to point B," he says. "Instead of just walking on a sidewalk, if there's a rail next to it, you hop up and balance across.

  • Respect for Women Being Instilled at Youth Football Level

    by Mark Wiedmer September 2014

    His Scenic City Youth Football League having taken over Finley Stadium on Saturday, SCYFL president Bobby Dunn stared down from the press box at his undersized scrappers in oversized helmets and said, "I like to think we've been successful because we're about more than football." Thank goodness. Because just exactly what the oblong ball stands for these days beyond causing brain traumas, promoting a culture that might makes right and filling the coffers of big-time college athletic departments, NFL franchises and television networks is becoming more and more difficult to grasp.